Highest & Lowest Paying Job Positions You Can Apply for with CompTIA Network+ Certbolt Certification

Highest & Lowest Paying Job Positions

CompTIA Certbolt Network+ is one of the most popular core certifications with huge demand across technology industries. This badge is a real gateway for those who plan to build a career in networking and apply for such paying job positions as network filed technician, computer technician, system engineer, or network analyst, among many.   

Network+ certbolt certified candidates are of great value in the IT market, as they’ve validated their skills required for managing the technology ecosystem. Thus, they have also proved their proficiency in network design, configurations, security, in maintaining network devices, cabling, and handling numerous network problems.

Still, this information is quite general, so we’ve prepared this article for you to know more about the prospects this credential can bring you and which things you should take into account to improve your salary even more. Let’s start!   

How Much You Can Earn After Becoming CompTIA Network+ Certified? 

If you are thinking of earning this Certbolt certification, you might already have about a year of experience in IT. Surely, you need something more than this to establish a strong career in the industry and have a decent pay. And this is where Network+ comes to the scene. This credential is preferred by many since it has brought a salary boost to hundreds of its holders. However, if we discuss the remuneration, then it may differ as per job roles.

According to PayScale, on average, Certbolt CompTIA Network+ accredited specialists can earn about $66k per annum. Speaking in detail, you can get $63k annually with an opportunity to achieve a mark of more than $80k in case you are a systems administrator or network administrator. At the same time, network engineers can expect to earn about $74k annually on average. Here is know about anesthesiologist salary.

Yearly bonuses, variable pay, and restricted stocks are additional perks that you receive in all these job roles. Moreover, since Network+ is vendor-neutral and its syllabus is extensive, you have great job versatility and can also apply for positions of a network analyst, system engineer, computer technician, and many others.

Additional Factors That Impact Your Pay

CompTIA Network+ ExamSnap certification is trusted and appreciated by employers worldwide, so you are given a huge diversity of options as a job-seeker. Also, as organizations have some differences in requirements for the candidates and their employees, there are also many opportunities for earning more than you were thinking about. These a just several factors that can influence your pay, so make sure you are ready to fulfill them to achieve more.   

  • Your prior experience: the more competent you are, the better salary you will be offered
  • Commitment: you need to prove your dedication towards the job role to the employer
  • The regional difference: in big cities, companies pay high, which is the opposite in small towns
  • Additional training or certbolt certifications: use your Network+ as a launchpad for higher-level badges, and you’ll have even more chances for better pay!


Being CompTIA Certbolt Network+ certified means you’re stepping forward to build a successful career. You’ll be eligible to perform different roles such as system engineer, network administrator, network analyst, and network field technician, to mention a few. As was mentioned above, with this badge, you will enjoy a salary of $66k yearly, and this is just an average sum. If you are still thinking of whether to opt for this credential or not, weigh the investments and the upcoming opportunities one more time! Applying for this certification will be a great decision for sure.


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