How startups can leverage video marketing

startups can leverage video marketing

The purpose of any marketing campaign is to make the target audience aware of your offering. Improving brand visibility and facilitating higher customer interaction is the most important aspect of any marketing initiative. Traditionally, digital marketing is centered around pay-per-click initiatives. In this article, you will get to know how startups can leverage video marketing.

Most startups center their existence around introducing a new product or service that no one had thought of. While this is a welcome step, the fact is that most potential customers do not even realize that they need the offering. As a startup looking to make its mark, you can leverage the power of video to demonstrate your product. If you don’t have the logistics to do so, you may hire a video production company that offers live streaming video services.

In recent days there has been a rise in blog competition, and this has led to the decreasing popularity of pay-per-click initiatives. Video marketing is the new tide, and organizations that have the least such marketing initiatives are at an advantage over their peers. 

One of the major advantages of video marketing is the fact that there is very little capital investment involved. For startups and smaller firms, this provides a fairground to compete with larger firms. Both B2B and B2C startups stand to benefit from leveraging video marketing. Here’s how startups with a limited budget can leverage the power of video.

Video-Based Email Marketing

Most startups have email marketing as a part of their digital marketing initiatives. With video, you can aim to improve your marketing game. The easiest way to do that would be by incorporating video in your email strategies. For the Gmail target audience, you can consider adding a link to your YouTube videos in the body of the email.

The fact that Gmail and YouTube are inter-connected ensures that the email readers can watch the video from the inbox. For other recipients, you can add an image that looks like a video. To do that, take an image and add the play button right in its center. Understand that simply having the word ‘video’ in the email subject line gives a major boost to one’s open rates.

Influencer Collaboration

These days, startups are in vogue, and celebrity influencers are often keen to associate themselves with such brands. Usually, there is no monetary involvement, and influencers associate themselves with brands they connect with. Thus, the key to getting influencers to collaborate with you is identifying famous people of your field who share the same ideals as your startup.

Reach out to such people with business propositions on how you can collaborate on videos. 

If you have a detailed video plan handy, it will improve your chances of the influencer agreeing to collaborate with you. Understand that such influencers have access to thousands of people, many of whom are members of your target audience. If an influencer recommends your product, the followers are likely to consider the recommendation while making their next purchase.

Conduct Product Demos Through Live Videos

Most startups center their existence around introducing a new product or service that no one had thought of. While this is a welcome step, the fact is that most potential customers do not even realize that they need the offering. As a startup looking to make its mark, you can leverage the power of video to demonstrate your product.

Understandably, people will have several questions when you introduce a new product. With live videos, you can answer the queries in real-time. Understand that at the launch of a new product, more than one person can have the same query, and you answering that in real-time will make things easier for everyone around.

Create How-To Videos

If you can convince potential customers of the complete utility of your offerings, you can tempt them into making a purchase. For a startup, one of the best ways of achieving this is by creating how-to videos. For example, say you are a beauty brand that has launched a new range of cosmetics. If you can come up with tutorial videos that explain how to use the products, you will convince more women into buying.

Similarly, if you are a startup that sells products that require assembling, then you can create assistance videos wherein you guide the user through the setup. That way, you simplify the process of setup and tempt the user into making further purchases from you.

Arrange Webinars

As a startup, you will have extensive knowledge in your respective field. One of the best ways of establishing your industry knowledge and gaining the trust of people is by arranging webinars and conferences. Try to have webinars wherein you express your opinion on recent industry topics. Consider a situation where you are a startup in the real estate business, and there have been recent changes in the tax laws of your state. 

You can create videos wherein you talk about the impact of such laws on the real estate sector and elaborate on why you feel so. Such webinars will help you establish yourself as an industry veteran and earn the trust of your target group. When such people set out to make a purchase, they are more likely to choose you over the competition.

Promotional Social Media Content

In today’s times, you cannot undermine the role of social media in promoting a product. Such a trend is a major boost to startups since you do not need any monetary investment to establish a social media presence. A person watching a video on social media is more likely to share it with their peers as compared to any other form of content. 

Startups can leverage this trend to create promotional video content that they will then cross-promote across multiple social media platforms. Try to add call-to-actions on your videos to get maximum ROI from your videos. You can also use videos to direct your viewers to the landing page you want them to visit.

Create FAQ videos

For startups that are launching a new product or service, potential customers are expected to be skeptical about it. If you can create FAQ videos, you will be able to put their minds at rest and convince them to purchase from you. Such videos also serve an educational purpose and get people to visit your page more often. It is a factor time people spend on your page, the more they are likely to spend their money.

Thus, video marketing is a boon for startups, and making the most of it will enable you to grow your business. A step-by-step approach with due attention to the above-mentioned tips will help you get a headstart in the competitive world of startups. Over the years, you will establish your industry dominance and your business will move from success to success.


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