5 marketing trends in 2021

marketing trends in 2021

Digital marketing is important in 2021, if you don’t use it, you are leaving money on the table. Today we will cover important aspects of the online marketing trends in 2021 that works – tested and proven. 

SoundCloud for musicians

It’s very important for musicians to stay in the lane. In today’s world, marketing is very important. Start with SoundCloud if you are a musician. You can buy Soundcloud followers and stay very active on the platform. Getting more followers means that potential listeners and fans will trust your account more.

The fragmentation of OTT television

Another digital marketing trend in 2021 is the fragmentation of OTT television. Currently, OTT service applications are experiencing a phenomenon that is similar to what television channels experienced a few years ago. And what is this about? They seek to multiply and compete with each other.

Some of the options that are bidding for a better position are Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Samsung Tizen, among others. There are more and more entertainment options for the user and each one has its own application and platform. And because more than half of the viewers hire one of them, the competition in the market is going to be increasing.

Esports will have great growth

The gaming sector has grown a lot in recent years, reaching the point of surpassing traditional sports. It is expected that by 2021 up to about $ 180.1 billion will be generated in profits alone. In this way, esports have become an advertising channel that is in great demand, and that brands increasingly seek to include it in their strategies to reach new, hitherto more inaccessible audiences, such as generation Z.

Shoppable TV

After the revolution that streaming has had, the new trend that digital marketing will have is going to be buying through television. There are many formats that exist for this, and in 2021, the trend will increase.

Some of these formats are secondary purchase screens. The viewer will be able to access them with just one click on the control. There are also the QR codes to be scanned with the mobile. In reality, the shoppable TV experiments have arisen several years ago . However, experts say that it is at this time, when technology and consumer habits are much more mature, it is possible that this marketing trend can become a reality.

Virtual events and video training

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an acceleration in digital transformation. Many companies did not have this before 2020. For example, one of these transformations has been the urgent proliferation of digital events, which will continue to be one of the main digital marketing trends in 2021. Many of them are focused on training to be able to capture and mature potential leads. Something completely indispensable in the online environment.

Going from a physical event to a digital one is not so simple, since there is still a long way to go in terms of technical level, losing the category of “special occasion”. The solution to this is that you do not copy your face-to-face events, but rather create an experience that is different


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