6 tips to choose the right workout clothes for men

6 tips to choose the right workout clothes for men

The ultimate goal of a good workout is to burn those calories and earn some muscles while being comfortably attired. Read on to find how to right workout clothes for men.

Your workout clothes can primarily affect the way you feel during and after strenuous exercise. Hence, it is essential to pay attention to several factors when investing in quality workout gear.

  1. Choose the right fabric

You can often judge a good workout by the amount ofsweat you manage to work up. While perspiring can feel rewarding, that does not necessarily mean you want to feel it pouring down your body.

The best fabric for workout gear helps “wick” away from the perspiration, allowing your skin to breathe and keeping your body cool and comfortable.

Wicking fabrics are primarily made of high-tech polyester that is popular for absorbing a minimal amount of moisture. The special cross-sectional design and a large surface area of such fabrics make it easier to draw the sweat away from your body and spread it out for quick evaporation.

On the other hand, fabrics like cotton tend to absorb the moisture becoming clingy, wet, and ultimately too heavy. They can leave you feeling unpleasant and clammy, distracting you from enjoying your workout. However, if you are not one to sweat profusely or engage in a light, non-taxing workout, cotton gear might work for you.

Another set of materials to avoid is plastic-based or rubber-based. Apart from feeling suffocating, these fabrics can lead to increased body temperatures due to lack of breathability and circulation.

The last important note to consider while choosing the fabric is quality. Do not go for any generic polyester fabric but search for the reputable brands that specialize in workout technology. Invest in your exercise gear since it will benefit you in the end.

  1. Opt for well-fitting clothes

Whether you prefer baggy sweatshirts or tailored suits, your workout gear should be well fitted yet flexible enough for easy movements.

Loose-fitting clothes can quickly become a liability in the gym. They can entangle the equipment leading to mild injuries or even horrible accidents. On the other side, you do not want the clothes to be too snug or form-fitting to hinder your movement.

You want a fit that is comfortable, functional and tailored to your choice of workout. For hardcore gym sessions, opt for t-shirts that will not restrict your motion and shorts that sit comfortably a few inches above the waist and with the hem ending just above the knees.

Shorts also work well for biking or jogging, allowing you to work those leg muscles without the fear of tripping or entangling.

However, if you are not comfortable in shorts, find a pair of tapered, seamless pants in wicking fabric. Seamless pants prevent abrasions allowing you to focus on achieving your daily workout goals without any distractions or sore skin!

  1. Find the right support

Nobody really talks about the importance of the right kind of underwear specifically designed for exercising and workouts. Traditional cotton underwear that you might favor for everyday use can retain moisture during a strenuous workout. This can lead to chafing in the most unfortunate places, making you very uncomfortable.

Men’s pouch underwear, in fabrics that promote wicking, provides comfort, support, and stretchiness to keep up with the demands of some of your most challenging workouts. The right kind of fabric also leads to markedly less body odors and quick drying after high-intensity training.

  1. Prepare for the seasonal change

It is essential to invest in the right workout clothes that can sustain you through the changing seasons. If you have the right gear at your disposal, you will be less likely to skip working out even on days when the weather is not entirely pleasant and inviting. Moreover, if you are more outdoorsy and enjoy working out surrounded by nature regardless of the seasons, you need clothes to change.

On the other hand, if you are more of a gym buff all year around, you can entirely skip this part and move on to the next piece of advice.

Coming back to the topic at hand:

During the hot weather, find a breathable fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable, wicking away the moisture as fast as your body is producing it.Of course, you want to sweat during a workout to reap the benefits of a good session and release toxins from your body. However, the sweltering temperatures and excessive perspiration can do more harm than good if your attire is incorrect.

For staying active during the brutal winter season, you need to think about layers. As you exercise, your heart rate increases along with your body temperature. Layering allows you the liberty to peel off the layers as your body temperature rises.

As applicable for all workout gear, the first layer should be made of wicking fabric. Ideally, a long sleeves tee, followed by an insulating layer to keep you warm.

Well-fitted sweatpants or track pants often work well enough to keep your legs warm. However, if it gets frigid, you might want to consider compression tights under your pants or even under your regular gym shorts.

Finally, you need to accessorize your winter workout outfit to combat the elements of the weather. Go for athletic socks specifically designed to stay warm while insulating your sweat, running gloves, and headwear to protect the head. A beanie or a hat is an absolute necessity when out in the cold since your head releases large amounts of body heat, making it crucial to protect it. you can buy Beanie from pitbullcap.com

  1. Create your style

Fit, fabric, and functionality are definitely the most critical factors when buying right workout clothes. Nevertheless, styling is also pertinent since you like to feel good about your image as well.

If you are body-conscious, find a style that is not too form-fitting but not too baggy either that it becomes a hazard.

If a similar set of clothes bores you every day, buy different colors of your favorite exercising gear to keep it fresh.

If you are motivated towards sustainability (as everyone should be), find environmentally conscious brands, and employ sustainable manufacturing methods.

The primary purpose of creating an individual style is to keep you driven towards burning the calories and not slacking off from being active.

  1. Side note: Think about footwear

You might want to consider investing in the best quality footwear since it often forms the basis for a satisfying workout. They keep you anchored to the ground, so you feel confident enough to take on the most challenging exercises.

You are looking for athletic shoes that are a comfortable fit, protect your feet, support your ankles, and offer a good grip.

As relevant with the clothes, you also want to consider buying footwear that is appropriate for different seasons. A pair that works in summers may not be the most suitable choice for winters or rainy days.

To summarize:

Workout clothes can be the defining factor between being active or sedentary. Therefore, look for the right workout clothes with perfect fabric that keeps you from drowning in sweat. In addition, choose styles that allow for movability while looking flattering. Find the support you need to work out comfortably, dress seasonably, and above all, make sure you have the right shoes for your preferred exercises.


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