Compliance Training Is Key


Learning Where You Went Wrong

We have all heard the phrase, “If you just complied, you would not have this issue.” The problem with this phrase is that it does not take into account that everyone on earth experiences a learning curve at some point. At some juncture in your life, there is something people expected you to know that you simply did not know. There have been many moments where it feels like everyone around you was given access to a handbook of rules and regulations that people simply neglected to offer you. It can be frustrating upsetting and even downright scary to discover that you are the only person who has not had access to a certain set of rules.

It can be really scary to walk into a new situation thinking that you have the social and cultural knowledge that everyone else has, not realizing that everyone else has been trained and supported by a certain set of rules that you certainly have not. In this way, it can be really embarrassing to feel like you have not been properly trained when in reality, you are simply trying to do your best to get along with the other members of your company. It can be really hurtful and scary to feel like you have been given access to a certain job without receiving the proper training to execute properly on that job.

Not receiving proper training feels like you have been duped by the people who purport to care enough about you to help you do the best job you can. In some ways, you really simply want to learn more about the opportunities that are available to you to be a decent person and do the right thing, but in some ways, if you do not get a chance to simply read the rules so that you can read the room, you might end up failing miserably at the job you were hired to do. It is hard to not take it personally when you feel like there are all sorts of social rules and expectations that it feels as though everyone else knows but you!

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Making The Correct Social Decisions

Have you ever walked into a social setting where it seems like everyone is enjoying a particular inside joke that you have no understanding of? Does it feel like you are a member of the team? Or does it feel as though you have been excluded from the simple process of being able to interact substantively with everyone else in that space? Does it hurt to feel like you are the only person who does not know the rules? Does it hurt to consider the possibility that there is some sort of social agreement that it feels like everyone else signed the contract, but you did not even know that there was a contract to be signed?

Have you ever felt like people were gossiping about you and were talking about how incompetent and useless you are, without explaining to you exactly why they do not have faith in you?  Have you ever felt lonely for the reasons that I have described in the aforementioned paragraphs? If you have ever felt hurt in that specific way, in any sort of social or cultural setting, then you know why compliance training is so important when you are beginning a job. It can be really confusing to feel as though you know the rules of engagement, but no one has told you the real rules that are sublimated underneath the politeness and niceties of the people around you.

If you have ever felt excluded in this manner, feeling as though you are the only person who does not understand the social and cultural rules that are governing the space you find yourself in, then you understand why compliance training is something that people should take more time to learn more about. If you have ever felt embarrassed and ashamed in this way, then you know the level of her that you experience when you feel as though nobody has your back because you are the only person who does not know the rules of engagement. 

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This is why this type of training, compliance ( training, it’s so incredibly important, because without it, you will go through your entire work life feeling as though you have never made a meaningful contribution because people will not tell you the truth about how poorly you are performing. You want to make sure that you are able to navigate these work experiences without feeling like the last person to know what is going on, and that can contribute significantly to your mental health and your ability to perform well under pressure for the people who are simply trying to see you succeed.


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