6 Real Business Ideas for Students With No Investment

Real Business Ideas

Ranging from projects to daily costs, multiple needs draw from a student’s purse. As such, students are forced to forfeit some needs owing to their limited financial muscle. In this blog, you will know 6 Real Business Ideas for Students With No Investment.

Students may opt to land a side gig that fits in with their study schedule to avert this. For many, however, the cash to start a lucrative venture is a limiting factor. Read on to discover the five business ideas we recommend for students without startup capital.

Online tutoring

With the adoption of technology in education, the need for online tutors has doubled over the years. Students are often looking for someone to do my coursework for me. As such, offering your expertise online is a great way to earn a dime in your free time.

In some schools, the institution provides a database of online tutors to help you gain credibility when pitching your service to prospects. Consult with your institution to discover if they provide this option.

Alternatively, enroll on online platforms, undergo vetting, and gain approval to offer your services on the platform. The most common tutoring is language tutoring. Here, you engage your learners on an online call to help them improve their mastery of a language with which you are well acquainted.

Like the previous gigs, online tutoring is charged hourly and allows you to work within your school schedule. You could also consider selling your notes online or helping comrades with their assignments for compensation.


Unlike many ventures, freelancing requires little in the form of experience and capital. The gadgets required to get you going are a computer, a stable internet connection, and proper language mastery.

Among various niches, writing ranks among the most in-demand services that you can smoothly transition into. When starting your writing career, consider enrolling in a content mill, completing your profile, and sending well-structured bids.

Alternatively, engage established writers and request them to recommend you to clients when they have more tasks in hand than they can manage. The best thing about freelancing is that it offers you flexibility allowing you to cover your gigs without compromising your class attendance schedule.

Affiliate marketing

College boasts of a wide audience of prospects for multiple product and service providers. However, many companies have a major struggle reaching their audience and making sales.

Many service providers have adopted an approach that allows marketers to earn a commission from each sale. As a student, you can easily tap into various forums and convince your peers to invest in a commodity.

Unlike freelancing, affiliate marketing does not require you to achieve a particular set of skills. However, you may require a blog to reach a wider audience and earn more substantial amounts.

You could also consider setting up a dropshipping platform, therefore making profits without investing. If you have a huge fanbase on social media platforms, you may venture into social media marketing, therefore, accessing gigs from larger companies.


Babysitting is a popular gig among various college students. Unlike writing, this does not require many gadgets to get you started. For this, you should enroll on a babysitting network and indicate the hours you are available.

This allows you to gain some cash in your free time without affecting your school obligations. After establishing your identity, you may create your babysitting network and charge a small commission from your users.

You may also consider providing pet sitting and cleaning services.

Food Delivery Services

You may enroll in delivery service and make routes in your free time or deliver food to students within their hostels. The latter requires no investment as the means of transport and for are provided by your employer.

However, delivering food to students may cost you a small amount as you purchase the food at low prices to make a profit. Depending on your local regulations, you may resolve to prepare homemade meals.


What field are you an expert in? Is there a topic that interests you? Could you offer any skills that could help people in their fields or their daily routines?

Blogging is a great way to monetize your skills through ads, premium content, and affiliate marketing. Although you may incur some costs for hosting and domain registration, the initial price of starting your blog may not exceed $50 annually.

However, I recommend that you delve into writing first to master the tips for gaining high organic traffic and reaching specific audiences. Upon establishing authority in your field, you can gain decent amounts without putting in a lot of your time.

Final Take

College is a demanding venture that affects the mental and financial life of many students. However, business-oriented students can make the most of their free time by putting the abovementioned ideas into practice.



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