How to fill the house with warmth

fill the house with warmth

Fabrics and carpets.First, cover the floor with a long pile carpet, no matter how warm it is. The longer and softer the carpet is, the more pleasant it is to step on it with bare feet. In such a living room, it will be pleasant for the whole family to gather and watch TV – or have a tea party right on the floor, as it fills the house with warmth.

This will immediately give the interior the desired coziness, and for the legs – a pleasant sensation. 

Take out warm woolen or chunky blankets from the closets. Imagine how pleasant it will be to wrap yourself in them! Pay attention that the blankets also warm you with color. Red, green, and yellow shades will be quite appropriate in a winter interior.

Don’t forget the bedding. For example, flannel linen fills the house with warmth, and a quilt will also be a stylish bedspread.

Changes can also affect furniture if its upholstery does not warm enough on winter evenings. Pay attention to cashmere, velvet, faux fur, wool, velour, that are pleasant to the touch. You definitely won’t want to get up from such a sofa!

The hand-made interior will look very stylish and cozy: knitted pillowcases, napkins, patchwork blankets, embroidered paintings on the walls.

Rough white plaster with a cracked clay effect will create the right atmosphere in the room. Gray tiles made of natural stone or bark-like material will also look good on the walls. Instead of the echoing and cold laminate on the floor, lay unvarnished parquet “deck”.

To create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the apartment, a number of accessories characteristic of different interior styles, for example, eco-style. 

Now the eco-style in the apartment is a sign of the taste of its owner. Widespread silks and velvet were replaced by unbleached linen, burlap, and sisal. Simple ceramic mugs without decor have replaced porcelain and faience. There is an opinion that eco-accessories have an inexplicable positive energy that can have a beneficial effect on the state of not only our body but also our soul.

Another one similar to eco-style is the rustic style. However, in essence, it is a kind of stylization of it. To recreate the rustic style in the interior of an apartment, a certain entourage is required. In this case, you cannot do without antique pieces of kitchen furniture (sideboards and dressers), a wooden dining table with benches, open shelves with knitted lace napkins, and flowered chintz textiles on windows and benches. 

Most often, such an interior can be found in the kitchen. To complete the picture, you can supplement the rustic comfort with bunches of dried herbs, bunches of garlic. On the windowsill is the very place for the autumn harvest of long-term storage. It can be pumpkins, apples, zucchini.

Of course, the best way to “warm” the interior is to put an electric fireplace in the house. However, if this is not possible, a false fireplace will add the fire, as well as candles placed throughout the house.

An important element of a winter interior is lighting. When it is dark outside the window for most of the day, it is necessary to fill the house with light, at least artificial. You should use not only traditional chandeliers but also sconces and floor lamps. Let every corner of your home be lit.

To make the room brighter, use the reflective properties of mirrors. In the living room, such a mirror can be installed on the floor or on the mantelpiece. To give the room a light, vintage feel, use antique designs with a darkened surface, and an unfinished frame.

Wooden accessories add warmth and vibes of the village atmosphere. Some furniture made from solid wood will add to your interior unrepeatable chic and cozy effect and fills the house with warmth. It is not hard to find appropriate and qualitative furniture pieces if you will search for them online. NY Furniture Outlet is one of the online shops that provide a wide assortment of furniture designs that feature solid wood and other natural materials used for manufacture.  They also have a wonderful natural scent. By the way, about the smell. The aromas of cinnamon, cloves, citrus, and bergamot add warmth to the winter home.

If the decorative changes did not help, you can add even more light to the interior by repainting the walls in sunny colors. Even if it’s a gloomy morning outside the window, yellow and orange shades will warm and give energy.

It is impossible to imagine a cozy winter interior without a variety of pillows. They can liven up even a leather armchair or a standard sofa. Choose covers for them not only from bright but also from soft fabrics. And remember that there are never too many cushions in a winter interior!

The more living plants in the house, the easier it is to endure the lack of sun and heat outside. Green friends will also provide you with clean and healthy air. Flowers in pots will liven up the interior in winter, and blooming specimens will help overcome the winter blues, reminding that spring is not too long to wait.

It is not difficult to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere in the interior. The main thing is that while enjoying the coziness, do not stay at home, otherwise you will miss the exciting winter fun!


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