Does Social Media Influence the Beauty Industry?

Social Media Influence the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is one of the most leading commercial markets, and it will not be wrong to say that social media is powerful support behind its growth. Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and new powerful players like TikTok advertise beauty industry brands in order to increase their sales. Social media websites provide people with lots of opportunities and have changed the world a lot. Most people go for increasing their follower count on social media sites, so they can advertise their brands and make a good sum of money through this. Marketing professionals, who provide services like Vervebook Facebook likes and followers’ growth service, help people to make their dream goal a reality. In this article, you will get to know whether social media influence the beauty industry or not.

Several studies have confirmed the influence of social media on the beauty industry and given us a numerical value depicting the intensity of social media’s influence on beauty brands. However, before we study the results of these pieces of empirical evidence, let’s have a look at the beauty brands and how they advertise their products. 

Marketing of Beauty Products  

Social media provides beauty brands with an opportunity to advertise their products to the desired group of people. This way they can target a large number of people belonging to a specific age or demographics. This helps beauty industries to grow, especially the ones that have a low budget and are dependent on social media for their earnings.

It has been reported that 41% of consumers approach new brands or beauty products after they have been advertised on social media. Similarly, 47% of the people do so by getting updates about the brands through their Instagram pages, Facebook pages, or other social media sites.

Consumers also look for the reviews and ratings of beauty products done by local people. This helps them to gain trust in the beauty brand and act as a head start for buying products from that brand. Social media bloggers, celebrities, or opinions of the general population help achieve the same status as well. Likewise, a few bad reviews about beauty products also help people avoid buying them. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that social media is a very strong influence on the selection of brands to purchasing products from.

With the passage of time, the influence of bloggers or celebrities on the selection of beauty brands is increasing. Influencer marketing on social media sites has doubtlessly become one of the most helpful and effective ways to increase awareness about brands and grow sales. Therefore, the people from the beauty industry now also know whom to reach for the advertisement of their products. 

Social Media and the Brand-Consumer Connection

Other than changing the way of advertising, beauty brands have modified the mode of communication with their consumers too. Since a large proportion of the brand consumers are active on social media and are following their favorite brands, the brands are in direct contact with them. It gives an opportunity to the beauty brands to gain the trust of their consumers by communicating with them directly through posts, statuses, Instagram reels, and so forth. They can also inquire about the opinion of people through tolls on Instagram and their ratings about certain beauty products. This gives them a chance to enhance the quality of their products and increase the production of items their consumers are most interested in buying. However, sometimes this might become challenging for the brands to engage in a two-way conversation with their consumers since they might not be able to respond to each and every commenter and this may lead to the consumers’ disappointment.

Social media pressures brands to respond to important topics

Social media is also a very helpful means of conveying the messages of consumers to beauty brands. It is a way of pressurizing brands to answer the questions of their product purchasers. 

In conclusion, social media has significantly impacted the choices of people in the selection of beauty products. The viewpoint of consumers about certain beauty products helps determine the probability of success of that product. This impact is predicted to increase in the coming years. Although this is a very good opportunity for both the brands and consumers to increase their sales and buy their desired products respectively, brand-consumer communication is what needs not to be ignored.


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