8 Small But Important Wedding Details You Might Overlook

Important Wedding Details

There are so many things you’ll need to consider for your upcoming wedding day. That’s why planning a wedding ceremony, whether big or small, is often expected to be overwhelming and nerve-wracking. And it can be even more complicated if you’re juggling a full-time job and other personal responsibilities. Thus, it won’t be hard to believe if you end up forgetting about one or two elements that are crucial for your wedding. Listed below are eight small but important details you might overlook during your wedding planning. Since they may not be as obvious to some as the need to look for a caterer or choose among various florist wedding packages, you have to be extra mindful of them. Hopefully, the information provided here will save you from missing out on any of them, which could make or break your most awaited day. Here is white chair covers for weddings.

1. Backup Plan For Bad Weather 

Some couples become so engrossed with choosing the wedding cake, decorations, outfits, and venue that they often forget to consider the weather. Especially if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, having a contingency plan is a must in case the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse on the day itself.

Thus, don’t forget to check the historical weather and temperature specifically for your chosen wedding date and venue so you’ll know what to expect. Once you know the possible forecast, you can make the necessary arrangements and come up with backup plans for everything should the weather become unfavorable.

2. Wedding Transportation 

Another significant yet easily overlooked wedding detail no one should miss is the wedding transportation. If your venues for the ceremony and reception are kilometers apart, make sure to prebook transportation for guests who won’t be able to bring their own vehicle. Otherwise, you might end up dealing with chaos on your wedding day if some attendees struggle to find a way to get to the next location.

3. Plan For The Children 

There will be instances where your guests will bring their children along to the ceremony and reception. While the adults are busy taking pictures or getting teary-eyed at your vows, the kids might run around, explore every corner of the venue, or worst, cry and shout during the ceremony.

To keep them in check, prepare a separate room for parents who’d like to calm their children down or nurse them. You can also designate and set up a corner where the kids can play quietly or entertain themselves with toys, sweet treats, or books.

4. Extra Seats 

Regardless if you’ve already prepared 50 seats for your 50 guests, you need to consider that some of them might not want to sit next to certain people, in particular those they barely know. So to avoid seeing some of your guests standing at the back during the ceremony due to slight social discomfort, it’s best to have some extra seats ready for use.

5. Budget For Gratuity 

During your budget planning, don’t forget to include the cost for gratuities. While this may not be required, giving tips can be a perfect way to show your gratitude to and appreciation for the wedding professionals, jewelers, and other people who’ve made your big day successful.

You can give them cash or checks and place those in labeled envelopes. Then, you can assign the most trustworthy and responsible member of your bridal party to distribute them during or after the event.

6. Dos-And-Don’ts Playlist For Your DJ

Most couples plan the songs for their walk on the aisle, their first dance as husband and wife, and when they’re dancing with their parents. But aside from those, make sure you give the DJ a list of songs to play and not to play during the wedding party. A piece of bad or inappropriate music can ruin the reception in seconds. If the place of the event is somewhere in Portland, a Portland wedding DJ from DJ Cutt Entertainment can help you decide which songs to place. They are experts with music to lift the mood of the guests.

7. Bringing A Change Of Clothing 

While you and your partner would certainly look stunning in your wedding gown and tuxedo, you have to be ready in case something happens that’ll prompt you to wear different clothes. For instance, your gown may be too tight for your legs, making it hard to go dancing. In that case, you can pull out your extra dress and a pair of comfortable sandals to dance the rest of the night away in. You can enlist a friend’s help in packing your backup clothes. 

8. Assigning Someone To Handle Your Wedding Outfits 

Once both the ceremony and reception are over, you may have to jet off right away in the morning for your honeymoon. However, some couples tend to forget about making advance arrangements for their tuxedo and wedding dress. The last thing you want is to be late for your flight or boating trip due to that extra time spent on returning your rental gown and tuxedo. To save time and effort, don’t forget to assign a family member or friend to pick up your wedding outfits and return them.

Wrap Up 

Use the list above to determine whether you’ve forgotten to handle or look into any aspect of your wedding preparations. Thorough planning and good attention to detail will help you ensure that your big day will truly be an event to remember.


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