5 Most Unusual Ways of Traveling in 2022


Getting to the usual attractions during the pandemic is hard, so we decided to compile a list of atypical types of tourism that you can try now.

Dark Tourism

Dark tourism is a visit to the places associated with everything dark. The most popular destinations are cemeteries, catacombs, abandoned mental hospitals and other places that are perfect for a horror movie setting. So if you adore National casino pokies dedicated to Helloween or King’s books, this option is your best choice.

The famous Egyptian catacombs of Kom El Shukafa are perfect for warming up. The main course is the anatomical crypt in the Chapel of San Severo in Naples. Here you can admire the mummified bodies whose circulatory system has remained intact for centuries thanks to the alchemical experiments of Prince Raimondo.


Swamping is hiking in the swamps. What can be attractive here – you exclaim and you will be wrong! After all, bogs are amazing with flora, like in a fairy tale, and fauna, like in a zoo. The pictures will turn out great, and almost no one else will have them.

Another obvious advantage is the silence and clean air. However, this kind of recreation isn’t for everyone: used to chilling and relaxation, it isn’t very pleasant. You will have to walk a lot, so remember about comfortable waterproof shoes, headgear, suitable clothing, a stick and, of course, a spray against mosquitoes!

Atomic Tourism

If the aftermath of human existence such as abandoned houses and mutated animals beckons you, that’s your destination! Atomic tourism is visiting places associated with nuclear disasters. It will appeal to fans of science fiction as well as connoisseurs of wildlife. Of course, it isn’t for the faint of heart to see the consequences of the catastrophe with your own eyes, so we recommend especially impressionable people to choose another option.

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Industrial Tourism

This is an option for those who like to take mechanisms apart, dig into the workings of machinery, and learn how everything in the world is made.

Industrial tourism is a visit to the production facilities. They can produce anything from cheese to computers. It’s important that you enjoy learning how the different mechanisms work.

The main mecca for fans of industrial tourism could be the Volkswagen Autostadt, where visitors watch the process of assembling a car.

Amusement Park Tours

You can’t help but like amusement parks: there are rides, cotton candy, and tons of souvenirs. The roller coaster will not only energize you, but also help you add to your collection of photos that have you screaming with excitement!

Balloons, decorations and puppets will bring you back to your childhood for a while. And if you’re already a parent, you probably know that nothing will make a child happier than meeting Mickey Mouse.

Fans of such tours recommend Allou! Fun park in Greece, and in Croatia it is worth stopping by Underwater park Kunat. Here you can get acquainted with underwater life and take a lot of pictures of the seabed.

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