How to create a productive home office environment

productive home office

With the increase in people working from home, the question of what makes the home office environment productive and comfortable arises. While you may think working in pyjamas from your living room table is the best, studies suggest otherwise. Having a home office space that is not in an easy reach for the fridge (or your bed), not only increases efficiency but also makes for better workflow. But what makes a productive home office? We have combined a list of things you can use in your space to help you feel more efficient when working from home.

Create a space you enjoy working in

We get it, you may not enjoy your work at all. But you will find that having a comfortable and workable space might make you want to be productive. The best way to do this is by putting up motivational quotes or maybe a painting on your wall just above your work desk. Personal photographs, postcards, or motivational messages from your friends and family can also be an alternative to make you feel safe and efficient in your workstation.

Candles and comfort scents

You will find that lighting a candle or putting up a wax melt with your favourite scent will make you happy. They will create an environment that feels good and will remind you to breathe during a particularly difficult workday. They can also help you feel more awake. By associating certain scents to your home office space, you can train your brain to enter the work mode.

Have some sort of entertainment handy

Breaks in between work are what makes you productive. One way to do this is by having a television in your office that you can turn on for a quick lunch break, or even use to watch the meeting you missed last week. It’s amazing for zoom sessions if that is something that you use frequently and can also be used for background noise if you can’t work without it. Click here for aerial TV wall mounting services, that will help you install your TV in your home office space quickly and efficiently.

Try the biophilic design

Nature is a natural motivator. The biophilic design embraces that. The concept of bringing the outsides in has proven to have a positive effect on the mood. You can do this by having indoor plants and natural oak or wood décor. By introducing air-purifying plants in your home office space, the environment will feel uplifted and fresh, making your workspace feel more productive. It’s better to choose low-maintenance, handy plants to avoid the stress of wilting.

Clutter-free is the way to go

Clutter can often make you feel lost and unmotivated to work. Half-empty coffee cups, unwanted paper files, and half-read books are just going to make your space untidy and messy. By decluttering frequently, you can have a clean and workable office space that keeps you motivated and happy. Moreover, decluttering can help you make your home office space feel less like storage space and more like a productive workstation.

Don’t be afraid of colour

While a black and white workspace may feel like a good idea, it’s always good to experiment with colour. Splashes of bright colour can significantly uplift your home office as well as your mood. Now, we know, this may not be everyone’s style. However, having a painting here or a colourful decoration there can make your space feel more comfortable and less monotone. The idea is to break the colour patterns and block strong lines. This is the perfect opportunity to find your aesthetic style and work with it in a way that keeps you motivated and uplifted.

Maximize natural daylight

Yes, the UK is not the sunniest place on Earth, but, having natural daylight (or maybe just a big window to look out) is more about improving your well-being and enthusiasm than providing light to work. By positioning your desk near a window, you can catch a rare sunny day, or maybe just work while the rain pours down. Either way, being closer to nature will improve your enthusiasm to work. However, if you have a bigger space available, it might be more helpful to have the desk placed centrally facing the window instead of ramped up against it. In the end, it depends on the space you have as well as what works the best for you.

Get comfortable

Not as comfortable though, that you take a nap! Instead, invest in a nice and comfortable chair as you will spend a few hours on it every day. Have the laptop desk at a comfortable height and modern accent cabinets to make sure your desk has plenty of storage and space. This will make the place feel more comfortable even if you have multiple files and folders. If sitting too long is too much, invest in a standing desk so that you can spend plenty of time switching between the two modes.


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