Cute and Flirty Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend


Who said you have to subdue your flirty side once you are in a relationship? Sometimes to spice things up between you and your partner, you will have to lead the initiative! And if you are wondering how to do that, time, become all cute and a big flirt at the same time. Guys do that! For that go ahead with cute flirty questions to ask your boyfriend.

Being a cute and fun flirt is super SEXY for Men! The more you indulge in spicing up your relationship, you do not get bored of each other’s company. The banter of words or the rising sexual tension, isn’t it all worth it?
Whenever you are around your boyfriend, why not turn the tables and begin with some flirty pranks or just pull down your socks for the flirty question! (And we intended to put a pun into the verse!)

If you are still wondering or falling short of ideas, well, worry no more. We have brought you a list of cute and flirty questions to ask your boyfriend.

What are good flirty questions? 

You do wish to indulge in some cute funny banter when you are in a relationship, right? After all, he’s your person, and there’s none judging you both when you guys are together! So, there’s no harm when you want to be a goofball with your guy – and here are some cute flirty questions to ask your boyfriend that will just – make him smile, always!! 

  1. Have you ever believed in love at first sight? 
  2. What was the first impression of me? 
  3. Have you ever been nervous in front of me? 
  4. What would it be like if I got a tattoo? 
  5. How would you describe me in three words? 
  6. Which is the favorite nickname that you want me to call you? 
  7. Do you love when I text you? 
  8. Do you feel sad when I am low? 
  9. Do you think I am adorable? 
  10. Do you like to check me out at times? 
  11. You have a gift card from me, what would you use it for? 
  12. Are we romantic, crazy or wild? 
  13. What was talking to me for the first time like? 
  14. Will you hold my hand in public? 
  15. What is the one thing that I do unintentionally and you love it? 
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Flirting questions to ask your boyfriend 

Whoever said, being in a relationship is the end of your flirting skills, didn’t know any better! Fine – you are in a relationship and cannot flirt with any random guy (so unethical, never please!) – but what stops you from flirting with your guy? He’s all yours, he knows you, but that should not end the spark. Make a move on him, drop a pass – and you will see him grinning ear to ear!! Here are some – 

  1. Where do you like to kiss me the most – cheek or forehead? 
  2. Where do you want me to kiss you? 
  3. If we are married, where are we heading for our honeymoon? 
  4. Can we have a rain dance? 
  5. What would you prefer – Kisser Over Cuddles? 
  6. What is the best nickname you would like to call me? 
  7. How do I smell? 
  8. What is the one thing that makes you go wild about me? 
  9. Do I look sexy? 
  10. What’s your darkest fantasy? 
  11. Are you jealous when I am attentive to other guys? 
  12. What’s your type – curvy or slim? 
  13. Hair up or down?
  14. Do you like cuddling with me? 
  15. Which body part of me do you like the most? 
  16. Do you want to know my deepest fantasy? 
  17. If you had x-ray glasses on, which part of your body would you scan? 

Flirting and Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend 

There’s peace, there’s calm, and you are so in love. Fantastic combo, but perhaps a little boring. So, why don’t you get a little touchy-feely, and make your relationship way more romantic compared to others? A direct hit, or bringing back some old memories – here are some:

  1. Was I always that special to you from the beginning? 
  2. How would you seal our perfect kiss? 
  3. Do I sweep you off your feet? 
  4. Have you ever had a dream about me? 
  5. Do you feel peaceful when you hold me? 
  6. What is the first thing that you do when you wake up next to me? 
  7. If I get detached, will you stick by me? 
  8. Are we soulmates? 
  9. Will you introduce me to your family? 
  10. Do you remember our first date? 
  11. Why did you want to be mine? 
  12. Is there a song that makes you remember me? 
  13. Have you written anything for me? 
  14. Am I ugly? 
  15. If I am all dressed up, where would you take me for a date?? 
  16. When you are alone, do you miss me?? 
  17. Can we head to a romantic getaway? 
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The questions are going to be never-ending. And we can keep going on and on. But then for the time, you can easily start with these cute flirty questions to ask your boyfriend. See what is going to come your way in reciprocation!

Frequently Ask Questions 

Q1: What are some flirty questions to ask my boyfriend to spice up our conversations?

Ans: Flirty questions can add a fun and romantic element to your conversations. You can try asking questions like, “What’s your idea of a perfect date night?” or “What do you find most attractive about me?” These questions can lead to playful and affectionate discussions with your boyfriend.

Q2:How can I initiate flirty conversations with my boyfriend through text messages?

Ans: To start flirty conversations via text, consider questions like, “What are you wearing right now?” or “If we could be anywhere together right now, where would you want to be?” These questions can create a sense of anticipation and excitement in your texting exchanges.

Q3: Are there any flirty questions to ask that can help strengthen the emotional connection with my boyfriend?

Ans: Absolutely! Flirty questions can also deepen your emotional connection. Ask questions like, “What’s your favorite memory of us?” or “What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone?” These questions can lead to heartfelt discussions and strengthen your bond.

Q4: How can I keep the flirtatious vibe going when we’re on a date?

Ans: During a date, maintain a flirty atmosphere by asking questions such as, “What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve always wanted to do?” or “If we could escape on a spontaneous trip right now, where would you take me?” These questions can keep the romance alive and make your date memorable.


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