Should You Choose a Colorful Diamond Engagement Ring?


The first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of engagement rings is diamonds. The strongest mineral perfectly symbolizes the strength and commitment of engagements. And when most people think of diamonds, they think of colorless diamonds.

Traditionally the more colorless a diamond is, the more value it holds. However, there are also fancy color diamonds, coming in a rainbow of different colors, such as green, red, purple, orange and black. These colors are growing in popularity at jewelry stores downtown toronto as engagement ring stones.

If you’re trying to decide between a colorless or colorful diamond for your engagement ring, or have just begun thinking of the possibilities, we’ve put together a list of things you should think about before you make your decision.

Color Grading Scale

White diamonds can show hues of yellow or brown and are rated on an international scale by the Gemological Institute of America from D to Z. The D rating is entirely colorless and a Z is heavily tinted with yellow. However, this is the rating scale for colorless diamonds, where the lack of color makes a diamond more valuable and generally more desirable. But with fancy color diamonds, the more vibrant and intense the color is, the more valuable it is. 

The color grading system for colored diamonds is based on the presence of color when the diamond is viewed in the face up position. Diamond color is rated with terms such as faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy dark, fancy intense, fancy deep and fancy vivid.

Unique Style

If you like to veer away from tradition and prefer to walk your own path, a colorful diamond might be a good choice for you. While these diamonds are increasing in popularity, the most popular engagement ring stones are hands down the traditional white diamond, so colorful diamond rings will still stand out from the crowd.

Colorful Personality

For those with vibrant personalities and styles, a colorful diamond engagement ring can be the perfect complement. You’ll likely wear your engagement ring every day, and people who have a signature color may want a rock that matches their style. 

Strong Symbolization

Colors are strongly associated with different meanings, so for those who like their choices to be symbolic, choosing a ring color with a strong meaning is a great choice. Red often represents love and passion, pink symbolizes sweetness and love, while blue is associated with stability and inspiration.


Colored stones, whether diamond or not, are stunning and can often give off a vintage vibe. Vintage looks are popular in engagement rings, and many people use repurposed stones from previous generations or family heirlooms. The classic and timeless vintage look never goes out of style.

Any color or colorless diamond is a good choice for your engagement ring, as long as you’re happy with it. Explore your options and make the choice that speaks to you that you’ll be happy and comfortable wearing on a daily basis.


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