The Ultimate Parent Survival Guide to 2021

Ultimate Parent Survival

Last year was quite tough on everyone, but especially on parents. So much of our everyday lives has changed with the rapid rise of Covid-19 cases, but here we are still – we’ve survived and are ready to parent on. Read on to find out more about our ultimate parent survival guide to 2021.

1. Online shop as much as you can

When the pandemic hit, even those who favored shopping in stores turned to online shopping. We believe that this rise in online shopping is here to stay and you should take advantage of that. Not only does online shopping save time, it also can save you money. You may wonder – how? Well, when you shop in stores we can guarantee that almost nobody stops and googles the reviews of the thing they’re considering to buy. The most one does is to look at the price and maybe also the ingredients. But, when you opt for online shopping you can consider other people’s experience with the product when picking out the right product. For example, if you’re in the market for a new milk formula for your toddler you can check this Friso 3 review out.

2. Spend more time with your kids

If during 2020 you were one of the lucky people who have been ordered to work from home, you’ve probably spent more time with your kids than ever whether you liked it or not. But now when the offices are opening up again it will now take more effort to spend time with the youngest members of your family. The most obvious way to spend time with family is to have meals together as often as you can. Some other ideas would be to go on a hike or camping if the weather calls for it. If being active together is not your cup of tea you can opt for having a board game night or watching a movie.

3. Help them help you

A lot of us parents love to whine about how our kids are not helping us enough with the household chores, but unfortunately the honest to God truth is that there’s no one to blame for that but ourselves. The easiest way to make both your younger kids and teenagers help with housework is to pay them a small amount of money. Make a spreadsheet on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere visible. Write down all of your family’s names and the chores that they are responsible for. Every chore should come with a small price tag and after they’re done with it they should cross it out of the sheet. This way your kids will learn to work for the money and you will have it easier when it comes to housework.

4. Be a good role model

From the youngest age kids learn by looking at and mimicking the behavior of the adults they are closest to. To be a good parent in general, not only in 2021, you need to stay true to your words and not be hypocritical. There are so many parents who won’t let their kids eat too many sweets, but then eat the entire sleeve of cookies themselves. Don’t be that parent. Not only will you have more respect from your child and foster better behavior in them, but you will also push yourself to be a healthier individual.

5. Disinfectant is your good friend

As we all know and have learned throughout last year, bacteria and viruses are everywhere. We were erratically wiping every surface us or our kids have ever touched, completely terrified of the Coronavirus. Maybe this habit of cleaning your kids’ toys a bit more than before or carrying a packet of antibacterial gel in your bag is here to stay for good. This way you will have your kids healthier than ever and hopefully flu free!


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