5 Home Furnishing Tips For New Couples


Moving in with your significant others could be like starting your dream life, but at the same time, a lot of challenges arise, especially in young couples moving in together in metro cities. There can be differences in opinion, splitting up of bills and debates on how much the budget for interior should be or even on the style of interiors. Well in this blog we have got you covered with some tips that you can follow as a new couple when moving in together:

Tip 1: Decide on similar grounds 

When moving in together make sure that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to finance and interior style. If you guys are on a different page then try to find a way to find mutual grounds.

For example, you might not want to compromise on the interiors and furniture but your partner might want to stick to the budget. In such cases, you can calmly put your point across and settle for fancy furniture at an affordable price simply by renting furniture

Tip 2: Give and Take 

During decorating your interiors it is important to address your partner’s needs. You might have planned everything your own way, but that is the wrong approach and can make your partner feel stranded and disconnected. Try to collaborate on ideas, and implement them together like a team. 

Tip 3: Keep it Bright and Light 

Keep the space bright and light. Let natural lighting come in and invest in good lighting. The brightness of an area can heavily affect the mood and environment of the space. When choosing bed sheets, bed covers, cushion covers and decorative items go for warm and bright tones like red, tan, beige, yellow etc. 

Add mirrors and plants around the house to make it look charming and light, and do not overindulge yourself in hefty amounts of decorative items instead try going for a minimalist style. 

Tip 4: Repurpose the space 

If both of you have some space left after the re-decorating, which is only possible if you opted for a minimalistic interior style, then get your heads together and repurpose it into something that will be functional and useful to both of you. 

You can either make it a small work-from-home oasis or a small mini library, the floor is all yours. But whatever you decide just keep in mind that it should be purposeful to both of you and not just one of you. 

Tip 5: Create the home you want 

There is no reason to compromise when sticking to the budget. You can have it all from furniture to wallpapers. You just need to know where to buy or rent from. This might take some time but you will find the correct wallpapers and furniture because it is okay to settle for your partner’s choice but never compromise on quality. After all, a perfect couple needs a perfect home.

In conclusion, it can be a very new experience to move in together and the choices and expenses can be overwhelming. But, with clear communication and respect towards each other, it is easy to find a style and interior space that speaks to both of you. 



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