how to choose the best shoe 

choose the best shoe

Welcome, welcome everyone this is to an episode of the Move Better, Feel Better show.   I will be your host this now as we dive into topics pertaining to how you can move better! so that you can feel better, and get relief from different symptoms that may be interfering with the quality of your life,  and interfering with the ability to live your life well and to do the things that matter to you. In this blog, you will know about how to choose the best shoe.

Well, so today I have a starting question for you as we jump into our topic for today. 

I am wondering what shoes do you currently have on your feet? Are you wearing shoes? You may or may not be wearing shoes but I’m curious what shoes do you have on your feet? and I’ll take mine off here and share with you. So I have a moccasin on today. You might find that you’re wearing sneakers or slip-on shoes but I’d like to know what are you wearing because we’re going to be talking today How to choose the best shoes.  If you want to know more about shoes, You need to visit shoesfeeds and read related articles.

how you can evaluate your shoe choices?

 we’re, I’m going to is walking you through a process of determining so you can assess your shoes, your favorite pair of shoes, or the shoes you wear more most often to determine whether or not they are supporting the health of your feet. So we have Amy wearing slippers so nice and comfy I’m sure. We have Beck who is barefoot. Alright, I’m wondering if we have anyone wearing Bigrams?

If you’re familiar with Bigrams they’re Five Fingers shoes they’ve, there, they look a little bit like mittens but for your feet and each one of your toes has its own little sleeve to slide in. So we’ve got that going on, Wendy’s got some very old leather moccasins. I bet those are nice and comfortable as well.  

I’m going to be guiding you through four different ways for you to evaluate your footwear choices and we’re goanna start off with the question. 

You’ve got the drum roll, please. The question for you to be considering is that it’s goanna be the guiding question for all of your footwear choices,

1/  is do your shoes match the shape of your foot?

Diane’s wearing sock feet, Michelle is barefoot and also likes Lames and Vivo. Yes, those are two great shoe choices. Two very foot-friendly shoe choices so that’s great to hear Michelle. When we are looking at shoes a surprising number of shoes, in fact, I would dare say the majority of shoes that people wear these days do not match the shape of their feet. In fact, their foot has to shift and change in order to accommodate the shape of the shoe. 

So I want you to… what you can do right now with any pair of shoes that you have to take your shoe, I’ll take my shoe off again here. So, to take your shoe and to hold up your foot, I’ll use my foot model, against the sole of your shoe and I want you to notice does your, is your foot able to fit within the outline of your shoe. 

2/ Did your foot extend beyond the shape of your shoe? 

Most shoes as I mentioned require the footnote fit will not fit within the shape of the shoe without morphing to accommodate that. So what we find is the toes have to shape and deform to a certain extent in order to match the shape of the front of the shoe. So let’s go through four things to consider when you’re looking at your shoes and whether or not they match the shape of your foot. So the first thing that we’re looking at is this area here, the toe area of your shoe which is called your toe box and we wanted to see whether or not the toe box matches, does it give your toes enough room to extend into the toe box, to wiggle, to spread out, to have a little bit of space or is the toe box narrow or pointed or tapered and does it require your toes to be mashed together so that they can’t spread out so that they do have to be pushed together, squeezed, maybe even the big toe is pointing a little bit towards your little toe instead of being able to point straight forward. So we want to know what’s the toe box like for your shoes and I’m curious 

3/ how is your toe box?

Alright, Suzan’s saying she’s got to have some wiggle room. Yet for wiggle room! It’s really important and I think we, we miss, we miss the importance of this because we think, you know, I can shove my foot in a shoe and it works but what happens is over time shoving our foot in a shoe for hours and hours of a day, I mean if you think of it a lot of people wear shoes the majority of a 24-hour cycle. If you’re sleeping for 8hours and you’re wearing shoes for the remainder of the time you’re, in shoes quite a bit and the structures of your feet are going to change. They’re going to adapt to accommodate the shape that they’re in the most frequently. That’s true for any part of our body. Our body is so resourceful and so smart that it is determined to make things as easy as possible. 

How to choose the right shoe  

There is a lot of stress on the legs throughout the day, especially for those who work in occupations that require standing or walking most of the day. Improper footwear can exacerbate the problem: in fact, the paper has identified inappropriate footwear as one of the primary causes of discomfort, especially when it comes to toe pain. Choosing the right shoes has a lot more impact than whether an outfit will fit together – it’s also a matter of health. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping: Measure twice, buy once Even before going to the shoe store, measure your feet more than once so that you have a clearer idea of ​​what you are looking for. Trace the outline of your feet and bring a copy of it to the store with you – this way, you can measure any pair of your choice against that photo. 


So if we’re a particular shape for the majority of the time our joints, our muscles, are all going to reconfigure to be able to accommodate that shape that it’s in the majority of the time to choose the best shoe.  if you would like a reminder you can just type a show in the comments and you’ll get an automated message the next time the show starts I will send out a message so you can come join me if you would like to do that and I see that Barbara has joined welcome Barbara and hello and we are at the tail end here so thank you so much everyone for joining it was great to spend this time with you and great to hear about some shoe options that I wasn’t familiar with I hope you found this valuable and I look forward to see you next time have a great rest of your week everyone bye-bye. 


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