Dior Tie Dye Summer Colors


Dior Tie Dye Summer
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TIE DYE SUMMER Today I am sharing with you guys some of my favorite nails, lips and eyes products from Dior Tie Dye summer 2015 collection. This summer it’s going to be a true color explosion..and I mean it! The Tie Dye shades Dior proposed are clearly inspired to Raf Simons 2012 Haute Couture collection, that saw on the runway tie dye fabrics in yellow, pink and blue… I still remember watching it and wishing I could have worn one of those gowns out of the runway right away. So, Dior Tie Dye summer collection is simply taking us back to the past of the famous maison, to reinterpet the trend for the skin with this stunning makeup collection. The first nail color that I wanted to try out was the sunwashed yellow: I own hundreds of nail polishes in all the kind of colors, but I’ve never had a yellow one. It seems the right time to try one has come, also because it happens to match my new Louboutin bag! For the eyes I totally adore the turquoise kohl as I owned one of the same color in the past and wore it all summer long…It adds that something playful to your sight, you just can’t say no to it. The best goodie out of all of them though is surely Dior Tie Dye nude ever lipstick: once you put it on, your lips will look vibrant and soft, it’s the perfect shade. What do you guys think? Have a beautiful Sunday! xoxo

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