Tips That Diamond Dealers Don’t Tell You

Diamond Dealers

Tips That Diamond Dealers Don’t Tell You.Diamonds are one of the most popular stones in the market. They are superstars when it comes to anniversary and wedding rings. A label well deserved as they shine the brightest among others.

Is it wise to get one? Are they more expensive than they should be? What do you need to know before buying diamonds?

What better way to learn the trade than through dealers themselves? Below are some interesting tips you might want to know on your next diamond shopping trip.

Secrets Behind the Sparkle

You have the funds to invest in a great diamond piece. But how would you know how to buy the best one? According to diamond dealers, here are certain things you need to keep in mind.

  • Negotiation Is the Key

Many first-time diamond buyers get too concerned about sales talk. The key is to not get too worried when salespeople walk away. You can always take your time and return later on.

  • Check for Imperfections

One way to see if your diamond is well crafted is looking for imperfections. This means spotting signs of bad craftsmanship. Among them would be rough edges and an unfinished bottom side.

  • Not All Jewelry Staff and Owners Are Gemologists

There are some jewelry shops with experts at hand. But some are ordinary employees who are there to sell you the diamond. You should check if the diamond has a G.I.A., A.G.S., or any similar certificate.

  • The Value Isn’t Always Based on the Certificate

When the diamond certificate has a dollar value, you might want to think twice. This might not be a real certificate. Many independent labs that assess diamonds do not assign values to them. Diamond values are being determined by the grade.

  • Know the Prices of Similar Diamonds

You might want to come prepared when buying diamonds. You can quote diamond prices during negotiations. This gives the salesperson an idea that you know what you’re looking for and how much you should pay for it.

  • Patience Will Get You What You Want

Even if you’ve set your eyes on a certain diamond, wait for the salesperson to make the offer. Be careful not to say how much you intend to pay for it. Let the salesperson give the number and you can work your way from there.

Being Armed With Unspoken Negotiation Rules

Diamond pricing varies a lot. Each diamond is different from the other. This is what makes their value and appearance stand on different levels. It always comes down to how well a buyer can negotiate with the seller.

If you know what makes a diamond valuable, you are willing to pay the right amount for it. No diamond is too expensive or too cheap for those who want them. Bear in mind that you can get diamonds from jewelry stores and even online. Be a smart buyer and look for the best prices before settling for your final choice.


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