An Expert Guide to Choosing Your Bridesmaid Shoes


The dresses, the dances, the drinks and the desserts can make planning a wedding and being a bride (or in a bridal party) a blast. Such a big and beautiful occasion will call for the best shoes, though. So for the sake of the celebration, the aesthetic, supporting your girls’ well-being and supporting any sudden running around that needs to be done, you should almost consider shoes as one of the most essential parts of their ensembles.

For most women, shoes seem to be enjoyable to shop for — but we understand that with endless options, it’s easy for even the most seasoned shopper or stylist to get lost. With that said, the exceptional number of style choices also means that when it comes to something as tricky as suiting the aesthetic of the wedding, and the array of styles, tastes, sizes, ages and needed accommodations of your bridal party, you will be able to find SOMETHING! And fortunately, all it takes to find the perfect set of something is a little understanding (which you’ll find lots of below). So whether their dresses and demeanors demand classic cocktail shoes for the special occasion or everything about the event shouts cute and colorful sneakers, we can help you understand how to put everyone’s best foot forward. 

Be Mindful of Your Bridesmaids’ Funds (or Foot the Bill)

If you can afford it, it’s always nice to cover as much of your bridesmaids’ ensemble expenses as possible, but it’s not necessary! If you’re not footing the bill, though, then be sure to remind yourself of your friends’ financial health and formulate a realistic vision based on this before you start dreaming of super fancy and expensive shoes. Even if they do have dependable disposable income, don’t forget that your bridesmaids will almost definitely be investing a decent amount into other aspects of their look for the day (from nice makeup to manicured nails) so they will be dropping enough even if you don’t go above and beyond with your dress, shoe and accessory selections. 

Collab with Your Crew

While it may prove difficult to pick a day when the whole bridal party is free and plan an outing, doing so will make buying shoes for your bridesmaids a much better experience, and boast much better results. With all of the ladies together, you will quickly get a feel for commonly loved or hated colors, styles, features and feelings. Along with this, it will allow you to see how each bridesmaid fits into certain brand and style sizing. Aside from finding the most appealing-to-everyone shoes, getting your crew together like this to collaborate on a shoe concept is great for eliminating options and narrowing down your ideas, as well. Once you’ve done this, use the information you’ve gathered to help you in the next step!

Put Focus on Personal Comfort

Once you’ve had your exciting day out with the girls and you’ve mulled over any key moments, note how to combine their opinions into an option that will keep everybody as comfortable as they are cute. After all, your bridesmaids will be on the move for most of the day — helping you get ready before the wedding, get to the venue, get through the ceremony smoothly, transition into the reception and enjoy the afterparty. So, help THEM by making sure that they don’t experience (or even fear) tripping as they come down the aisle, sitting and massaging their feet in pain instead of dancing or being in a bad mood because of discomfort. In other words, make sure that they DO feel good and get to be their normal awesome selves — because that’s why they are there in the first place.

And while we all rightfully want to romanticize the event and go for something super romantic, luxurious and glam, a good starting point for bridal party shoes may be comfortable shoes for wedding guests. This is because guests are willing to tone it down just a smidgeon for the sake of enjoying the wedding — and you should do the same for your girls. If they’ve never worn heels a day in their life, for example, have a flat option available. If they are self-conscious about their feet, consider a closed option. If they struggle with foot problems like bunions or bad blisters, find them beautiful bridesmaid shoes that have extra cushioning and care put into their design.


Pick the Perfect Neutrals, or Keep to Your Palette 

When it comes to the color and material of bridesmaid shoes, lean on the aesthetic of your wedding and dresses. For example, a light rustic wedding with country charm may point you to materials like lace or suede. Short, scalloped hem, long sleeve lacy dresses may point you to style features like dainty ankle straps or peep-toes. And your color palette may do the rest and point you toward the perfect color. If you’ve put your bridesmaids in neutral-colored dresses, consider pulling an appealing accent color from the palette to make their shoes and accessories pop. We suggest one that can be found in the bouquet they’re holding. If they’re already dressed in a palette color, consider another color from the palette that complements it — or go for something neutral (even if it’s not in the palette) like classic nude, classic black, a sophisticated and cool metallic or even a stunning white to go with your dress! 

Acknowledge and Embrace the Event’s Details

When and where your wedding will take place is paramount when it comes to preparing your outfits. For instance, you’ll want to make sure that your bridal party’s shoes will take them across the beach by ruling out the stilettos and writing in cute sandals for women for ceremony and celebration alike. Combined with the venue is the date — or, in other words, how the weather might affect the venue. For example, if your venue is a flowery field but your date is unfortunate enough to be in the middle of a rainy spring season, mud and wet grass may make walking a mess — or worse, a worry! For unpredictable venue and date combinations like this, it may be a good idea to pick your pretty primary shoe, but prepare for the worst by having backup flats for your girls (or requesting that they bring their own). 


If You’re Out of Time, Brainspace or Honestly Just Want to Make It Easier…

It can be hard to combine all of these aspects and find the perfect shoe for someone — let alone a shoe that will be perfect for everyone. So if you find yourself having a hard time, consider using the aspects outlined above to pick the color and any other crucial features. Then, allow your bridesmaids to pick any shoes that match the description. Not only will this create an interesting look, but it will also allow them to pick something that they will wear and get use out of after this occasion. With the ticked off of your wedding to-do list, you’ll be able to embrace the special people in your life by having your bridesmaids put their mark subtly on your special day!



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