Exploring myriad ways to run a fashion brand and/or blog on Instagram

run a fashion brand

Social media has indeed taken the blogging galaxy by storm. Channels that you use for complimenting traditional content/blogs are metamorphosing into micro or full-blown blogging networks themselves. There are many ways to run a fashion brand or blog on instagram.

Since the last 3 years, scores of fashion bloggers and enthusiast have been using their IG feeds more extensively than conventional and actual blogs. Brands and putting more time and effort in capturing, controlling, captioning and subsequently posting a beautiful photo. It could be indoor or outdoor. 

Digital fashion brands and fashionistas are constantly swapping out the blogger title and choosing influencer or just Influencer blogger. With software like liketoknow.it from rewardStyle, and talent agencies helping influencer devotedly to land endorsements, monetizing your IG feed is a cakewalk now.

  • Fashion bloggers need to shoot, style and edit their photos. You have to write content and manage the website’s backend, besides designing its layout and undertaking an SEO plan. You also need financial resources and more equipment.
  • On the other hand, IG is a visual platform that makes photo uploading and caption adding easy and quick. 
  • And while you know that some Instagrammers toil immensely in their feeds, building and managing an IG account entails much less hassles than running a full blog. 
  • To start an Insta Fashion blog, you need to create compelling content and stick to a specific posting schedule. Its algorithm makes things difficult even for the most experienced ones. 

Bolstering your fashion brand

IG is saturated with endless beauty-specific and style related accounts. While some compete against one another with threadbare content, some go bold to entice app users with unusual stuff, and others remain more strategic in finding a target and niche audience, and then appealing to them.

You need advanced tools to bolster your beauty and fashion account. By channelizing these bounteous resources, no brand has to flounder in the vast world of fashion Instagram.

  • First you have Magic Social. Planning am effective social media plan and executing it to perfection is a talent and achievement in its own right. 
  • If you’re fashion brand is on IG, you use Magic Social for seamless posting. It’s prudent to rope in a resident growth ace to manage your account. 
  • Magic Social becomes your IG partner, using smart filters for targeting the right audience for you. After you get organic followers from Gramista, the tool works to expand and sustain your reach, improving engagement levels in an organic manner. 
  • All they require from you is a proper idea of your objectives. These include increasing sales or brand awareness. 
  • Plann is another crucial fashion tool. When fashion enthusiasts browse IG, they might see on your posts featuring in a hashtag search.
  • When it intrigues them, they click on the photo and progress to your IG profile to check other content. If your posts are convincing and compelling enough, they’ll click on the follow button, or else, they will just move on. 
  • With Plann, you can view what your pictures will look when you juxtapose them. You might have a photo of a man dawning a beautiful purple stole and an image of a woman draped in a neatly-tailored black business suit. 
  • If you post the images consecutively, it’s bound to clash on your Insta feed. There’s some serious effort going into content planning. Always plan the visuals in sync with another.

Ensuring success for fashion brands

You need to bear in mind that fashion brands and posts are more engaging and enticing than any other niche on Instagram. After analyzing the top-performing fashion businesses till 2019, you need to take some lessons from them and apply that to your brand. It will help you gain a competitive edge over your peers.

  • As a fashion blogger, you need to affirm what type of content your audience/followers find engaging. 
  • Stop wasting your money and time on material that none wants to see. You can use personal mapping of AI, and you can instantly know the type of content that clicks. 
  • AI is instrumental in making your decisions pertaining to content strategy easy. If you have fashion influencers for your brand, you can instantly map your concerned marketing personas to drive your strategy. AI recommendations will help you in this regard. 
  • You also need to discover and use the right activation pathways and channels for your fashion brand.

Building a killer following

Instagram, in particular, has brands belonging to food, fitness, travel, and fashion industry. They provide a terrific scope to engage with your followers on the app. IG is following suite of Facebook. It means that you can’t just rely on conventional and real-time updates from the same industry, or increase your IG picture or posting frequency to obtain more follower feeds.

  • To bolster your fashion brand, you need to create a solid IG strategy first. Just like FB’s EdgeRank algorithm, IG too has developed its own mechanism.
  • If you’re selling jeans and shirts, do keep in mind that there are numerous other brands that are doing the same. You need to carve out a unique standpoint. 
  • The strategy is simple. You need to know what you’re going to post and ascertain the reasons. 
  • Telling stories about your brand through pictures is the most legit idea. It gives you a foundation for story-telling that extend your perspective. 
  • So, every fashion brand must illustrate its objective or mission, and provide people with a compelling reason to ultimately care for your products and purchase from you. 

Increasing your followers

Facebook also has a huge user base. Connecting FB to your Insta account is one of the quickest and easiest ways to launch your IG account. When you have a fashion brand or a fashion blog on IG, let your FB friends or fans see what’s cooking on IG. 

Since it’s such a convenient process, most people would choose to like or follow pals, who’re already on Insta. From a holistic standpoint, this scenario suggests that your FB friend will automatically take decision to follow you and therefore join your followers list on IG.


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