How Horse Riding Boots Have Entered Mainstream Fashion Trends

Mainstream Fashion Trends

A woman’s wardrobe isn’t complete until she has a pair of riding boots. Riding boots are a timeless piece of footwear that can quickly enhance your style and add an equestrian flair to it. You don’t have to be an equestrian to look good in riding boots. This mainstream fashion trends is particularly distinct from other footwear such as Chelsea boots or over-the-knee boots. In this blog, you will get to know about How Horse Riding Boots Have Entered Mainstream Fashion Trends. 

Riding boots are knee-length with a flat or low heel and are available in a variety of colors and finishes, although most manufacturers will sell them in traditional hues such as brown, black, navy, or grey. Some riding boots are made of suede, while others are made of leather, and they all give off a very classy look. 

Horse riding boots trends have been around for ages. But how exactly did this classic boot made it to the modern world of fashion? Continue reading this article to find out mainstream fashion trends.



Riding boots first grew in popularity in the 1600s when they were made a standard piece of military gear. They were made of leather and used to keep the rider’s legs from rubbing against the saddle. Their knee-length height was designed to prevent the saddle from hurting the rider’s leg. In the early style of riding boots the rider’s foot was kept within the stirrup. You might mistake riding boots for Wellington boots. Actually, you’re correct in making the connection. The riding boot was the main inspiration for the Wellington boots, which were initially produced in rubber in 1852.

Riding boots haven’t altered much since they were originally introduced in the 1600s. The majority of designs are still made of leather, and the original form hasn’t changed. As time passed, fox hunting became a popular activity, and the old riding boot was once again the ideal footwear. A few features have changed because of the new technologies. Leather becomes suppler and softer, the backs of the boots become even more elasticated, and zips were incorporated to make them easier to wear or remove. 

Riding boots played a significant role in the history and are popular now. Today’s riding boots have evolved from a solely useful item to becoming a fashionable and timeless item. The core of the boot’s functional features has remained; however, people’s conceptions of this iconic footwear have evolved. Horse riders, models, and fashion celebrities have been spotted wearing riding boots even on catwalks.

Equestrian Fashion In The Present World

People love luxury sports. Racecar driving, professional golf, and fencing are all considered luxury sports – yet we don’t see Formula One tracksuits, pressed golf khakis, or white fencing jumpsuits mixed into clothes as a fashion statement. In this way, equestrian fashion transcends popular culture in a way that other luxury sports don’t. Equestrian fashion is more than only appealing to equestrians; it has a timeless elegance that the general public is drawn to time and again.

As a product of equestrian fashion, riding boots have entered mainstream fashion trends. Almost every brand will include at least one type of riding footwear in its permanent line. Riding boots will always be identified with their equestrian past, and they’ve come to represent classic English style. 


How Riding Boots Are Styled Today

Riding boots are a comfortable fashion piece that looks more sophisticated than sneakers and provides you with a polished appearance without the need for heels. Consider them as a staple to add comfort to your outfit without sacrificing style. The most basic way to wear a pair of riding boots is with your favorite denim pants. Wear a blouse and a leather belt to unleash your inner equestrian. 

Riding boots are a must-have for anybody who wishes to embody the New England classy look associated with American companies like Ralph Lauren. Another way to wear them is by layering a knitted sweater over your top, you may transform this look into a winter-appropriate ensemble. If your workplace permits it, you can wear a pair of riding boots to work. Add a fitted jacket or a silk blouse to your ensemble to make it more professional.  Leather riding boots give a more professional look and are more suitable for the workplace than vinyl ones.

Riding boots, as a general rule, are shoes that would be worn in place of sneakers or ballerina flats. If neither of them is suitable for your outfit, then neither are your riding boots.


Final Thoughts

Anyone who appreciates classic fashion will want a pair of riding boots. They’re a timeless staple with a unique history. Riding boots may come and go with the fluctuating shoe trends, but they’ll never go out of style. These shoes are an excellent investment for your wardrobe, and they’re a piece you’ll wear from fall to spring.



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