A guide to buying the best Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins online

buying Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins online

With the conversations around global warming & climate change taking the centre stage at many national & international conventions, it’s safe to say that the world is now gravitating towards sustainable development. Giving you all A guide to buying the best Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins online

This renewed interest in & awareness about climate change & the factors influencing it has also brought about a revolution in our daily lives.

From recycling stuff we use daily to chucking out plastic items, people around the world have become quite eco-sensitive & considerate towards the impact our daily habits have on the environment.

We have begun to consider eco-friendly alternatives to most of our daily use items. From electric cars to recyclable bags, sustainable clothing to vegan lifestyles, we do it all in the name of nature.

However, there is still an inconspicuous aspect of women’s lives that continues to put their health & the environment’s well-being at risk, without them even knowing!

We are talking about the one item every woman uses multiple times in her lifetime, sanitary napkins. 

Sanitary pads & napkins are an integral part of every woman’s life, as they help her contain the menstrual flow that occurs every month as part of her natural, reproductive biological process.

While most Indian women tend to use Sanitary pads rather than tampons & menstrual cups, the sad truth remains that most of these sanitary products are non-biodegradable in nature.

Synthetic sanitary products are made with chemicals & plastic polymers that absorb menstrual flow, thanks to a gel-based coating underneath their surface. 

Since plastic polymers & chemicals are used in the manufacture of synthetic sanitary products, they do not degrade naturally & easily. Burning them also doesn’t solve the problem, rather increases it as these chemicals & plastic polymers give out toxic fumes in the air when incinerated. 

Not just that, but many of the chemicals & plastic polymers used in the manufacture of synthetic sanitary products are harmful to human health. Some of them, like Toluene, xylene & dioxin, are known carcinogens, with the potential to cause ovarian or cervical cancer in women.

Naturally, with all these preeminent health & environmental scares of synthetic sanitary products, we must not be using them.

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But, what is the alternative, you may ask. 

Biodegradable Sanitary pads. Biodegradable sanitary pads are naturally made sanitary pads, designed to biodegrade easily & treat your skin gently.

These sanitary pads are made from naturally available materials like bamboo, corn starch, cotton, etc. & pose no health risk to your delicate vaginal skin.

They are perfect for use during heavy flow days as well as those with light flows, & come with no artificial fragrances or harmful chemicals. 

Since they are made with 100% natural materials, biodegradable sanitary pads don’t cause itching, chafing, or the dreaded period rashes! 

Looking at all these benefits, you must already be thinking about buying biodegradable sanitary napkins online by now.

There are many brands in India that offer you soft, highly absorbent, 100% natural & chemical-free biodegradable sanitary pads. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the most popular biodegradable sanitary pads brands, & help you buy the best biodegradable sanitary napkins online.

Read on to find out!

  1. Noraa

Noraa is a fully environmentally responsible product made for women, by women! Their biodegradable sanitary pads are made of 100% natural products, like bamboo, cotton, corn starch, & virgin pulp. No artificial chemicals or adhesives are used to make these organic sanitary pads, & thus they are completely safe for your health & for the environment as well! 

After use, they degrade easily within 6 months!

These are made up of natural layers, finished with a highly absorbent core for efficient & reliable leakage protection. 

The layers are light, breathable & rash-free, thus making sure you have a healthy, happy period!

The company gives employment benefits to rural women, thus helping them become self-reliant in these trying times. 

The natural materials are all sourced from natural produce & local organic farmers, thus ensuring the country’s latest self-reliance vision! 

If you’re looking to switch to biodegradable sanitary products for the very first time, then Noraa is the perfect organic sanitary pads to make that switch!! 

  1. Saathi

Saathi is another biodegradable sanitary pad brand fully committed to environmental well-being & the health of their customers. Their biodegradable sanitary pads are made from banana fiber, a by-product that is obtained from the stem of a banana tree.

Banana fiber is also among the discarded by-products of banana harvest, thus Saathi makes its pads while also benefiting the local banana farmers.

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Saathi biodegradable sanitary pads are known for their supreme absorbency, a quality that is absolutely essential for a female menstrual hygiene product.

Each of their pads is highly absorbent & degrades naturally within a few months of you throwing it away. 

The pads do, however, have unseemly lumps on the surface, which might be a little uncomfortable for some women. 

  1. Heyday

Heyday is another menstrual hygiene brand on the market claiming to sell 100% organic, biodegradable sanitary pads to environmentally woke women.

Their biodegradable sanitary pads are made from organic corn & bamboo pulp. Not only are their menstrual hygiene products 100% organic, but they also source their raw materials from Vertical farms, where the soil is all-natural & chemical-free.

Their organic pads are partly biodegradable & fully plastic-free, while also being soft & comfortable for women to use. Most women who use Heyday organic sanitary pads did not report having rashes or irritation in & around their vaginal area, which is a good sign, to begin with!

Even though they claim to be 100% toxin & chemical free, their pads do look bleached. The fact that only 50% of their pads decompose naturally even after a certain length of time, also signifies that certain chemicals are still being used in their manufacture.

  1. Carmesi

Who can understand the pain & the suffering of women better than a woman? Carmesi founder Tanvi Johri decided to rid the women of India of the discomfort & the rashes caused by synthetic sanitary pads once & for all, with founding the biodegradable sanitary pads brand.

Their biodegradable sanitary pads are made from corn starch, bamboo fiber & corn-based bio-plastic. Carmesi also employs young rural girls in their manufacturing units, thus giving them a chance to be financially independent. 

They also distribute sanitary napkins to underprivileged women & young girls for free.

The pads have a soft look & feel, are highly absorbent & are comfortable to use.

As per our expectations, they also don’t cause itchiness or rashes in women who use them.

However, their used pads don’t biodegrade even after 6-7 months, which is a bit surprising considering their all-natural material claim.


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