6 Decorating Tips From a Top Interior Designer

Tips From Interior Designer

Your home is your castle. It’s where you raise your family and live out memories that last a lifetime. It’s also the first place friends and extended family visit when they come to town. Let’s see about the decorating tips from a top interior designer.

Your home is a reflection of how much you love or care about yourself. So why not make sure that everything in this special space reflects exactly how you want people to see you? Since remodeling or building a new home isn’t always an option, here are six ways one successful interior designer suggests for improving your home’s interior:

Cover Your Walls

Flat, bare walls are so yesterday. The best way to add a splash of personality to any space is by hanging art on the wall. Buy paintings from your favorite local artist, or use photos you’ve taken during memorable moments with loved ones. If that doesn’t fit your style, choose black and white photographs or artwork in bold colors to give the room an artistic flair. Walls make a huge statement in the home. They can be compelling.

Turn Up the Heat

The most important thing is light. You should have at least three lights on when you’re entertaining other people.

We’re not talking about sweltering summer days but creating a warm and inviting atmosphere inside the home when the weather outside is frightful. Adding candles and lighting flameless ones in the fireplace will make a room inviting, even on cold winter days. The scent of vanilla, cinnamon, or other welcoming fragrance fills the air to bring family and friends closer together. 

Don’t Stop at the Floor

It’s easy to focus entirely on the walls, floors, and ceiling in a space but don’t forget about seeing things from all angles. For example, hanging artwork at eye level for sitting guests gives them something to look at instead of focusing on their shoes. It’s also a great idea to change the height of your furniture by using shorter or taller tables and chairs.

If you have a round table, make sure there are three chairs so that people can go around them. That way, guests won’t be forced to eat facing each other like at a wedding reception. Break it up with side tables in interesting shapes for candles, wine glasses, and fresh flowers.

Coast is Clear

The easiest way to make any room feel larger is by removing unnecessary items to make some space. That means eliminating oversized coffee tables and end tables stuffed with knick knacks that only serve as obstacles between people who want to talk. You can put coffee tables on an angle to serve as a traffic director to show where a room is going. You can also add rugs underneath your small furniture to give it more stability and a focal point in the room.

Where’s the Rest of the Furniture?

Small spaces are often difficult to design. When there isn’t much floor space, it’s tough to avoid having a cramped feeling in the room. It’s challenging if there aren’t any windows or balconies to draw the eye away from blank walls. The solution is to use furniture that extends out like storage cabinets or beds with nightstands and shelves.

In a small apartment, you have to maximize every square inch. A bed with built-in drawers underneath keeps your space tidy. If you have a small den, use the area beneath to create comfortable seats using pull-out ottomans.

Pillow Talk

A room doesn’t need to be filled with decorative pillows to make it look inviting. Yet, pillows are a great way to add texture and comfort. Don’t stop at throw-pillows for your sofa. Add cushions on chairs in interesting shapes and textures. Nothing is more inviting than being able to sink into an easy chair with cushions piled high on top of each other. Keep them colorful but not over-the-top bright just in case you want to use them outside on the porch or patio.

Creative and innovative design is not just a luxury reserved for the rich. It can be achieved on any budget, with a bit of creativity and know-how. These six tips from a top interior designer will help you get started with creating a space that’s uniquely yours.


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