How to Match Your Phone Case to Your Outfit 


Phones are default accessories, and they appear not just in real life but also in copious mirror selfies. Given how ever-present our phones are, we might as well start matching them to our outfits, right? However, if you don’t consider yourself much of a fashionista, trying to coordinate your outfit with your phone case can feel a bit intimidating. To help you out, we’ve rounded up eight tips to give you some inspiration for matching your phone case to your outfit:

Choose a neutral phone case.

If you don’t consider yourself a fashionista and are looking for an easy way to match your phone case to your outfit, there’s no more foolproof method than choosing a neutral-colored phone case. The most neutral-colored phone case is a clear one, which has the added bonus of showing off the sleek design of the phone itself. If you prefer an opaque case, look at white, black, brown, navy and other neutral colors that will go with many outfits. If you’re not sure which neutral would suit your tastes best, take a look at your closet — especially the outfits you wear the most often — to help you make a decision.

Select a neutral-colored outfit.

This follows the same principle as the above suggestion but is applied in reverse. If you have a colorful phone case already and want an outfit that will match it, then put together a look using neutral-colored garments from your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a simple white shirt and a pair of black or blue jeans, but lots of combinations are possible depending on what’s already in your closet. By sticking with neutral clothes, you’ll ensure that none of them clash and that your phone case pops even more.

Pick a phone case with a lot of colors.

If you love an eye-catching phone case that coordinates with your outfit but you don’t want to own an entire collection of iPhone cases, then your best bet for maximizing your fashion options is to choose a phone case with lots and lots of colors. The more colors the case has, the more outfits it will match, so don’t be afraid to go bright and bold. Again, you can look at the clothes in your closet to get a feel for what colors you wear most often and, thus, which ones you should be prioritizing in your phone case search.

Decide what aesthetic you’re going for.

As with choosing any accessories, considering the overall vibe is important for choosing any accessories, including phone cases. An uber-modern case design with sharp angles won’t compliment a flowy boho-chic outfit. Something a little softer and rustic would be a better choice. If you’re new to matching accessories to your outfit, we recommend looking up some outfit examples on Pinterest or following some fashionistas on Instagram to learn how other people coordinate aesthetics and to help you develop your eye.


Consider the color wheel.

Color theory sounds complicated, but it’s quite simple when it comes down to it — and it’s an essential principle for fashion. Basically, color theory is a method used for determining what colors look good together. Colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel (such as red and blue) are complementary, while colors next to each other (such as blue and purple) are analogous. Monochromatic colors are all shades of the same color. All of these color combinations look good, so it’s up to you what look you want to go for when coordinating your phone with your outfit.

Select complementary patterns.

Clashing patterns are difficult to pull off, so if you already have one or more patterns on your outfit, then you might want to keep things simple with a solid-colored phone case. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, we recommend choosing a Samsung phone case with a similar color scheme and pattern to your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a shirt with white polka dots on a red background, then try to find a similar case that will go with it. If your leggings have a nebula pattern on them, then a nebula phone case is a great choice. 


Coordinate your accessories.

We love it when accessories all follow the same color scheme and matching your accessories (including your phone case) is the perfect way to bring an outfit together. Just imagine a black jumpsuit with a red hat, shoes and phone case — pretty sharp, right? Keeping all of your accessories one color will prevent them from competing with each other. It also makes it easy to choose items that go together when you’re just getting started on your fashionista journey.

Think about your environment.

If you plan to take pictures of your outfit of the day, you also need to think about where you’ll be taking photos and if there’s a particular background that you want your outfit to match. For example, if you want to take pictures in a botanical garden, it would look really cute to wear a monochromatic outfit and then have a green patterned phone case to echo the plants and tie everything together. Make sure that your outfit, phone case and other accessories are cohesive with the background or environment rather than clashing with it.

Tell us: Do you make an effort to match your phone case to your outfit? Do you have one neutral phone case that goes with every outfit, or a whole collection so you can switch out your case as needed? Let us know in the comments below!


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