5 Main Celebrity-Inspired Fashion Trends 21/22

Celebrity-Inspired Fashion

Some people like high fashion on the catwalks, but its trends do not always find a way out to streets. Celebrities’ looks, however, are often borrowed and become celebrity-inspired fashion trends everywhere. In this article, we have collected the best that are worth looking for on the Enibbana fashion site, as they will be relevant in the fall-winter 2021/2022.

1. Shacket

The new buzzword is the “shirt” + ” jacket” combination, a cross between these items. Its obligatory detail is large military-style pockets and often (but not necessarily) large buttons. A shacket is warmer than a shirt and is usually made of a lighter fabric than a jacket. Dark blue denim is especially relevant this season. Combining them with jeans of the same shade is best: this fall’s total denim look is still hot.

2. Activist Chic

This term personifies clothes with slogans and has a long history dating back to the 80s of the last century. Now, many celebrities declare their positions, wearing things with logos:

  • Bella Hadid;
  • Lady Gaga;
  • Cara Delevingne;
  • Katy Perry;
  • Gigi Hadid;
  • Kendall Jenner;
  • Rihanna and many others.

Some take it seriously and thus try to convey their ideas to the world; others, on the contrary, sneer at this tendency. In any case, slogans are becoming fashionable and even take over the Met Gala (pay attention to Cara Delevingne’s look).

3. Fur-Free

The eco-friendly trend is gaining momentum. It seems that natural fur is about to end up on the black list forever. The mass-market representatives have long abandoned its use in their collections. Not long ago, Italian company Net-a-Porter, a leading luxury retailer, also said it would not sell fur anymore. Many big brands have completely switched to fake fur, not least because of the influence of celebrities. For example, Billie Eilish was able to get Oscar de la Renta to stop using fur.

4. Power Suit

It’s another concept with a long history. Power suits include jackets with voluminous shoulder cuts, like those we are used to seeing on bold and ambitious film heroines. After the 90s, they gradually went out of fashion, but now they return to the streets. You can opt for a classic look or choose graphic jackets with shiny lapels. Victoria Beckham and Cara Delevingne prefer pantsuits to dresses at all kinds of special events.

5. Gorpcore

It is called the heir to the long-standing normcore trend. A typical representative of this style is a metropolitan resident who went on vacation to the countryside. Gorpcore includes everything big and rough: puffy vests, wide pants for hiking in the mountains, huge down jackets, and “mountaineering” boots. A must-have accessory that complements such an outfit is a mini-bag with zippers (or also a fanny pack). It should be worn at the waist or thrown over the shoulder. The main adherents of this style are Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky. Jenner has adapted it to her own style and combines it with elegant clothes.

Other Trends to Know About

Of course, these trends are not the only ones that will be relevant this fall-winter. Still in vogue are:

  • Ultra-comfortable mom jeans that do not constrain movement and do not look overly sexy;
  • Fur slides. At one time, Rihanna began to use them actively. It was the beginning of the general obsession with these shoes, which persists to this day. Of course, you should choose eco-friendly models with faux fur;
  • A duster coat is a long robe made of lightweight fabric. Women started wearing such a coat back in the 50s. Recently, it has become an integral part of urban street style;
  • Athleisure includes tracksuits, windbreakers, trainers, and other sportswear made of comfortable fabrics. The trend supports not only a total sporty look but also mixes, e.g., a windbreaker over a cocktail dress or yoga leggings in combination with stiletto heels;
  • Groutfit. This term means a total gray look. Recently, this color has become the most relevant since most people associate it with comfort and relaxation;
  • Puffer jackets. In the trend, there are oversized and bright jackets: from bright red to gold. They can be worn unbuttoned over a lace blouse or tank.

Keep Heading for Celebrities

You can see all these styles, elements, and details on celebrities, bloggers, and trendsetters right now. While fashions change quite often, these trendy ideas will remain relevant for the near future. As you can see, some of them came from past seasons. If you want to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends, periodically look at the photos of the celebs listed in the article when they are off-duty and walk the streets.



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