What Do Cyclists Want from the Highway Code?

Cyclists Want from Highway Code

The roads can be a dangerous place for any road user, particularly cyclists who are vulnerable when using the road. The Highway Code is established as the rules and guidelines for safely using the roads for all users, including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. When all road users abide by The Highway Code, the roads can be a safe place for any user and easy to navigate. Let’s see what do cyclists want from the highway code.

The Highway Code Knowledge

Unfortunately, not every road user is as familiar with The Highway Code as they should be and this can endanger all road users. No win, no fee claim specialists, National Accident Helpline surveyed 1,000 UK cyclists and found that 51% of cyclists quizzed about details of the code got their answers wrong, which is worryingly high when you consider how vulnerable this group is.

What do Cyclists Want from The Highway Code?

The survey also tried to identify exactly what cyclists want from The Highway Code. Interestingly, 62% agreed that it should be mandatory to wear a helmet while 54% agreed that cyclists should have white front and red rear lights lit and have a red rear reflector at night. 52% agreed that cyclists should wear light-coloured or fluorescent clothing to help other road users see them at night and in poor light.

Divided Opinion

These findings suggest that the UK cycling community is somewhat divided when it comes to what they want from The Highway Code. The survey revealed that 46% of cyclists had been involved in an accident on UK roads, so it is clear that the danger is very real and cyclists need to know how to stay safe on the roads and do all that they can to protect themselves. Those that are involved in an accident that was not their fault can speak to a personal injury solicitor that will be able to file for compensation to recover damages as a result of the accident.

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Knowing the Code

Every road user has a responsibility to know The Highway Code before they use roads, including cyclists. Not only are you endangering yourself and everyone else on the roads, but not knowing the ins and outs of the code could also see you committing a crime. Committing a crime on UK roads can have serious ramifications, so this is just another reason why all roads users must know The Highway Code and stay up to date with any changes that occur.

Cyclists are vulnerable road users and The Highway Code offer significant protection for them and all other road users. It is interesting to see how opinion is somewhat divided when it comes to what cyclists want from The Highway Code, but it is also clear that knowledge needs to be much stronger so that people can protect themselves and other roads users at all times.


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