Doboutique: a new online Italian fashion store


Italian fashion always calls to mind big cities like Rome and Milan, but Palermo also has a long tradition. It was here that Santi Dell’Oglio opened his first boutique in 1890. Located in the Telegraph department store in Palermo, his luxurious emporium sold a selection of clothes and accessories, such as cane and hats, that he personally collected during his visits to England.

Nowadays, there are three Dell’Oglio boutiques in Palermo, but an online store has been launched: Doboutique was created to bring a unique style, inspired by the British vibe and Italian elegance, to the web and, therefore, practically everywhere.

Dell’Oglio boutique, a link between past and future

Bringing Italian fashion online is a big undertaking: it is one of the largest and most popular sectors of Made in Italy and standing out from the competition is not always easy, especially when it comes to online stores. 

However, Mario Dell’Oglio, undoubtedly inspired by the work of his great-grandfather and sharing the same aesthetic sense and creativity, succeeded with Doboutique.

Dell’Oglio Italian fashion store successfully recreates the same atmosphere as the physical stores in Palermo, where going shopping is a real experience. The colors, tastes and smells of the streets of Palermo, but above all, Dell’Oglio’s ability to relate to his customers, expressing his lively and brilliant personality, can also be perceived in the online boutique. Over the years, Mario Dell’Oglio has personally built-up relationships with customers in all corners of the world, who have been enchanted by the unique style of his collections and his fair-trade savoir-faire.

Even the bond with the past and tradition, which is evident in the physical shops where pieces of history from distant epochs can be found, is brought back online: texts and images evoke moments such as family celebrations, so much so that you can have the impression of being in a “time machine”.

Doboutique brings online the unique Dell’Oglio style

The style created by Santi Dell’Oglio was unique and original for its time. On his travels to England to select horses for the Whitaker family, Dell’Oglio was inspired by the British style and selected garments and accessories to import to Italy. The result was a style that combined British elegance with traditional Italian craftsmanship and was appreciated by those who wanted to wear clothing of high quality and unique in style.

Today, Mario Dell’Oglio has done the same with the online boutique. The key is to be curious and to travel, which leads to an incredible open-mindedness and allows for a unique combination of styles. Mario Dell’Oglio selects clothes and accessories to create unique outfits. These are not only elegant clothing in the British style, but also modern clothes with a futuristic twist, perfect for the young, modern ‘gentleman’.

For those who prefer a classic style with a touch of glamour, the ‘Icons revisited’ section offers great fashion classics, such as the little black dress for women and the sweatshirt for men, in a contemporary key. And once again, in the ‘Focus On’ section, fashion addicts on the web will find the right suggestions for every season, every occasion and every mood.

Doboutique Italian fashion, like the collections sold in Dell’Oglio shops since 1890, is ideal for those who want to be themselves, express their personality and be unique, different from everyone else. To be informed about the latest Doboutique news, receive style tips, and discover interesting and original surprises from this brand, simply subscribe to the newsletter and join the exclusive D’O fashion club.


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