You Must Have Your Eye on These Investment Themes of 2022

Investment Themes

Today we will talk about the relevance of the investment topic at this time. We will discuss what you can invest in and how to do it right with Investment Themes.

Nowadays, many investors are actively investing in company stocks that comply with their social, corporate and environmental principles. So they contain them, and an additional opportunity to earn money for themselves.

Funds that are attractive to investors now include Investment Themes:

iShares Global Clean Energy ETF. It includes shares in companies that extract energy from renewable natural sources. The fund includes the American company Enphase Energy Inc., the Danish manufacturer of wind turbines Vestas Wind Systems AS and other large organizations from Canada, China, Italy and Spain.

Thornburg. Here there is an opportunity for investors to invest in shares of companies with Investment Themes from the industrial sector, consumer law, and information technology. Among the exhibitors are the Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Renesas Electronics Corp. and the Chinese online recruiting platform Kanzhun Ltd. Vanguard ESG: Consists of over 1,500 shares, including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Unitedhealth Group Inc. and other companies. In total, the fund manages assets in excess of US $ 5 billion.

Investment in the gaming industry, Investment Themes:

One investment invariant where you can use the stocks of companies from the video game industry. For example, investors who are not afraid to take risks can turn their attention to the developer Take Two Interactive. He is known for hits like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead. Ubisoft is another famous name in the games industry. This company is associated with famous products from the Assassins Creed, For Honor, Watch Dogs, Far Cry and Tom Clancy series. Many are familiar with them, right? Until 2015, the developer was famous for the release of not very high-quality games with many bugs. However, since 2016, Ubisoft has improved the quality of the content it receives, and this has brought not only a large number of good reviews from consumers, but also not a small income.

Take Two Interactive Stock Technical Analysis

Bitcoin opportunities

Perhaps you have heard about cryptocurrency and that it can be used to withdraw large enough amounts? For example, ICOholder has everything you need to track the rates of a certain cryptocurrency and successfully increase your income.

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Remember the airbag that every person should have? After all, no one knows what may happen to your business tomorrow … So, this is a great option to protect yourself and think ahead.

We have also compiled a few tips for beginners and more experienced investors that will help you avoid losing money when investing:


  • After making a decision on what to invest in, you should adhere to a certain strategy. The simplest option: assets; the period for which you want to invest; the maximum amount of losses.
  • Don’t invest everything you have in securities. Set aside money for living and unforeseen expenses first. Remember what we talked about above? Invest only the amount that you are willing to accept the loss.
  • Don’t just rely on emotions. Try to approach even the most difficult situation with intelligence and understanding, because making decisions impulsively can make many mistakes. If you are a novice investor, then remember – you should not react harshly to the slightest price movement on the stock exchange. But you must act decisively if the price changes significantly. Set a boundary for the loss you are willing to incur and build on it.
  • Be careful in reading and signing the contracts that are offered to you. It is especially important to monitor the correctness of the wording in it. If you sign a bank deposit agreement, then it should not contain such terms as “investment account”, “investment income”. If they are, this may mean that the agreement you are signing is an agreement on investment activities that are not subject to compulsory insurance. Such sale by bank employees of some financial products under the guise of others is called misseling.
  • Remember that it is necessary to check all documents, including cash receipts when depositing funds to the cashier. It also happens that inaccurate amounts are reflected when drawing up documents on opening a deposit. There is even a type of fraud called “notebook deposits”. They are not reflected properly in the bank’s balance sheet. Such deposits do not give rise to the obligation to pay insurance compensation if the bank’s license is revoked. Keep in mind: documents will allow you to prove the fact of the conclusion of an agreement with the bank and receive the due compensation from the Deposit Insurance Agency.
  • Important: avoid interest on deposits that are significantly higher than the market average. A lending institution’s willingness to pay unprecedented high interest rates may indicate that it is in trouble. Such banks are interested in attracting the maximum amount of clients’ funds for their subsequent withdrawal or use in order to cover their own needs, therefore, they offer favorable conditions for deposits. Do you hear this catch? After they are deprived of their license, the funds previously raised to reimburse customers no longer remain, since they were used to finance the founders or cover the bank’s expenses. In such credit institutions, you should not place amounts that will exceed the amount of insurance compensation.
  • Particular attention should be paid to checking the credentials of the person with whom you will enter into an agreement. Does the organization have a license (any activity on the securities market and to attract deposits is subject to licensing); whether the employee is authorized to sign the contract; whether the credit institution is a member of the deposit insurance system, and so on. This is your safety, so be sure to be careful and attentive.
  • It is also important to calculate the risks of bond default, that is, the inability of the borrower to fulfill his obligations on time. For example, the higher the yield and the lower the price of a bond, the greater the risk that the issuer will not fulfill its obligations to the investor. To know more about ROI, risks, volatility, and how they are evaluated, read this article on the meaning of alpha and beta.
  • Selling securities on time without serious losses will allow tracking market changes, the size of the bank’s key rates, inflation and other indicators.
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Risks that could lead to a significant market correction in 2022:

  • high inflation,
  • the possibility of introducing new lockdowns in the world,
  • increased geopolitical risks,
  • the likelihood of toughening antitrust laws,
  • strengthening of the debt crisis in China.


I would like to add from myself – do not forget about self-development. After all, only when you are more and better versed in the topic you need, you will really be able to work in this activity. Read literature, watch current videos and improve yourself by pumping your knowledge on this topic.


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