How To Choose The Size Of The Mattress


The right choice of a mattress guarantees that it will fit perfectly into the seat of the bed, will not protrude beyond its limits, slip, or, conversely, be squeezed by its frame. Using a mattress protector, height will not increase, but with a mattress protector, you can give safety to the mattress and give smoothness. That’s why it is necessary to measure mattress size. 

What are the sizes of mattresses, and how to choose your own? 

Standard Mattress Sizes

The concept of a standard mattress size is gradually becoming a thing of the past because manufacturers make all mattresses to order according to individual client sizes and do not store finished products in anticipation of the buyer.

Mattress Sizes For Adults

The standard, most popular lengths are 190 cm, 195 cm, and 2 m. Despite this, not all beds meet these standards, so manufacturers offer products of other sizes and custom-made. 

The width varies depending on the type of product and is:

  • 80 cm for single mattresses,
  • 120 cm for one and a half mattresses,
  • from 140 to 200 cm for double models.

In the standard version, adult orthopedic mattresses are rectangular, less often – square (the latter is only relevant for double options, for example, 200×200).


What Is The Standard Mattress Size For Bed? 

The most common double bed sizes are 160×200 cm and 180×200. The mattress is the same size. On such a bed, two adults can sleep peacefully and not interfere. 


The standard dimensions of a mattress for a single bed are 90×200 cm. If there is not enough space in the room, a product 80 cm wide is placed. 

One and a half

Standard mattresses for 1.5 beds are 120 cm wide. Only one adult can sleep on a bed of this size at all times. 


In any case, it will not be small. Even for one person, the diameter of a round mattress will be at least 2 meters. For two – 220 or 240 cm. It is very comfortable to sleep on a round bed – there is a lot of space, and you can lie down comfortably so that the spine is in the correct position.

How To Choose The Right Size Mattress For You?

When arranging a comfortable sleeping place, you have to consider several things, including comfortable bedding like bamboo bedsheets, Blankets, and mattresses. In addition, it is necessary to consider the person who is using it. In this case, the following parameters of the mattress are of great importance.

Length: It should be at least 15 cm larger than the height of a sleeping person. Thus, people below 175 cm will find relatively comfortable mattresses 190 cm long. The mattress must exactly fit the bed in the bed. 

Height (thickness): It depends on the presence of the spring block. The height of the mattress should rise slightly above the bed frame. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to lie down. Consider also weight: under full people, the mattress will sag more. 

Width: According to this parameter, one-, two-bedroom, and one-and-a-half models are distinguished. The dimensional characteristics are given above. The choice is made depending on the number of sleepers. T


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