How to Do My Physics Homework Using Problem-Solving Apps

Problem-Solving Apps

Studying physics requires perseverance and memorization of a large amount of information. Many successfully independently familiarize themselves with the material, understand all the processes and solve problems. However, even they sometimes need help. It can be provided by special applications with a physics course and a collection of problems with all stages of solutions. How to do my physics homework using these Problem-Solving Apps? They will help you understand the basic complexities of this science. And some are even able to suggest physical laws and formulas to solve the problem with Problem-Solving Apps. Several of these assistants stand out in particular.


The application will become a good assistant for students during the period of study or in preparation for the exam day. Betaphysics aims to simplify learning or working with physical tasks. This is positively affected by an intuitive interface that does not require unnecessary actions and offers all the functions on the main screen.

The main purpose of Betaphysics is the step-by-step solution of simple or complex problems. It is enough to take a photo for it to analyze the data. Also, the conditions of the problem can be entered manually in the corresponding field. After checking, the application will display the most convenient solution or give hints. Suitable systems of equations, laws, or formulas may be suggested.

Betaphysics has a built-in directory of topics, including thermodynamics, mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum, and nuclear physics. With it, you can think over methods of solution or consolidate knowledge. Users can also select formulas by keywords. The application will suggest algorithms for solving exercises if you cannot express unknowns.

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  • a reference book on formulas with equations for most branches of physics;
  • the ability to quickly get an answer from the photo;
  • a step-by-step demonstration of the solution technique with formulas and explanations.

The application solves almost any physics problem for students. Later, the developers plan to supplement it with equations of motion, taking into account relativity and vectors.


Useful tools of the application will greatly facilitate learning and help you find formulas or definitions from physics faster. They contain basic information on the school curriculum and are regularly updated.

The application provides access to a calculator with a set of additional functions. It will help you with most of the exercises by speeding up the computation process. The built-in converter will easily convert one physical quantity to another. And in the tables, the user will find characteristics for comparing the properties of substances or phenomena. Inside the “Data” section, the user will get acquainted with the constant values.

There are formulas for optics, mechanics, molecular physics, electrodynamics, and other sections. You will be able to search for them by specifying the desired value. In this case, fundamental constants will be automatically substituted for the results; the rest of the data can be entered manually. There are sections with quantities and units. It is enough to enter the name or designation to get a detailed description.


  • functional calculator for key sections of physics;
  • a toolkit for performing tasks;
  • availability of materials for all sections of physics.

PhysicsMaster will be the best assistant for students. The application will be indispensable for solving complex exercises in detail using several formulas.

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Physics Formulas and Problems

The application is designed to systematize the knowledge gained from the school course and prepare for the exam tests. It contains information on all sections of physics, descriptions of physical processes, as well as a collection of exercises with examples of solutions.

The theory is divided into main sections. Each contains a short description, formulas, and tables. This will refresh your memory and remember the application of laws or equations. In total, more than 200 different formulas are presented within the program. It is extremely convenient to use them. The developers created an intuitive interface without forgetting about a pleasant appearance.

Particular attention is paid to the section with solutions to problems. It presents many options. Each has a detailed description with a step-by-step ready-made solution that can be used as an example for independent work. The application provides users with training exercises of varying difficulty so that everyone can find their own by skill.


  • a summary of the fundamental branches of physics;
  • informative tables, formulas, definitions;
  • an advanced collection of exercises with explanations.

Problem-Solving Apps will make life easier for students while studying physics or passing exam tests. It is also suitable for students or employees of enterprises who need to refresh their knowledge.

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