How to check plagiarism of PDF files?

PDF files

In today’s technology-driven world where almost everything is accessible easily over the internet, it’s very easy for others to use any other author’s precious content for their needs without even concerning him/her. Keep reading to find how to check plagiarism of PDF files.

Thankfully plagiarism detectors are playing a crucial role in detecting plagiarized content, obviously copying other author’s thought or idea and using as it’s on any other’s assignment or papers without properly citing the source falls under plagiarism act.

The drawbacks of falling in a plagiarism act can be very serious like failing in final year exams due to plagiarized thesis or getting jailed due to copying other business or brands content and etc.

Plagiarism checkers is an essential tool for people who are involved in the field of writing like teachers, students, authors, bloggers, content creating agencies and etc.

Now, what is the reason that prompts these writers to check their text through plagiarism detectors?

Reasons that prompts writers to check their text through plagiarism checkers

  • First of all it’s totally unethical especially in a professional organization like higher educational entities
  • Without proper citation it’s simply called a stealing act
  • It’s used widely by webmasters to check the quality of a content
  • It can harm the reputation of credible writers
  • For people who are writing for other clients, it can ruin their reputation in the eyes of clients as well as badly harm a client’s website as search engine disapproves plagiarized content

Hence, writers are at stake due to plagiarism.

plagiarism checkers

Different types of plagiarism

Some people think plagiarism is just about copying someone’s article or thesis intentionally and writing as it is in other places and that’s it.

Where in actual plagiarism is not limited only to an article or thesis, in fact, plagiarism whether it’s intentionally or simply missing quotes plagiarism is plagiarism.

Now, this is up to the checker’s analysis that how he/she perceives a plagiarized content.

With the growing number of plagiarism issues, some scientific researchers have developed a ranking of plagiarism types.

Hence, it’s important to understand these different types of plagiarism to avoid falling in anyone of listed below:

  1. Source based plagiarism- Sourcing incorrectly to a wrong reference or nonexistent source it’s called as misleading citation and it comes under source-based plagiarism.

In this category data fabrication and falsification also falls under plagiarism, which means using someone else data like info graphics, charts figures, and changing the figures or the data in it.

Even a slight change can have severe consequences, especially in medical-based articles or reports.

  1. Mosaic plagiarism-It’s a sort of patchwork paraphrasing, using others’ valuable information or text into own research which is dishonest and intentional.
  2. Self-plagiarism–Also known as auto plagiarism, it occurs mostly when a writer uses his or her own previous work in his/her current content.

It often happens with the writers while writing on similar topics as the perceived knowledge is again used in same criteria in new content.

  1. Inaccurate authorship-It happens when someone contributes to a writer but does not get credit for it.

Whereas a second form that falls under this plagiarism category is when a person gets credit without contributing anything to this work.

  1. Direct plagiarism-It occurs when a writer copies word to word, text to text as it’s from another author’s previous published content without any proper citation, in this way it’s complete plagiarism.
  2. Paraphrasing plagiarism- This is the most common type of plagiarism, this occurs when a writer uses the content of any other author in his writing while doing just minor changes in it and showing it as his/her own work.
  3. Accidental plagiarism- Plagiarism is plagiarism there are no excuses to defend it whether anyone intentionally or unintentionally does it.

Students are the ones who are often falling under this category as while writing the assignments they often miss out or avoid citations which leads them to plagiarism act.

What is the best way to check plagiarism in PDF files?

Ideally, every writer should write content in a unique way.

In this way, any author’s content will not be stolen and will get credit for only his/her work.

Content is very essential for showing presence in the online world, therefore the demand for content in the online world is increasing day by day.

So, students or writers who are looking for tweaks or shortcuts to achieve their goals, they use other author’s high-quality content.

Anyhow the author himself/herself should also ensure while writing that he/she doesn’t fall under the self-plagiarism category.

To deal with this, authors can use different plagiarism checking tools to detect any small pinch of plagiarism in their work.

Every tool has its own benefits, similarly, there are different types of plagiarism checking tools to detect plagiarism according to the nature of the work.

In academics, the assignments are widely submitted in PDF files.

Now for any student looking to check plagiarism in his/her pdf assignments, they can use the plagiarism checker pdf tool to detect any plagiarism in his/her assignment.

Plagiarism checker for PDF files

Plagiarism checker pdf is a unique software that precisely detects plagiarism in pdf files.

Whereas other popular detectors ask for copy & pasting text from their file on to the detector’s user interface or else it only supports word files.

Unique characteristics:

  • It’s programmed by the latest AI algorithms, therefore it checks out sentence by sentence in pdf format files
  • Pdf files have different visual layer and text layer, hence both are precisely checked through this tool
  • Detects deep down in Latin to Cyrillic letters which are used for making a text look unique
  • It’s enriched with high vocabulary which helps to detect similar synonyms in a content instantly
  • It shows multiple sources of information being copied
  • User interface of this tool is quick and easy to use
  • Shows a detailed report that can be saved to collaborate with teachers, classmates, co-workers, etc.
  • It’s very unusual in tools to find quality and at the same time no charges, this tool stands out from its competitors as both can be met at one place.

Plagiarism checker for PDF files


Plagiarism is an evil act and while looking at its drawbacks every writer should avoid it at all cost.

Some people might get a little advantage for a short time, by copying other’s work but the end result is certainly going to be disastrous.

For people who are with high self-esteem should utilize the services of plagiarism detectors to avoid risking their credibility in their work.


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