KFC Healthy Options: Menu Choices for Every Diet

KFC healthy options

Visiting a fast-food restaurant to eat a healthy meal is quite ironic. These restaurants are famously known for preparing menus filled with meals having heavy calories, fat, and sodium, leaving no healthy option for people on a diet. Well, not KFC. They carry out surveys by using the www.mykfcexperience.com feedback system to get honest reviews, which made it possible to plan the healthy menu you can enjoy today. If you’re low on cash or extremely hungry and you need a quick bite, you can now visit KFC no matter what diet you’re on. This iconic fast-food restaurant has clearly taken an interest in its customer’s needs and has a variety of healthy options for every diet. Here are some KFC healthy options that give you the savory fast-food taste and help keep your weight in check at the same time.

1.     Original Recipe Chicken Breast without Skin

Missing out on the famous KFC chicken is, without a doubt, a heartbreaking experience. Well, you don’t have to grieve anymore. You can enjoy the delicious taste of KFC’s chicken breast. The trick to making it a healthy meal option is removing the skin. You get to cut down about 140 calories, 510 mg of sodium, and an extra 2g of fat.

Removing the skin or breeding will help you keep your meal as light as possible. You only get to enjoy 20 g of tasty chicken protein.

2.     Honey BBQ Sandwich

Being one of the tastiest fast food on the menu, you’ll expect it to be as unhealthy as they come. However, the Honey BBQ Sandwich is just a taste of delight. The delicious Hawaiian bun and chicken covered in Honey BBQ sauce only has a total of 320 calories – this is about 150 calories less than the Original Sandwich.

With just 3.5g of fat, stuffing your mouth with one of these will not ruin your healthy diet plans.

3.     KFC Tender Roast Sandwich (without sauce)

The Kentucky Grilled Chicken gets its mouth-watering taste and tenderness from slowly roasting it in an oven. On every single order of this sandwich, you get 300 calories, 4.5g of fat, and 37g of protein. Most meals on a typical fast-food restaurant menu have more fat content than the Tender Roast Sandwich.

4.     Kentucky Grilled Chicken

The Kentucky Grilled Chicken has less fat than the Original Chicken Recipe. For the Grilled Chicken Breast, you get just 7g of fat and 210 calories, which can be reduced by removing the skin. If you need a grilled chicken option with lesser calories, try out the Kentucky Grilled Chicken Drumstick. They provide 130 calories and 3g of fat less than the Grilled Chicken Breast.

5.     Green Beans

Does KFC serve vegetables? Of course, they do! This zero-fat vegetable with just 25 calories gives you a taste of KFC while maintaining your figure. The KFC Green Beans is by far the best vegetable to enjoy if you’re looking for low-calorie meal options.


One thing Kentucky Fried Chicken pays serious attention to aside from its deliciously prepared meals is its customers. They plan meals for every diet, so nobody feels left out of their fast-food chain. KFC also provides a nutrition guide for anyone looking for more info on other healthy meal options they can try out.



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