5 Reasons Students Aren’t Showing Up For Virtual Learning


Many things started changing since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020—these changes spread on educational and working processes the most. When students lost the ability to attend classes personally, the only option to study was to switch to total remote learning. However, it was a working solution, and there still are some issues connected to e-learning that appear regularly. In addition, some students lowered the average level of their GPA because of losing the ability to get a quality education. Many students have found a solution in regularly applying for writing services that provide professional help with assignments. Writing services allow students to order a term paper, an essay, a speech, or buy personal statements online for a reasonable price and forget about educational issues. Let us find out more on the most widespread reasons why students not showing up for virtual learning below.

No time beсause of work

Many students are unable to attend online classes because they have full-time jobs. Such students support their parents, siblings, and other family members and are the essential workers in their families. When it comes to setting priorities, students have to give up on their studies and go to work. When students choose between food for their families and their studies, they choose the first option.

Poor internet connection 

An evident and widespread problem that does not allow students to attend remote learning is terrible connection issues. For some students, the problem appears because there are inhabit regions that are very far away from stable connection routers. Some students do not have the proper equipment to keep the Internet connection stable. Some troubles with connection might even appear because of the building constructions.

Problems with devices

In addition to a stable Internet connection, students also have to deal with issues that appear with the devices. Laptops are better to use when it comes to remote learning as their screen is much broader than a smartphone screen. To guarantee effective learning online device must have enough working memory, a sound video card, etc. Nevertheless, unfortunately, not all students can afford a solid and effective device to attend online classes. In addition, some students do not have any personal devices at all.

No motivation

Lack of motivation and inspiration is among the core disadvantages of e learning. There are various reasons why students lose interest in learning online. One of the prerequisites is an inability to communicate with teachers and classmates in reality. Moreover, students who skip their virtual classes frequently lack the desire to learn and are willing to spend their free time another way. It can happen when the subject they know is not among the core subjects or does not interest them enough.

Bad relationships with teachers

The issue with studies might appear because there are ongoing conflicts between teachers and students. This reason can lead students to skip classes that is much easier to do while remote learning. However, some conflict situations appear because of students’ irresponsibility most than because of teachers’ professional failures. 

We hope this article gave you a clear vision of the main reasons why students skip attending e-learning sessions. We wish you luck with your work!



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