How to choose trending golf clothes for women to stay stylish?

Golf clothes for women
Golf clothes for women

Even women who look forward to the golf season do not appreciate the uncomfortable and saggy polos. While modernity and trendy styles are becoming popular in almost all fashion genres, golf clothes and golf bags for women are also evolving for the better. Here is a detailed guide on how to choose the right golf clothes for women this season.

Golf clothes for women need not be only polo

Polo is indeed an evergreen golf attire. But, it need not be polo every time. You can choose from the new trend, the golf dresses. The dresses have a moisture-wicking material and offer sun protection. These dresses come with undershorts or leggings for comfort during play.

Golf clothes for women in layers

If you plan to go with a polo or a blouse-styled top, it is best to wear it in layers. A vest in a complementary tone with the polo shirt is the popular option for women. You can also choose a turtleneck if the weather is a little cold. Since denim jackets are not formal attire for golf, you can choose to wear a light jacket with a polo shirt.

Right material for golf clothes for women

Polyester is one of the common materials for golf clothes for women. Remember to choose the ones with a cotton blend. Such cotton blends should have an inner lining for better warmth and durability. The inner lining would avoid the creation of sweat spots in uncomfortable areas while you are under the sun for longer.

Golf clothes for women with prints

Plain golf clothes for women are so old-fashion now. While men still prefer plain and bland polos, women are choosing printed variants. Numerous brands are jumping into this genre, and there is a lot to pick from if you want prints. Since you tend to stay under the sun for longer, make sure to choose clothes with prints that do not fade easily. Screen printed clothes tend to fake or crack, and the same goes for pigment-based paintings.

If you are choosing silk, 100% cotton, or wool, it would soon fade. Man-made synthetic materials like polyester, acrylic, nylon, and acetate tend to stay brighter for very long. Jute, hemp, and linen material are getting more popular today. If you plan to choose such vegetable fiber material, it is best to stick with bland plain options, as they fade quickly. On the other hand, such natural materials are comfortable to wear and are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Short and skirt combination – skort

Skirts are comfortable, breathable, and looks stylish. On the other hand, shorts are more practical, especially on a windy day. Combine these two features, and you get a skort. It is short with a fabric frill covering the shorts to look like a skirt. The best materials to choose for skorts are spandex and polyester. Spandex gives a stylish look, but polyester is more comfortable for many. However, both are good in terms of breathability, moisture-absorption, and durability.

While choosing a material for skorts or skirts, make sure to pick a heavy fabric to keep it in place when you twist and turn during the play. High waist skorts andskirts give a slimming look. Make sure to pick the one with an antibacterial mesh, if you tend to sweat a lot.

For those looking for golf pants

Golf clothes for women usually come with shorts or 3/4th. However, golf pants are also common. If you are choosing pants, pick lightweight material, and comfortable one. For summer golf sessions, choose cropped pants or Capri with light polo.

With or without collar

Some courses and clubs request females to wear collared tops or blouses. There are two types of collars; winged collar and mandarin collar. Mandarin collar covers only the back of the neck, and it perfect to wear with a jacket. Winged collar is the common shirt-type collar that you can find in polo shirts.

Perfect fit or loose fit?

The golf clothes for women lack to bring the structure. Thus, women tend to choose perfect fitting clothes to look classy. However, a perfect fit can make it uncomfortable to twist and turn during the play. Thus, a slightly loose fit is perfect while choosing golf clothes.

Golf shoes and sock for women

Attire is not complete without the perfect footwear. A lightweight and good traction shoe is the best option. A waterproof cover and cushioned insole would increase comfort during use. If you wish to have a good grip, spike shoes are the best. There are numerous models in the market with a modern design that promises the same grip but without spikes. However, they are not as reliable as the traditional spiked ones. On the other hand, the spike-less gripped ones allow you to wear the shoe on and out of the course. Thus, fashion-focused golfers choose spike-less.

There is always a sacrifice when it comes to shoes. Higher sidewalls and deep heels will give good support when you swing. Sturdy and heavy footwear also helps in keeping your stance. However, if you are looking for comfort and ease of movement, lightweight ones are the best. It is always about your preference and game style.

Cost factor

Golf is a game for the luxury-minded people, and the prices of the professional golf clothes would match up to that luxury. However, in recent times, many brands ventured into this genre and created a continuum of clothing with varying styles. Thus, you can easily find cost-effective ones too. But, it is best not to compromise on quality while dealing with prices. A gen z golf club membership will no doubt follow the same tradition when it comes to clothing and finding suitable attire should be an easy task for those new to golf.

The best part about golf clothing is the stability in the fashion trend. In the past three or four decades, golf clothing styles have not seen many changes. Some short-lived trends came and went, but this genre’s overall style stayed the same for long. Thus, you can invest in good clothing and trust that it would be in trend for years to come.


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