The Ethical Health and Beauty Essentials That You Need


The future of sustainable health and beauty products is here; and it offers more variety than ever before. As the world is opening its eyes to sustainable practices, so is the health and beauty industry and everyday more companies are making the efforts needed to be kinder to our earth. 

Although sustainable products are often affiliated with a higher price tag, it’s important that everyone can access these eco-friendly products and not have to spend a fortune.

In this list, we are going to be talking about some of our favourite ethical health and beauty products in 2022 that don’t break the bank.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

How it helps the Earth

Bamboo toilet paper is perhaps one of the easiest sustainable swaps you can make within your health and beauty monthly spend. Bamboo toilet paper is made of the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo. Additionally, it comes packaged in plastic-free packaging which adds to the sustainability of the product. Bamboo statistically grows 30 times faster than trees, making it a very renewable source to make consumables such as toilet paper from. 

How it helps you

Bamboo toilet paper isn’t just good for the earth. In fact, it is said to be a much nicer product for your toilet needs. It is smoother and softer than regular toilet paper due to its long fibres. Also, bamboo toilet paper is naturally hypoallergenic due to the same fibres, which work to trap dust particles. 

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Reusable Cotton Pads

How it helps the earth

The manufacturing process that produces single-use cotton pads is a huge strain on the environment. The chemicals, water and deforestation that goes into this process is highly unsustainable. However, there is now a solution. Reusable cotton pads are becoming Increasingly popular, most of which are made from a mixture of cotton and bamboo. These pads are used with all standard makeup removers and cleansers but are machine washable, making them reusable. 

How it helps you

Makeup wipes and conventional cotton pads are not only dreadful for the environment, but can also have a negative effect on your skin. Makeup wipes are drying and can prevent other products from deeply cleaning your skin and pores. These wipes are often highly fragranced too, making them unsuitable for sensitive skin or eyes.

Eco-friendly tampons 

How it helps the planet

A standard tampon can take up to 500 years to decompose naturally, however there are a number of tampons that aim to be completely biodegradable.  In fact, a lot of brands have begun making eco-friendly sanitary products that are fully recyclable and made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and organic cotton. 

How it helps you

You may be wondering, is this eco-friendly tampon as effective as my plastic applicator tampax? The answer is yes, all of these eco-friendly sanitary products have been tried and tested by women everywhere. Notably, the eco-friendly tampons actually provided less leakage than regular sanitary products. 

Deodorant alternatives 

How it helps the planet 

Deodorant is known to contain aluminium, which is derived from strip-mining bauxite ore. This process is labour intensive and chemical intensive, making it very unsustainable. By purchasing a natural deodorant that is refilled, you are cutting out this labour-intensive process and thereby reducing the impact that it has on the environment.

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How it helps you

Deodorant is often made of chemicals that can irritate the skin, and some people with especially sensitive skin can be majorly affected by these chemicals. The natural deodorant products steer away from harsh and harmful chemicals, leaving you with an all-natural product that is better for your skin and the planet!

Reusable razors 

How it helps the planet 

Every year, billions of plastic razors and their packaging end up in landfills everywhere. Now, companies are coming up with a better way to shave, sustainably. By ditching the disposables, you’re saving the planet by using a zero waste product. You simply purchase the razor itself, and the blades to go with it. When done with the razor, you can recycle it!

How it helps you

Disposable razors can cut, scrape and dry out your skin. Using a quality metal razor allows for a close, painless shave. Many users of eco-friendly razors have reported not feeling the burn that you get with a regular disposable razor. This item is a no-brainer to implement into your shaving routine!

Make the switch to solid!

How it helps the planet

The wasteful plastic packaging that comes with all liquid soaps is the main thing that makes it so damaging to the environment. It is a simple switch to make, but by changing to solid soaps and even shampoos, you can cut back your plastic consumption massively. We, as a society, use a lot of soap and switching to solid products could be hugely beneficial to our planet.

How it helps you

It’s not just the environment that sees the benefits of trading liquid soap to bar products. Certainly, your skin also reaps the benefits of this swap. Bar soaps that contain good quality ingredients are more moisturising for the skin and make for a more thorough clean. They do not use the harsh ingredients that are found in liquid soap, therefore making them better for sensitive skin types.

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