5 Tips to Dressing While Pregnant

Dressing While Pregnant

Dressing whilst pregnant can be a challenge; nothing fits, things are growing and your comfort is key more than ever. Buying an entirely new wardrobe for pregnancy is not necessary, but investing in a few pieces can surely make it easier to dress every day. Finding items that fit your new body with the bump and ever-changing size can be difficult, however, here are a few top tips to guide you along! 

1.Not Just Labelled ‘Maternity’

One mistake is that many women believe they have to go and buy maternity labelled clothes. Some flattering pieces can be worn even if they are non-maternity by simply going up a size or couple of sizes. This usually works best with stretchy items, such as dresses, and can help you avoid the marked up price tag of maternity outfits. Just make sure nothing is too short, as it is likely to lift further up with a baby bump, thus mid-to-long dresses and skirts are ideal. Higher waistlines on dresses and tops is another tip to look out for when buying non-maternity labelled clothes, as your bump has room. 


Dresses are a girl’s best friend for pregnancy! One misconception is that the dresses must be loose-fitting as if to hide the bump. But you should embrace it! Empire waist designs are best because the top is still tight, but the bottom is breathable for your bump. Also, you can wear longer body con dresses to really get your bump out. Elasticated dresses are what to look out for because zippers and buttons can be difficult at this time as they are restricting. Try a wrap dress as well for a sinched in, yet still flowy look. 

3.Get the Right Bra

Getting the maternity underwear right makes all the difference for the clothes you put on top. One problem with pregnancy is that often your breasts grow, yet women are reluctant to get a new bra size. It is likely that you will need to go up in bra size around 1-3 cups bigger, and then move onto nursing bras when the baby is born. Find one that has thicker straps for extra support, and if they are adjustable, it can avoid changing sizes again. This applies for underwear as well, whereby you should look for more fuller underwear with elasticated support for your bump. 

4.Hire for Functions

One thing about pregnancy is that if you have an occasion, like a wedding, you will not get much use out of the dress you buy again. In some cases, you will also have fancier occasions of your own, such as a baby shower. One way to look amazing and not break the bank on a dress you will wear once is to rent it online, such as on The Volte. This way you can look at multiple maternity dresses, and find one that you can wear for a fraction of the price. 

5.Shop Online 

Finally, pregnancy can be tiring! Stay at home online shopping so you can rest your legs. Most places have free returns and quick delivery nowadays, thus it can be so much nicer to try things on at home, instead of those tiny changing rooms. You will be able to look at a lot more at once and arrange by size, rather than walking in and out of stores and sorting through maternity racks.  Find inspiration for pregnancy looks from Pinterest or Instagram so you have an idea of what to look for when shopping online. You are likely to come across many brands that you cannot actually get in-store, and look for online coupons. 

Overall, dressing while pregnant can be a challenge, but through following these simple tips, you can find the perfect looks for you! By staying comfortable, investing in the right underwear, and shopping online, you can look great and feel great. 


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