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Even before OTT platforms commenced gaining popularity, it was all about TV shows and movies. Right from cable connections to wiring dish TVs, it was all about exploring through channels and getting entertained. With passing time, things are changing and like we say, “Change is the only constant”.

The diversification of the internet has brought in everything in that small screen. And we all are addicted to it. ThopTV for Computers was introduced then there were smartphones taking over the market and the audience. People have been inclined to watch different channels through this platform.

Android has been a boon to everyone. The myriad of functionality and opportunity to view so many things has never been this easy. Out of many such applications, ThopTV APK was developed creatively for the Android platform. But did you know that it is possible to have Thop Tv Apple Download!

If you are still loitering with the question in your mind, we are here to break down things for you in relevance to ThopTV Apple Download. Before we delve deep into the details, here are some of the other details to know about ThopTV.


Thop TV for iOS Download
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ThopTV is a form of mobile application which have millions of downloads. It streams movies, series, Tv shows as well as Sports. The buzzing popularity of the application has unfolded to many channels over the years. The fact that the popularity rose because millions of users were mostly inclined into watching IPL for free.

Soon when people delved into using ThopTV, the professional behind the application commenced adding more channels and content. It has proved to be the one-stop place for all your watching needs.

Can you avail of it on Google Play Store?

No, you cannot avail of the application on Google Play Store nor Apple Play Store. Previously, the APK file used to be available on Android. Due to the ongoing issues with the terms and conditions, the developer of Thop TV removed the application from both iOS and Android.

How to download ThopTV for Apple?

Thoptv app download for Apple
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Even though the APK file is not available on PlayStore or App Store, you may simply get it from the Internet. If you are not aware of how to download the file, we are here to guide you through the steps that you may follow easily without any hindrance –

  • Open to the Search Browser
  • Look for “ThopTV Apple Download”
  • Also, you could search for the same on different sites on the internet.
  • They claim to have the APK file of ThopTV for Apple.


  • What you have to do here is to select and trust the one that you want to go for.
  • And download the same for ThopTV for Apple.

Head on to General Setting>ThopTV App> Turn on the verification for that app.Install the same APK file on iPhone and iPad.Get forward to creating an account and get access to the application.

Downloading ThopTV on Android –

When it comes to downloading the ThopTV APK file, for Android, iOS, Mac or even your PC, the process is almost the same. Downloading ThopTV on Android devices is very easy. Here are the following steps that you need to follow –

  • Open the search browser or Google Search
  • Look for “ThopTV APK Download”
  • Go for the one that is a trusted source and download the APK application.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the “Install Unknown App” option on your phone before you are going forward to installing ThopTV on your Android phone.
  • Once you have installed the APK, log in and then secure your account. Enjoy the content that you want for free.


How to download ThopTV Apk on MAC or PC?

  • If you are wanting to download ThopTV on PC or MAC, you will have to abide by the following steps. Here are the ones are given in detail –
  • Download any Android Emulator. It includes BlueStack/ Nox Player on your PC and Mac.
  • Once you have downloaded the emulator, then you have to open it on your PC or Mac.
  • Next, you can simply download ThopTV for PC and Mac
  • Now, just open ThopTV through the Android Emulator
  • Secure your account, log in and watch the content of your choice on your PC or Mac, completely for free.


More things to know about ThopTV You Should Know About –

thoptv for ios
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Is ThopTV Free?

Yes, the APK file is completely free. If you are wanting to secure and willing to have an ad-free version of the ThopTV APK file, you can purchase the pro version. It just takes a minimal investment.

Can you watch IPL 2021 on the application?

The answer is a total Yes! If you are watching the live streaming of every match of the Indian Premier League 2021. It goes the same for every year, ThopTV will not disappoint you.

Is There Any Software Related To ThopTV Software For PC or Mac?

There is no official software that you will come across for Mac and PC. But then you can use the APK file on your PC or MAC through the help of an Android emulator.

Is the ThopTV App APK completely safe?

Not completely. As it is completely free and you are downloading it from an Unknown Source, there are some risks to downloading the file. You have to review the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy. Review them beforehand when you are going to download ThopTV on your phone.

Can you use any alternative to it?

There are many alternatives that you can easily opt for. You need to search for it on the Internet. Though these are illegal applications, you may fall into trouble. Rather you should opt for the paid OTT platforms to be in the safer zone.

ThopTV is a mainly illegal application and keeps uploading copyrighted content on the platform. We would suggest you look for better and legitimate options. ThopTV is one of the best platforms to keep yourself entertained. But then, you should be aware of the drawbacks at the same time. So, if you are using it on your phone and PC, you are downloading it at your own risk.


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