Strength training in a very important part of any workout routine. Keep track of your strength training, as it utilizes your body weight as a resistant tool in order to strengthen your muscles. It also increases you body’s ability to produce force.

One of the main and most important functions of strength training is slowly building strong muscles in your body over time. Strength training is actually very different from other exercise that increases flexibility and endurance as the strength training builds muscles and increases metabolism. While there are many benefits of strength training, yet it is very important to keep the track of your strength training progress results.

To increase muscle strength and size, you must be aware of your starting condition and must also know how much the training is impacting your body on a regular basis. It will help you in knowing when to increase your workload, or how much volume you need to work on in a specific period of time. Keeping track of your fitness also tells you when you need to lift more weight and what type of diet routines you should follow. You can track your fitness regime through many ways. to review some of the best exercise bikes.

Here is a guide to help you achieve your fitness tracing successfully.

1. Keep A Journal For Workout:

Keep the track of your strength training on how much weight you lifted in your previous sessions is a very simplest and easiest way to track your gradual success. Logging a workout journal will also help you to remember how many calories you burnt after every weight lifting session. This will help you to know if you are getting stronger.

 You can also use a training tracking software free app download to monitor your success.

Even though you go to gym every day and lift weight in each of the sessions, after a time, the strength training will stop effecting your body if you lift same weight daily. You have to increase weight that you lift gradually so that your body can get used to heavy strength training. But if you do not know whether you need to increase the weight, you will keep on lifting the same amount of weight every day.

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A work out journal help you remember when you increased the amount of weight in your training and if it is time you should add more weight again. So a journal actually helps you to keep track of your strength training routine.

2. Increase You Lifted Weight Gradually But Regularly:

You should also gradually increase the amount of weight you lift, if not daily, but weekly. As described earlier, a certain amount of weight will stop effecting your strength training after a certain period of time. So no matter if you added 2 or 5 more weight to your strength training before a month. If it had to split certain parts of your muscles, it has already done that and now, it is not going to split any more muscles. Sure, it will keep you strong, but it will not increase more stamina in you which is why you need to add a certain amount to weight after one or two weeks in your training regularly.

If not that, you can increase your reps regularly too. For instance, if you were doing 5 or 6 reps of a game previously, you can add two more reps to it in order to build your stamina even more.

Sure it will take time, but it will keep building your strength and boosting your stamina.

You can either keep track of your added weight in a journal or you can keep track of your regular weight addition in your phone’s notepad.

3. Track Your Body Composition:

A very great and effective way to track the results of your weight training is to check your body composition. Which means the ratio of fat versus the muscles in your body.

One of a great advantage of strength training is that the size of your muscles increase in your body and the unnecessary fat burns away.

But you cannot know if the fat in your body is actually reduce by simply check your weight by a weight machine. Which is why you can either check your body fat percentage through an electric conductivity tester at a health club or you can also use fitness trackers for weight lifting too.

4. Test Yourself Regularly:

After a month or six weeks, try to test yourself on various strength levels. Do a number of lower reps of any exercise and record how many sets you accomplished.

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First, go for a heavy weight training and try to lift as much as you can while maintaining a good form. Don’t try to lift more than you can. Record how much reps you did. Then, when you have increased weight in your training, approximately after one month, repeat this exercise and notice how easily you can perform this one.

Record the results. This way you will be able to know if your stamina has actually increased or not.

5. Look At Yourself In The Mirror:

Look at your arms, shoulders, waist and legs. These muscles tend to reflect on how much the strength training is actually effecting your body in a good way. Check to see whether your biceps and triceps have started to show more. Or if your waist is more prominent.

If this method doesn’t look very effective to you, you can also compare photos. Take some photos after each week of strength training and compare latest photos with old ones. Pictures can show the difference and growth in body muscles so it can be a good way to know how much progress you have made.

6. Use A Tape Measure:

A best and most reliable way to track your strength is to use a tape measure. A tape measure will tell you how much your muscles have transformed. When you are starting strength training, use a tape measure to check the size of your arms, shoulders and legs. Also, check your waist.

Recheck the same muscles after each week, and keep the measurements in a journal. This will tell you how much transformation has been done in your muscles with the help of strength training.

This is the most accurate way to keep track of your increased muscles yet this will not tell you your increased strength. Visit to review some of the best fitness machines.


Keeping track of your stamina and muscle gain can help you to know if the strength training you have been doing is actually affecting your body or not. It also helps you to gradually build up your lifted weight so that you can add more strength to your muscles.

A certain amount of lifted weight will stop increasing your body’s strength after a while and you will need to add more weight after a time to keep on splitting muscles and increasing weight. If you have a record of your previously added weight, you will know how much more to add after a time.

If you keep on lifting weight without a proper record, you will not know when to add more weight to your routine and all your effort might be wasted.


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