Flooring, Panelling And Decking: How To Keep Your Wooden House Healthy In Winter

Wooden House Healthy

While a beautiful wooden house can be perfect for the summertime, the process of maintaining it during the winter can be a bit of a tricky area. If you’re thinking of building or owning one, then there are a few things to consider. The first thing to do, before any other maintenance or ideas, is to ensure that the house is actually suitable for a cold climate in the first place. Keep your Wooden House Healthy

This begins with getting the right sort of wood, whether it’s the panelling, decking or flooring, you want something that is durable, sturdy and water-resistant. Of course, you don’t have to scrimp on the beauty of the wood either. If you’re looking for oak panelling or parquet flooring, then there are still places which will give you the best of both worlds. Click here to see some options for wood flooring that is pleasing on the eye and durable enough to withstand cold temperatures.

Is There A Way To Be Comfortable In Both The Summer And The Winter?

Of course. You don’t have to make any sacrifices when preparing a wooden house for the winter, and there are plenty of ways to help you out for both seasons. Insulation, for instance, is paramount. During the winter, this will help you keep warm and dry, especially if you are living in a climate known for rain or snow. But during the summer, this same insulation will also help to keep the heat out of your home, stopping it from getting too humid. It’s a funny contradiction, but insulation is certainly a must to keep you comfortable and prepared for any season.

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Are There Any Ways To Insulate Without Hassle- Wooden House Healthy?

It is best to get your home properly and professionally insulated, but there are ways to do it on your own steam. If you have electric or underfloor heating, then rugs and thick wall panels can be used to hold the heat. Not only this, but if you can work out where any draughts are coming from, then you can use these rugs to plug them up and stop the cold air from coming in. Bear in mind that some rugs on wooden flooring are also a beautiful design feature, so you will be fulfilling some interior decor whilst also being practical in the home’s makeup.

Do I Have To Worry About Damp Wood?

Yes, which is why the first point is so important. There are plenty of wood types which will thrive in hot or cold temperatures, but if you’re concerned, there are plenty of ways to ease any effect winter might have on your house. Try as much as you can to allow ventilation and circulation and check the window seals readily. This will allow the cold air to circulate freely, meaning the wood has time to dry and ventilate itself. You should also renew your wood treatment every now and then. Treat your home against rot and moisture in order to let it thrive and remain as practical as possible.


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