Top 8 Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of AI

advantages of artificial intelligence

The world gets to introduce itself to Artificial intelligence from 1943 to 1956 for the first time. After that, it carries on to surprise us with its amazing inventions and magic. So, we can never neglect the advantages of artificial intelligence anyhow. 

Besides, AI has made our life easier and fast in all aspects. And it is just making our daily life faster and faster day by day. Although Artificial intelligence still needs a lot of research and proves to present itself as great technology. 


We know that Alan Turing is the father of artificial intelligence. And since from him, many scientists contributed to this great invention. After the coming, it is giving us various benefits in our everyday life. 


For example, it can help heavy industries with their automation. Maximum people of the world are now getting served by artificial intelligence.


However, today we will talk about all the advantages of artificial intelligence. Let us jump into the topic. 


What is Artificial Intelligence All About


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that can think, mimic, and assume like a human being. Besides, AI has brought machines and humans into a close bond. In addition, it is an intelligent machine that can do tasks like a human. 


AI technology mainly trains a machine with a vast amount of data to do repetitive works every day. And we eagerly need this technology to make fast and mistakes free work, especially in our workshops. 


Similarly, machine learning (ML) is a sub-topic of artificial intelligence. We teach a machine with data and algorithms by applying programming languages. And with the base of this data, it can predict and do some specific task.


 Moreover, we are using this technology in our everyday life from Cortana to Google’s assistant. 


However, Artificial intelligence (AI) is now in the narrow AI stage, also called weak AI. AI is now limited to doing some specific work. For example, it can do facial recognition, self driving cars, or search engines. 


On the other hand, tech giants worldwide have taken their long-term goal of artificial intelligence. We can say that it will be the general stage of AI or strong AI. 


By the way, a narrow stage of AI can also defeat humans at some specific types of programs. For instance,  playing chess and solving maths can be difficult. On the other hand, a general stage or strong AI will act in every work area a human does. 

Top 8 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

I guess you are reading this article on an online webpage. First of all, you may find this article by doing searches on the internet. Secondly, you get served by AI or ML, but you did not even notice. 

When you hit the search button, the search engine used their algorithm to find the best results for you. By the way, it is one of the advantages of artificial intelligence I will talk about below. Let us continue. 

  1. Help Human to Make Fewer Mistakes


It is natural to make mistakes for a human being in their day to day life. Whenever we need to do some computation or counting something, we may do it wrong sometimes. But the computer can do it on our behalf without making a single mistake. 

Because we programmed the computer in such a way that we can calculate whatever you command it. In addition, artificial intelligence has made them more accurate and easy for us. 

AI can perform a task if we teach it with data information and specific types of algorithms.

As a result, the mistakes rate will be notably fewer than before what we did manually. 

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For Example: Nowadays, meteorologists are using AI technology to predict weather conditions in the near future. So, AI is able to forecast the weather based on data we provide them.  

  1. Risk Reductions for Humans

Risk cutting is the most vital advantages of artificial intelligence for human beings. So, We can use AI-based robots in various risky areas where a human entrance can be deadly. 

Therefore, a robot can be used in any first-time experimentation in various types of industries. As humans, we have to do many risky things in some kinds of job sectors. 

For Example, defusing a bomb, going to the deep oceans, going to deep earth for minings, etc. 

you can even send a robot to mars for experiments where it can be less risky for a human being. 

More Example: Do you remember the deadly incident of Chernobyl on 26 April 1986? There was a massive blast in a nuclear power plant in Ukraine. 

We watch a lot of humans die in that accident. If we could use a robot to manage the accident, the number of dead could be less. 

  1. Excellent for Repetitive Tasks


We do many types of repetitive and easy tasks in our everyday work. A repetitive task can be something like mailing someone a greeting and thanking a message. 


Besides, I personally use Grammarly as a editing tool to edit my copy. Also, it can check your spelling and grammar and suggest you the best words. 


Therefore, we will be more productive by handing over these tasks to artificial intelligence. 


For Example: If we consider a bank, they need to verify their papers whenever you go for any financial transactions. So, cognitive automation can be useful to fasten the transaction process. 


  1. All-time Availability


As human beings, we can work 5-6 hours a day, and including breaks, can be 7-8 hours. Usually, we should not use more than that because we need rest and restoring energy. In addition, we need a weekly holiday to charge up for the next day of the office. 


However, a machine can serve you 24/7 without any breaks and getting bored, unlike humans. 


For Example, Normally, we see nowadays lots of website owners using chatbot technology. Using chatbots based on AI, we can reply to our users automatically and answer their queries. 


  1. Online Assistance


I hope you heard about Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google’s assistant and their activities. However, these are the online assistant ready and any kind queries roaming in your mind.


So, tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, or Google have to handle millions of users per day. And if they manually handle their issues, it will take a vast amount of time, and we can say it is very tough. 


Therefore, they started their online customer care assistant to serve their users by answering questions. 


For Example:  If you study, you can find many examples and advantages of artificial intelligence. Among them, we usually pick Siri, Cortana, or Google assistant as usual. 


  1. Fastest Decision Taker


We all know that a machine is faster and quicker. But if we can combine it with machine intelligence, it will become more speedy. Because we as humans think with our emotions and various factors, but a machine can’t do that. 


Therefore, a machine performs a task that we command to do. And it runs according to the program we installed.  After that, the device will be able to deliver faster and accurate results for us. 


For Example: Have you ever played Chess on your Windows computer? Maybe it can be easy or fun if you play it in an everyday mood. On the other hand, if you ever played it on hard mode, you may know how impossible it is to beat. 


As we know, they build the algorithm in such a way that it is very tough to defeat the algorithm. 


  1. Day to Day Application


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We use artificial intelligence features in our way of day to day activities. First of all, have you used maps on your way to destinations? Sometimes graphs will show the fastest and avoid massive traffic on your way. 


Secondly, we all use Facebook as a social media platform and share our daily life on that. If one of your friends upload one of your photos, you may notice that Facebook gives you a notification.


Thirdly, most leading firms and financial institutions use AI as a fraud detection technology in various fields.  This is the most sought advantages of artificial intelligence ever invented because financial transactions should be safe and secured. 


Moreover, as you already know that artificial intelligence entered into all kinds of sectors. So, the medical industry also should not be behind them. As a result, doctors nowadays can forecast for a woman whether she has breast cancer or not.


  1. Using for Road Safety


According to WHO, we witness millions of road accidents all over the world every year. But we could not know the reasons behind it. So, we needed a technology that would save the issue. 


Therefore, experts see the causes, and they found that we need automated safety guidance for drivers. Moreover, a massive number of firms already began using the feature to reduce the rate of accidents. 


For Example, Tech giant Microsoft initiated a feature called HAMS. However, this technology keeps attention mainly on two matters, such as the drivers’ conditions and cars.    


Some Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence


Every part of this has some opposite sides and effects. So, artificial intelligence also has some drawbacks. You should be careful about it. By the way, drawbacks always surpass the advantages of artificial intelligence. 


  1. Can Be Little Bit Costly


We know that AI has just started to show its magic and growing day by day. So, we also need to keep updated our hardware as well as software with developing Artificial intelligence. 


Because the latest technology needs the newest software and hardware to run in the background. 


Therefore, you will require some extra money to get them. And the things can be costly sometimes as all of them will be the latest one.  


  1. Reason for Laziness


There are myths that artificial intelligence is making our lives lazy and inactive. Perhaps it is right in some aspects because nowadays we can do many things without any effort. 


For example, you can think of your home as bedroom device. We do not need even switch on and off our lights. When entering the room, lights automatically become on, and when leaving, the light becomes off. 


  1. Losing jobs


We already told you that AI could do repetitive works as advantages of artificial intelligence. So, many people are losing their jobs, and robots are replacing these by one. 


Therefore, each industry is building its robots to make fast their daily works. Moreover, using robots can be cost-effective, too, as it needs only battery powers and some maintenance. 


  1. No Emotions


We all agree that there is no doubt that robots make our lives easy and faster with their ability. By the way, you will have to decide on another matter that the machine does not have emotions. Besides, they cannot think like humans in all aspects of life.


Therefore, we can never replace a machine with human beings in emotions and social bonding.  


  1. Cannot Think Out of the Box


The machines will perform what you orderd and programmed to them. Also, they are unable to think without data and information. So, if something unwanted happens between the plans, they crash the system and break down. 


To Conclude,


So, here are the disadvantages and advantages of artificial intelligence I showed for you guys. I hope you noticed that the benefits surpass the drawbacks as always. 


Therefore, you need to catch the positive sides in our practice. So, that you can get the best of it. However, you should not worry about AI that much as there is some prejudice in the tech community. 


Moreover, many tech experts also misunderstood artificial intelligence as a danger of the future. But the aim of AI is to make our life easier, faster, and more accurate. 

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