How To Match Minimalist Watch With Outfit

Match Minimalist Watch

When you wear to match a  minimalist watch, how you put it on is important in telling your personality. Just like a good suit, a watch is an expression of your personality. In most cases, people prefer to own more watches to wear the right timepiece, which compliments their outfit based on the formality of an occasion. 

Whether you are looking for a Nordgreen’s watches for women or just your ordinary watch, you can still look presentable. Here is a guide on pairing your outfit and minimalist watch for the best look.

1 – Match Minimalist Watch based on formality                

The first tip to looking presentable is wearing a watch whose formality matches your outfit. If you want to match the formality of your outfit and that of the watch, you have to understand the different types of available watches.

There are different categories of watches you can buy. With the recent development in wearable technology, today, there are different watch categories that you will find.

  • Dress – This is a simple, sleek, and sophisticated watch. It is plain with a white phase and a thin black leather strap. It comes in a face with hash marks and roman numerals. Sometimes the watch may lack any numerals,
  • Racing – This type of watch is large and sporting clear with Arabic numerals. The watch includes a clock and, in some cases, a date complication.
  • Pilot – This watch is made for the cockpit. It is medium in size and comes with an oversized dial. The watch is clean and has eligible numbers. The strap is also a typical leather.
  • Field – this type of watch is a versatile piece tough enough for active duty. 
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It has a simple design with improved eligibility for the numerals. It is moderate in size with white and green numerals and a black dial. This watch works on a hand-winding mechanism.

2 – Consider the strap 

The strap of the watch you wear should complement your outfit. When going for a formal event, you would not want to wear a watch with a plastic strap. As a fashion enthusiast, you should match the watchstrap to the occasion. Dress to fit the occasion, which should be the same with the watch and the straps.

3 – Wear a dress watch for casual occasion 

A dress watch normally comes in a light and minimalist style, which will fit any outfit. A wooden watch is also becoming more popular in this era because the earth tones will always complement most occasions and outfits.

4 – Match it with your shoes 

If you want to look smart, you can just match your watch to your shoes. If you don’t have the time to move to your wardrobe and pick the right outfit, then make it simple by matching your shoes to the watch. For instance, you can wear a casual watch with a plastic strap while wearing tennis shoes.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to look smart, and one of the ways is to wear a nice watch. You can apply these tips if you want to look good and show up to that event.  


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