6 Tips To Look Stylish In Your Medical Uniform

Look Stylish In Medical Uniform

Fashion has greatly evolved, and so has the medical uniform, too. While it may still be the usual scrubs combination, there are now little tweaks here and there to make the scrubs look more presentable and fashionable. The colors have also greatly evolved to come up with options that may be more favorable to your liking. In this article, you will get to know some tips to look stylish in medical uniform.

The point is, medical uniforms can be stylish, too. Fashion isn’t only tied up to those who can wear anything they want to work, or aren’t bound by a uniform. When you broaden the possibilities as to how you can make your medical uniform look great, the hospital can be your runway, too, while still keeping within the metes and bounds of hospital policy with medical scrubs.

Gone are the days when wearing your medical uniform would have to feel like a drab. You can still be stylish in your medical uniform, with the tips below:

  1. Choose The Scrubs That Suit Your Body Type

Scrubs may all look one and the same. But there are actually kinds of scrubs that work best with certain body types. As you buy or have your medical uniform made, don’t copy a sample of a model in toto, especially if you don’t have the same body type. Make sure that you consider your body type, and what you think will look good on you, and what wouldn’t.

Here are some guidelines that you can apply when choosing scrubs according to your body type:

  • If you’re top-heavy, you can narrow down your upper body by wearing open-collar and V-neck scrubs in dark colors;
  • If you’re bottom-heavy, you can make your hip area look a lot slimmer by wearing longer tops;
  • If you’re too slim, and you want to add more curves to your body, you can opt for scrub tops that are ruffled or that are smocked.

If you need help in this regard, you can try this out and choose medical scrubs that’ll look good on your body type.

  1. Accessorize Smartly

Albeit limited with your possibilities of accessorizing, you can still do so even in the medical setting. The key is to accessorize smartly.

For instance, for females, you can have headpieces that match your medical uniform’s color. In the hospital setting, you may almost always have to keep your hair tied. There are clips and headpieces to hold your hair together that are now a lot more fashionable.

As to your other jewelry pieces, a small bracelet, earrings, or watch will do. You’ll want to avoid any big jewelry pieces, as these may be a distraction to your patients and to other medical workers. Plus, you also don’t want your jewelry to get in the way of all the equipment that you have to operate, especially when you’re in a rush.

  1. Make Sure Your Medical Uniform Fits You Well

Like any other clothing piece, the fit is always very important. Surely you wouldn’t want to wear anything that doesn’t fit well. You can look better – no matter your size and body type when you’re wearing scrubs that fit well.

The key here is to strike that balance with fit and comfort. The fit should be small enough and true to your size, so you don’t look baggy. It should also be loose enough so that you’re comfortable enough to wear it for the entire day. Depending on how busy your workday maybe, this can mean that you’ll have to move around so fast from one place to another, in fast hospital settings like in the emergency room. Comfortable scrubs can get you through these days.

  1. Select The Right Fabric

Medical settings are generally cold. So, you’ve also got to make sure that your medical uniform is of the right fabric blend to keep you comfortable, no matter the temperature in your workplace.

This means it should keep you warm enough from the cold, but also not too hot where you’re going to be sweating profusely in the hospital. When you sweat, this is also unhygienic as that’s personal waste that you’re excreting.

The best scrub fabrics that’ll get you through even the toughest of all working shifts are those that come with a moisture-locking ability and have an anti-microbial technology.

  1. Wear Complimentary Colors

As much as you may want to wear all the colors of medical uniforms that are available, not every color is going to match your skin tone. So, you’ve got to focus only on those medical scrub colors that you feel most confident in because you know that it compliments your skin tone very well.

Here are some guidelines that’ll help you determine whether or not your chosen medical uniform colors go well with your skin:

  • The scrub color should give your face a warm tone, for you to say that the color suits you well;
  • The scrub color shouldn’t wash out or make your skin look even paler than it really is;
  • The fabric’s color should also brighten up your face.
  1. Take Good Care Of Your Scrubs

No matter how nice the color or style of your medical uniform may be, if they look old, worn out, and in dire need of replacement, then that’s exactly how you’re going to look as well.

To look professional and presentable to your colleagues and patients, make it a point to take good care of your scrubs. It’s as simple as making sure that you address whatever stains it may have accumulated right after the end of your shift.

To keep your scrubs in good condition and to lengthen their fabric life, it’s also best to use a mild detergent. Whenever you can, leave it out to air dry as well.


When you’re happy with what you’re wearing and how you look, there’s no denying that you can do more in your job because you feel content and confident with what you’re wearing. With medical workers, however, you may feel limited as to your style because you’ve just got one uniform to wear every single day: your medical scrubs. But, now that you’ve got access to the tips above, you’ve got so many ways by which you can elevate your sense of style. Scrubs can be very fashionable too, for as long as you know how to work your way around it such that you look great and confident with what you’re wearing.


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