Cute and Flirty Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend


Who said you have to subdue your flirty side once you are in a relationship? Sometimes to spice things up between you and your partner, you will have to lead the initiative! And if you are wondering how to do that, time, become all cute and a big flirt at the same time. Guys do that! For that go ahead with cute flirty questions to ask your boyfriend.

Being a cute and fun flirt is super SEXY for Men! The more you indulge in spicing up your relationship, you do not get bored of each other’s company. The banter of words or the rising sexual tension, isn’t it all worth it?
Whenever you are around your boyfriend, why not turn the tables and begin with some flirty pranks or just pull down your socks for the flirty question! (And we intended to put a pun into the verse!)

If you are still wondering or falling short of ideas, well, worry no more. We have brought you a list of cute and flirty questions to ask your boyfriend.

Was I always that special to you from the beginning?

The question ain’t firm. But if you are asking him directly, make a cute puppy face to see him all melting down for you. And the answer could be a tight hug or mushy cuddle! *Ah! Happy Glee*

Where do you like kissing me the most? Cheek Or Forehead?

Well, the first part of the question is a tricky one. Before it becomes dirty and flirty, the next segment comes into existence. Well, this could be in the form of text easily. He is not just all over lust for you!

Where do you want me to kiss you?

*Ooohh! Pretty Hawt And Tempting*

Well, you know where this is going. This is a super core flirt question. You may question this while whispering in his ears or maybe just with a wink. More than half of your work is taken away by the charismatic charm. He will be all floored craving more of your attention. Bet That!

Have you ever believed in love at first sight?

Or was it Lust playing the cupid?! You ought to know that!

How would you seal our perfect kiss?

It is cute right! You could know if that matches or did he even remember the many times he kissed you.

What was the first impression of me?

This is more of a testable question if you are away from each other. And let’s be honest, first impressions or thoughts do matter. Was he floored? Was he attracted in the first place? Know RN!

What was talking to me for the first time like?

Did he find me attractive and witty? Oh, c’mon, it is not the question, but the reaction that matters. You are beautiful and charismatic anyway. But listening to your beloved one is something special. And we ensure that he does have something special in store!

What would you prefer – Kisser Over Cuddles?

Cuddling Your Bae
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Noooooo! Both. Period.

Have you ever been nervous in front of me?

Well, that is a cute embarrassing question for him. Just imagine him all blushing while talking to you for the first time. Does he still make small efforts to make you blush! We see an “Aww” moment here, you guys!

Do I Sweep You Off Your Feet?

Does he still drool over you? Do you make him feel special!

What would it be like if I got a tattoo?

Couple Tattoo
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Well, it is opinionated! It is like getting a conversation going. You could be rough and tough to accept the needle piercing you. But that is not something that you ought to do.

Have you ever had a dream about me?

Such a cute question to ask! Imagine him sharing something cute. And here you are, all red like a Tomato!

Do you feel peaceful when you hold me?

It is like the feeling of cherry on top of the cake. Pie With Sprinkles.

What is the first thing that you do when you wake up next to me?

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We have seen couples talking about what they feel when they wake up next to their partner. Listening to it is indeed so sweet. And the beloved person feels all the way more special.

Waking up next to your partner
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If we are married, where are we heading for our honeymoon?

Is he a beach or mountain person? Does he have any immaculate place in mind? Is he going to be all romantic with a new beginning of the relationship!

If I get detached, will you stick by me?

Breaking down somewhat makes you miserable. And it is your partner who has to be by your side. Is he willing to! And if yes, the reciprocation is not letting you leave. Wrapping around himself! *Peace*

Are we soulmates?

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Make that cute face again and try getting his attention. That cute mushy cuddle would say it all.

Will you introduce me to your family?

Hell Yes! But most importantly, is he that interactive with his family?! The understanding matters here.

Do you remember our first date?

Does he remember what dress you wore? How you looked back then! Or he is all a forgettable person.

Why did you want to be mine?

That is more of a cute question, you see. With passing time, the attention and inclination go deeper. Find out what he has to say about you!

Is there a song that makes you remember me?

We all have that special song that makes us remember our beloved. And you get to know what’s his!

Can we have a rain dance?

Couple Rain Dance
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Imagine the lofii music playing in the background and he is all close and near to you. How beautiful is it going to be! A romantic date worth remembering.

Will you hold my hand in public?

There are so many things leading to PDA. But holding hands tops the list. He is yours! You are his! Know how he feels about the same.

How would you describe me in three words?

Both of you guys get the clarity of communication and understanding.

Which is the favourite nickname that you want me to call you?

Woo! Now that is pun intended. It could be all cute and cuddles. Or warm and wild.
What is the best nickname you would like to call me?

The question becomes vice-versa. And the intention of pun is stagnant.

How do I smell?

Does he engage in the scents or perfume that you use? Can he sense when you are nearby! Pretty Hawt and Tempting.

What is the one thing that I do unintentionally and you love it?

That is a tricky flirtatious question to ask your boyfriend. Also, you will get to know which habit of yours makes him go all over you. Cute, eh!

What is the one thing that makes you go wild about me?

Now, that is a tempting cute and flirty question to ask your boyfriend. You never know what could be the answer or maybe he is whispering in your ears and you are all lost in the senses.

Have you written anything for me?

It could be a poem, hand-written letter, drafts, text, song and whatnot. That small detail of you makes you feel special. And we know that! So, don’t shy away from asking it.

Handwritten Letter
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Do you love when I text you?

You just want to know what sort of a person he is more into.
Texting, calling or communicating in person. Now the question can lead to many other means of conversation. If you know what we mean! *wink*

Do you feel sad when I am low?

It is more of a cute question. Like what is the feeling that you both share during the moment. We see a tight hug coming your way.

Do you think I’m adorable?

Who doesn’t want his girl to be sexy and childlike at the same time? And this is something falling on the edge of being all cute with expressions.

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Am I ugly? (and make a face)

Well, the word pretty coming your way is something that you should not ask directly. See how he reacts to it. This works the best when you are in person.

Do I look sexy?

Well, mixed feelings are coming your way. And when we say that, it is all going to be worth it. It is going to be a dirty-flirty question (cute flirty questions to ask your boyfriend). And you never know, you may see him blushing too!

If I am all dressed up, where would you take me for a date?

A night walk under the stars. Or a home date? Cute things do matter right.

Date Night
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When you are alone, do you miss me?

What goes on his mind? Try reading him maybe!

What’s your darkest fantasy?

Well, again a dirty-flirty question coming his way. Revealing about a fantasy which you both can pull up and maybe on the same day? *goosebumps*

Can we head to a romantic getaway?

As a couple, you need to set yourself off from the known to the unknown. And nothing can spice up better than a getaway. Whether it is a weekend trip or a long haul ride, it is needed!

Are you jealous when I am attentive to other guys?

C’mon a little possessiveness matters.

What’s your type? – Curvy or slim?

Well, deep down every guy does have a fantasy of his dream girl. Maybe you could just ace that. If things fall in place, it is a treat night else you know it better girl!

Hair up or down?

Well, this is a tricky question. Maybe you could do the same and pull up a prank doing down on him, but looking for something. Woah! That is seriously tempting.

Do you like cuddling with me?

Ahh! Those cute cuddles coming your way!

Do you like to check me out at times?

What would it be like when your guys check you out in public. And then accepting it.

You have a gift card from me, what would you use it for?

Gift Card
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Could it be something sexy or wild or something romantic!

Which body part of me do you like the most?

The hot legs or the round booty!

Are we romantic, crazy or wild?

Well, you are just giving him the way out to doing something tricky and sexy. See what’s coming your way girl! So, you are getting the idea of asking cute and flirty questions to ask your boyfriend.

Do you want to know my deepest fantasy?

Guys love to know your wildest fantasy. Do something out of the box or whisper in a dirty way to flirt. The tension is sure to rise.

If you had x-ray glasses on, which part of your body would you scan?

Well, that is wild and flirty. It is like initiating towards something that you want to spice and ice up.

The questions are going to be never-ending. And we can keep going on and on. But then for the time, you can easily start with these cute flirty questions to ask your boyfriend. See what is going to come your way in reciprocation!

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How would you seal our perfect kiss?

A: It is cute right! You could know if that matches or did he even remember the many times he kissed you.

Q: What would you prefer – Kisser Over Cuddles?

A: Noooooo! Both. Period.

Q: Do I Sweep You Off Your Feet?

A: Does he still drool over you? Do you make him feel special!

Q: Do you feel peaceful when you hold me?

A: It is like the feeling of cherry on top of the cake. Pie With Sprinkles.

Q: Will you introduce me to your family?

Hell Yes! But most importantly, is he that interactive with his family?! The understanding matters here.


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