Things to Do in Adelaide if You’re Single

Do in Adelaide

Being single in Adelaide does not mean you cannot have fun. Adelaide being one of the largest cities in Australia gives a range of activities to ensure that you enjoy your time as it’s rich in great sites like Kangaroo Island and markets like the Adelaide central market. You can try casual dating or book an Adelaide escort to have amazing fun with no strings attached. Here are some of the things to do alone in Adelaide:

Book an Adelaide Escort

If you are looking for ultimate fun in Adelaide, you probably should get an Adelaide escort to offer their services. It is best to spend time together indoors or have a weekend program if you can afford to pay for 48 hours. Apart from adult services offered by escorts, they also give you companionship and will accompany you while going out. What more could you want?

Visit the Adelaide Central Market

This market was established in 1869, making it one of the biggest and busiest markets in Australia. The market is famous for mouthwatering meals, food products, giftware, and much more. The market is also next to the famous Chinatown where you can enjoy a variety of Chinese delicacies. It is also the best place to buy souvenirs if you are only here for a short while.

Take a Walk Along River Torrens

River Torrens strategically flows through the city separating the central business district from North . A footpath following the river provides an excellent walking path and beautiful green spaces, giving you the right environment to reflect on. This can be a good area to ride a bike or take a walk with a new hookup as you get to know each other. Many Adelaide escorts may not have this on their schedule but you can still check with them.

Bask in the Sandy Beaches

Basking on the beaches is a cliché that never gets old.It boasts of stunning coastlines like Henley and Glenelg. There are many modes of transport to get to the beaches where you can enjoy the great views and meals at the many restaurants along the beaches. You can also swim with the dolphins at Glenelg beach. It is even better if you bring along an Adelaide escort to have fun together.

Lots of Free Exhibition Halls and Art Galleries

The most exciting and pocket-friendly sites to visit there are museums and art galleries. An example is the South Australian Museum and the Art gallery of South Australia. You will have a nice experience as you get to view the exhibitions and get inspired. Some Adelaide escorts may agree to accompany you here if you have paid for a weekend package and need a companion. Try and negotiate with one to have a fun tour.


Adelaide is not only a destination for couples and families but also an exciting city for singles. The named sites are just a glimpse of the incredible places you can add to your bucket list to visit during your stay in Adelaide.




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