8 Exercises For Lower Back Pain You Must Know

exercises for lower back pain

People who do not have back pain will not understand the pain of it. By the way, if you have ever experienced lower back pain, you can know whenever you bend or stand up. So, we need to solve this issue, and I am here to provide you some best exercises for lower back pain. 

The back pain can stay for a longer time if you cannot concentrate on it. It is the most common type of chronic pain among mature and aged persons. However, you may think taking rest will be enough to cure the problem, but experts say some home exercises. 


By the way, some activities can help you remove back pain but only do the right way. One more thing, try to ignore the extreme workout that needs vital muscle activities. 


Therefore, I recommend you not to decide on the types of workout. Because the activities depend on the conditions of your situations. So, you better consult with physicians and follow their recommendations. 


However, I will give you some vital information and a list of exercises for lower back pain you may follow. 

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Some Habitual Reasons For Lower Back Pain


  • Heavy things lifting.
  • Bending of the trunk.
  • Twisting the trunk forward. 
  • Curving the trunk aside.
  • Aggressive reaching. 
  • Falling. 
  • Sitting in a place for a long time. 
  • Doing jobs sitting. 
  • Hardworking jobs.
  • Smoking and drinking.
  • Obesity.
  • Excessive height. 


Best 8 Exercises For Lower Back Pain


  1. Partial Crunches.

We commonly do partial crunches in our daily to maintain healthy fitness. Stomach crunch is one of the beneficial exercises for lower back pain. Besides, you can improve your stomach muscles along with healing lower back pain. If you are diagnosed with spondylosis, this workout is ideal. 


How to use the best of partial crunches:


  • Lie by supporting on your back and put your foot flat on the ground. 
  • Bring your hands behind your head. You need to make a cross of your arms on your chest too. And remember to maintain your belly muscles tight.


  • Try to breathe out in the time of raising your shoulders. 
  • When you get up, stay for one second, then get back to the floor again smoothly. 
  • You can repeat the process 8-12 times at a time. By the way, you need to follow the process carefully and do not take any stress. 


  1. Hamstring Stretches.

The hamstring stretches easily with the help of the back of the leg. Also, it assists with the lower spine in your body to heal the pain. By the way, you can use your towel and any fitness band to do the exercise. 


How to use the best of hamstring, please do the process one by one.


  • Firstly, lie down on your back and bend one of your knees.
  • Secondly, put a towel or fitness band under the foot that you did not bend. 


  • Then try to pull the fitness bank steadily, but you need to keep your knee straight. After that, feel some little stretch on your back with a leg.


  • It would help if you stayed 15-30 seconds in that position. 
  • Try to do five times for each of the legs. 


  1. Wall Sits.

Wall sit exercise is trendy among the old age generation. You do not need any tools and equipment to do it, and it is very easy for anyone. Besides, wall seats are useful for back pain, but it also helps shape your stomach muscle. 


So, to perform a wall sit exercise, I will guide you step by step. Here they are:

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  • Stand and place your back on the wall by maintaining a distance around 10 to 15 inches. 
  • You need to lie down on the wall smoothly as long as your spine does not get flat. 


  • Get down to the earth until your knees become curved. And make it continuous to stress your lower back in the wall. 


  • Finally, you should count 1- 10 in that position, then go back to the upper part by sliding. 
  • Repeat these procedures a minimum of 10-12 times at a time. 


  1. Bird Dog.

Now I am going to talk about an exciting type of workout. This workout is enjoyable, as its name and process. It is one of the favorite ways to heal your back pain within a short period. 


You will need to use both of your arms and legs while doing this exercise. Here are the steps you should follow. 

  • Firstly, you should depend on your hands as well as knees. 
  • Then, try to make a tight posture of your abdominal muscles. 
  • After that, you will maintain the balance of your hips and extend your one leg.


  • Stay in that position for four to five seconds. 
  • After five seconds, it will be time to change another leg.
  • You will need to repeat the procedure 10-12 times. By the way, if you are able, you can extend the number of times.


  • One more thing to remember, whenever extending your leg, you will need to raise the opposite hand before you.
  • Moreover, do not let the low back muscles bend. 


  • However, one mistake some people make is that they raise their legs and hands higher. Try to make a balance with your body posture. 


  1. Knee to Chest.

In my opinion, this is the easiest way of exercises for lower back pain. We call it to leg pumping practice to remove any symptoms of lower back pain. 


However, if you do not follow the appropriate spets, you will not get the expected results. So, here are the steps. 


  • First of all, you should to lie on your back and keep your feet on the floor. After that, bend your knees very carefully.
  • Secondly, pull your right leg directly to your chest smoothly. Then, put your left leg on the opposite of the floor. 


  • Thirdly, stay in that position for around 20 to 30 seconds. By the way, you should remember to visit your lower back flat on the ground.
  • So, now you need to alter the position and change your right leg to the left leg.


  • This way, you will need to do 2 to 5 times at a time.     


  1. Pelvic Tilts.

Pelvic is very useful for lower back pain as it works magically. Mainly, this workout helps to strengthen your spine and core muscles. However, to get the best results of it, you need to follow these steps.


  • Firstly, you should lie down on the ground and have an assist from the floor. 
  • Secondly, you will need to drag your belly to the backbone. If you do this, you will see that your hips are rocking back.


  • Thirdly, stay in this position for 12 seconds and make your breath in and out easily. 
  • However, you should repeat it and keep it 8 to 12 times. 


  1. Glute Bridges or Bridging.

Bridging can help us to improve on glutes at a high level. Usually, people tend to move their muscles whenever they engage their hips. 

Many people around the world get cured by doing this type of exercise for lower back pain. 


Besides, it will be effortless to do if you do not have belly fat that much. So, to get the best of this exercise, we are presenting some steps here. 


  • First of all, as usual, lie down on the floor, curve your two legs, then keep them flat on the floor. 
  • Secondly, give intense pressure on the ground with your feet and keep both your hands aside. 


  • After that, try to lift the buttocks to the floor as long as your body makes the same shoulder, knees.
  • Then narrow down the buttocks with your shoulders to remind yourself of the ground. 
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  • You should do it fifteen times after taking the rest of 1 minute between every time. 
  • Repeat fifteen times by doing three sets. 


  1. Supermans.

Now we will talk about supermans, but this superman is not the thing seen in the movie. By the way, we have seen many physicians recommend these exercises for lower back pain. 


However, we know that an individual needs rigid back support to keep a right way of sitting. 


So, let’s discuss about steps to get the best results supermans. 


  • At first, lie down facing the floor and spread your two hands before you. In this situation, you need to keep your legs straight and flat. 
  • Second of all, uplift your both arms and feet by maintaining six inches from the ground. 


  • Now you will need to drag off your stomach button to lift off the ground. 
  • Always try to place your head aligned. By the way, you shout and keep looking at the ground while doing this workout. Otherwise, it can cause neck pain too. 


  • You can do one more thing to get the best results, and that is stretching hands or feet outward.
  • After that, you will be required to stay in this position for almost two seconds, and we think this is enough as it is challenging. 


  • Then you will go back to the beginning step. 
  • You need to try this workout ten times a day.


3 Things To Avoid When Someone Does Exercises For Lower Back Pain


Wrong physical exercises can make your health conditions worse often. Besides, instead of solving the disease, it will lead you to other health issues. 


So, here I will give you some tips to avoid while you are suffering lower back pain.  


  1. Avoid Toe Touches

Some people prefer to do exercise by standing and touching their toes. But this can irritate sciatica and lead to worsening because this type of training will suffer your ligaments and hurt your spinal disks as well. 


Additionally, do not forget that toe touching may overstretch hamstrings as well as muscles in your lower back pain. 


  1. Ignore the Sit-Up

Sit-ups are an excellent workout to maintain good health. However, according to the experts, sit-ups can’t help you to heal your back pain that much. 


By the way, it can help you to improve the bell strength. People often would like to do hip muscles instead of the stomach. Also, sit-ups only are a lousy option for lower back pain and can hurt your spinal disks. So, according to experts, these types of exercises for lower back pain are not suitable.


Besides, we know that if your spinal disk gets hurt, your lower back pain will get worse from time to time. So, we listed some of the best exercises above, and you should try them on. 


  1. Skip Leg Lifts

However, leg lifting is useful for lower back pain, but it can cause bad outcomes lifting two legs at a time. And we all agree that lifting legs makes strong abdominal muscles very important for your back health. 


By the way, you do not need to feel helpless if leg lifting is one of your favorite workout positions. By the way, we have brought some alternatives to leg lifting that will help to make better spine health. We can call these steps modified versions of leg lifting. 


  • First of all, lie backing on your back and put your right leg straight and try to bend the other one at the knee. 


  • Secondly, try to uplift the right leg five inches from the floor and stay a little in that position. 


  • And then, grounded your leg smoothly. 
  • You should do it ten times for each leg.   


To Conclude,

Exercise makes people flexible, stable and prevents them from falling into unwanted injuries. When it is a matter of physical pain, you need to do the exercises I listed above. So, people who suffer from lower back pain should pay attention to their daily activities. 


By the way, if your back pain has not gone beyond control, these stretches and workouts can help you a lot. However, these exercises are helpful, but if your pain worsens, you consult with doctors.  


So, I hope you will get better within a short time after doing these exercises for lower back pain. 

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