Mindblowing Facts About Adani Group – Everything You Must Know

Facts About Adani Group

Google Adani Power Share Price, Adani Wilmar Share Price, or Adani Green Energy Share Price, and you will realize the phenomenal run they have had in the last year alone. In fact, most of the listed companies in the Adani Group and Facts About Adani Group have had a dream run from a business point-of-view and in terms of market cap.

The charismatic Gautam Adani, the founder, has played a vital role in this growth, and he now stands amongst India’s wealthiest personalities. The group is the third to cross 100B in market cap in India, after Tata and Reliance groups.

There is little doubt that Adani Group is significant when it comes to online investing, and investors rely on investing in it for several reasons.

Here are some interesting facts about Adani Group that are sure to blow your mind –

Built by a man who made his first million when he was 20 years old

The ever-expanding Adani Group, as proven by the recent IPO, Adani Wilmar, was started by Gautam Adani. He led the foundation stone after being enticed by the diamond business that flourished in Mumbai in the 1970s. He set up his diamond brokerage firm in Zaveri Bazar and made a million in its third year when he was merely 20!

The biggest winner of contracts for setting up and operating piped natural gas networks and fuel stations

Back in September and October 2018, the Modi government awarded 126 contracts to firms for setting up and operating natural gas networks and fuel stations across India. Adani Group came out to be the largest winner, having won 25 bids, out of which 15 were on its own, and the rest were in a joint venture with IOC.

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Grabbed all six airport contracts

In February 2019, the Indian government invited bids for managing six airports. While everyone expected GMR to take the cake, a newly established Adani Group business was able to topple it to take the cake. It ended up winning all six of them.

Buried in debt

In March 2021, Adani Group’s total debt stood at INR 1,56,115 crore, 12% of banking sector loans. Its interest coverage ratio was 1 or below for most of its group companies. The group gross debt/EBITDA and net debt/EBIDTA were 6.06x and 5.35x, respectively. All of these numbers put up a grave picture for the group.

Committed to sustainability

“It is my promise that we will continue to invest and do our part to help the people wherever we operate”, are the words by Gautam Adani as listed on the group’s homepage. The brand runs rural clinics and mobile healthcare units that serves thousands of patients every month. It is also committed to the ESG cause and has solar panels spanning over 2500 acres with over 2.5 million solar panels. In addition, it is committed to making the world’s largest renewable-energy maker by 2025.

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