How Did You Deal With Depression: Tell Your Story to Others


Depression is not the mainstream, as many people think, but a serious disease that needs to be fought. If you have coped with this disease, then you have a great chance to tell others about it and help people who have been struggling with this disease for many months, or even years. 

Volunteering is an excellent option, because it is not only visiting low-income families, orphanages and poor countries. Volunteers help people who need help. 

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What is Depression

To move on to the main topic of this article, it is important to understand this concept itself. 

Signs of depression:

  • Lack of vitality, unwillingness to get out of bed;
  • Bad mood for a long time;
  • Even unwillingness to live. 

Depression has a negative effect on the health and general well-being of a person. 

There is no advantage to depression, you will not get any benefit from depression. Therefore, it is very important to fight against it. Doctors, of course, have a huge influence in the fight against this disease, but what if you don’t have friends, family – support in the fight against this disease? And that support can be you. Someone who has overcome depression.

How Did You Deal With Depression

The stories of people who have overcome depression are different, someone coped without the intervention of doctors, someone was helped by psychologists, and someone loved a pet that they didn’t want to leave to the mercy of fate.

The stories are completely different, but they have one thing in common – a victory over depression. This is where you have to start. We always take an example from authoritative personalities who have a mountain of victories behind them. You can become this authority for people who are in the process of struggle.

In What Way Can You Help People?

The main question of this topic and beyond it is the answer. 

As mentioned above, everything is simple, volunteering. People who want to profit from such psychological illnesses are greedy and soulless. But it is important to understand that what comes from the heart of the person who expresses his thoughts can help people suffering from depression. Someone can see themselves in your story, although it would seem that they are two different people and two different stories. But this man will think: “If he can do it, then I can do it”. 

Volunteer Centers

Volunteer centers are always short of hands. Why? Because there are many people who want to help, but people who want to help for free are still worth looking for.

If you are ready to help with a pure heart, then you can find such centers in your city.

  • Assistance to socially unprotected citizens;
  • Preparing people to cope with the consequences of emergencies;
  • Support of activities in the field of education, ecology, culture, science;
  • Support in the health sector, including helping people suffering from psychological illnesses, etc.

Self Volunteer

If there are no volunteer centers, but you know that a lot of people are suffering, then you should mortgage your volunteer firm. It might take a little investment, but it’s worth it. Over time, there will be sponsors (for example, as mentioned above, you can enter into an agreement with a car rental company. Renting a car at the start is a great start because it will allow you to visit more places and help more people), over time, people will come forward who are ready to help others just like you.

 Yes, not all of them will be people who have overcome poverty, depression, etc., but they will be selfless people who are ready to give themselves without a trace.

In general, volunteering is helping not only people, but also oneself: volunteering helps to believe in oneself, learn to overcome difficulties even better and consciously choose a profession that will become one’s destiny.


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