How to Check Image Plagiarism with Reverse photo Search?

Check Image Plagiarism with Reverse photo Search

Reverse image search or the search by image mantra are both the same features that you should know about if you want to get rid of plagiarism in your content, especially when talking about duplication in images. We want our readers to know that duplicating images and using them as their own without the consent of the creator has the same adverse effects and consequences as committing textual plagiarism actually dying from lack of awareness about plagiarism and its effect people don’t care about duplicate images or media content. Lets know How to Check Image Plagiarism on

Majority of the population who is related to web management is of the view that if you have plagiarism-free text, this is all that matters but the fact is all of your work including your images must be duplication free if you want to get to the top ranks with respect to different search engines. Now it is evident that you can check plagiarism in images by using the standard text or essay scanning tools, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot check the images that you have selected for any kind of duplication. We just need you guys to invest a few minutes of your today’s time so that you can learn everything about reverse image search and the tool that can help you in scanning your images for plagiarism.

How to do a reverse photo lookup?

Now there are basically two ways in which you can make a reverse image search on your device, and today we are going to discuss both of these two ways in detail so that you can choose the most workable option for you guys and can get going with plagiarism checking in images. The first way of making reverse image search is with the image search engine, and the second one is with the help of the third-party tools available on the web these days. So let us begin with today’s discussion of both of the methods without any delay!

Reverse image lookup by duplichecker! 

A more advanced way of making a reverse image search is with the help of third-party tools like duplichecker. These tools are more secure to use, plus they can outsource and get you results from more than one image search engine. The use of this tool by duplichecker is very much accessible, and even a person with no experience can use it like a pro and can unravel image plagiarism. Below are the steps that will teach you how you can detect image plagiarism with the help of the reverse picture search tool by dupli!

  1. Go to to access the tool on your device, and this is compatible with any device you have and can use it for free and without any limitations and formalities.
  2. You will see different options of entering input in the tool, and you can choose from entering the image by the upload button, the image URL in the address bar, and also by keywords.
  3. After completing input, click on the ‘search similar pictures’ button!

The tool will hardly take a few seconds to tell you about all the sources and sites that are using that particular image on different search engines and pages!

Google image search engine!

The first way of making reverse photo lookup is with the help of the Google image search engine, the Google image search engine started in the early 2000s, and since then it has been developing a lot and has now become the most used reverse image search engine in the world just like it is the best conventional one. You guys can use this method of RIS on your every device, and below, we are going to tell you about the different steps you have to follow to reverse search on different devices.

Android or Apple Smartphones!

If you have images on your smartphone having an android operating system in it then all you have to do is access the internet and open your browser on the device, you have to open the extension, and when the new webpage open you have to use the camera icon next to the mic icon in the search bar of the Google engine. From there, you can upload images that you need to check for plagiarism and hit enter.

Desktop/ Mac Systems!

On your non portable devices with any operating system including Windows, Linux, and even IOS, you just have to simply open up Google Chrome or any other browser you are using other than internet explorer and have to hook up with the image search engine of Google. Now when you open the image search engine, you will see a new pop up box that will have different input options. You can select and upload images from your local gallery, you can search by image using the URL, and you can also use keywords to search by image. After input, click on the search button, and the engine will get you all the results related to the image and its existence on other sites and pages!


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