Non hormonal birth control

non hormonal birth control


Although there are many birth control medicines in the market, they all have side effects. Non Hormonal Birth Control is any step that you will take other than hormonal drugs. Firstly, Hormonal contraceptives such as pills, implants, etc. will have a considerable side effect on the human body. In general, these effects cause massive harm to the female body.

If you are a new mother, then taking hormonal drugs will sometimes stop your ability to breastfeed. This problem happens quite a lot when the couple takes birth control pills without knowing the side effects. Furthermore, the methods we will show you will even protect you from STDs, give you a better life, and more. If you desire to gain more about these birth control tips, then read below. 


Why Choose Non hormonal Birth Control?

There are many benefits of using Non Hormonal Birth control plans rather than the traditional ones. So due to the harmful side effects of the conventional methods, many prefer the Non-hormonal tips. Birth control pills will also develop the risk of blood clots, high pressure, and more. 

Furthermore, regular use of birth control pills can lead to future heart attacks and even strokes. If the blood clot manages to enter your lungs and other virtual organs, it can sometimes cause death. Until now, the most dangerous effects of Hormonal birth control pills are sore breasts, headaches, and clots. So, using Non-Hormonal alternatives is our best option. 


Benefits of Using Non Hormonal Birth Control

In reality, using these non hormonal tips for birth can bring you tons of positive benefits. If you are using hormonal medicine for birth control, then you have to take it regularly. But you don’t have to take these types of birth controls on a regular basis. In fact, you will only use them before you have a physical relationship with your partner. 

For using them, you don’t need a regular doctor or a prescription. At the same time, hormonal birth control does need it. In addition, you can protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases only using them. 

Furthermore, these birth control types have no risk of blood clots, cancer, weight gain, etc. In general, we don’t have regular sex with our partners. So, using these types of measures are more effective than any other birth control method. 


Non Hormonal Birth Control types and uses

Many women suffer from hormonal problems when they use traditional birth control pills. But using a Non-Hormonal alternative can surely decrease these problems. For the most part, hormonal drugs increase blood clots, pressure, and more. So, married couples should use non-hormonal alternatives for a better and happier life. 


Furthermore, they should know how to use it, and the proper guidelines are a must. For this reason, the types of Non hormonal pregnancy control and their uses are given below.


Cervical cap

A cervical cap is basically a small hat like a thing that a girl puts on her vagina. Placing this thing inside her will keep the sperm out of the cervix. As a result, you can decrease your unwanted pregnancy using this method. However, there is a slight problem with this method. Only eighty percent of women will have complete protection. And the rest twenty percent will not be safe, and that is why the cervical cap is just a helping hand. 


To better your possibilities of not getting pregnant, you should include other methods with the cervical cap. Finally, you can remove this thing anytime you want. 



In general, the diaphragm is a saucer-like cup that you place inside the vagina. This method can block the sperm cells from getting into the vagina and stop the pregnancy. This method of birth control is similar to the cervical cap. However, the chances of you getting pregnant are much lower with Diaphragm. In fact, you will have only a six percent chance of getting pregnant with the Diaphragm method. 


But this method will not defend you from STDs or similar diseases. Furthermore, leaving this thing inside your vagina for too long will increase infections and allergies. So, you should always confabulate a doctor before and after using a diaphragm. 


Copper IUD (Best Non Hormonal Birth Control)

Firstly, a copper IUD is a T-shaped plastic instrument that goes into the uterus. The thing is wrapped in copper and is quite deadly to the sperm. As a result, this thing will prevent unwanted pregnancy and stop sperms from reaching the eggs. Copper IUD has the highest prevention number for Non-hormonal birth control. Ninety-nine percent of times, the thing works, and it has almost no side effects. 

Then again, Copper IUD will work for more than a decade inside a woman’s body. Furthermore, this unique device will also work as an emergency contraceptive for five days of unsafe sex. The only detriment of this is that it will not protect you from STDs.



Important to realize that many non-hormonal birth controls are similar to the diaphragm. The sponge is not an exception. However, this thing is made up of foam, and you can buy it without any prescription. The sponge is not that reliable as the chances of not getting pregnant is just seventy-six percent. So, one should use sponge only if there is no other option. 


Vaginal gel

As the name suggests, Vaginal gel is a gel-like substance that increases the pH of the vagina. We know that sperm cells can’t survive in an acidic environment. So, raising the pH of the vagina will kill almost all the sperm cells and protect you. 


Furthermore, the vaginal gel will protect you about eighty-six percent of time from unwanted pregnancy. Again, doctors prescribe to use it aside from condoms for more pleasure and extra protection. Doing so will protect you from STDs, but allergic reactions can be an issue for some. 



Spermicide is, for the most part, a gel or foam-like substance that will kill sperm cells. This method will protect you for about 28% time, and you can buy them without prescriptions. But, the only problem with Spermicide is that it will not protect you from HIV or other STDs. Therefore, you should use Spermicide with a condom (male or female).


Male condom (Most prefered Non Hormonal Birth Control)

In general, there are tons of male condoms out there. And the male condoms work pretty good for preventing unwanted births and protect you from STDs. Overall, Male condoms are the only precaution that will protect you from STDs. Additionally, male condoms are straightforward to find, and every country has them. However, one needs to know how to use a male condom before using it. Otherwise, unplanned pregnancies may happen. 


How to choose the right birth control for you

Choosing a Non hormonal pregnancy control totally depends on the type of birth control you want. However, some factors like affordability, time, health condition, etc. will help you choose the best Non-Hormonal birth control. If you don’t know the proper ways of using them, then you should go to a doctor for advice. 

Now let us take a little about some factors before you choose these birth Control tips.



The price of birth control will indeed play a huge role in your preference. The most common type of Non-Hormonal Birth control is male condoms. It is cheap and will provide tons of benefits. However, other forms of birth control like Cervical Cap, Sponge, etc. are quite costly. And many of us, especially the poor people, can’t afford it. So, the price of the non-hormonal birth control matters the most here. 


When you are making love to/with your wife or partner, then the duration matters. In fact, if the period of the Non-Hormonal birth control is low, then you will not have much fun. 

Protection Feature

Non-Hormonal Birth control is principally reasonable as it helps stop sexually transmitted diseases. STDs include HIV, Chlamydia, herpes, etc. These diseases are quite serious and will always cause distress in your life. Male condoms will give the best protection against STDs. However, you can surely try other forms of these birth controls and according to your needs.


Side Effects of Non Hormonal Birth Control

In general, Non-Hormonal birth control has almost no side effects at all. But for some people, inflammation, dryness, and allergies can be a side effect of it. Condoms, cervical cap, diaphragm, etc. may cause these symptoms if you use them daily. However, the side effects depend on your physical condition. Non-Hormonal birth control is undoubtedly better than their hormonal equals.


Health Condition

If you are really sensitive or allergic, then non-hormonal birth controls are not for you. In fact, reports show that these non-hormonal birth control will cause some severe health problems. However, this happens only in extreme cases, and 99 percent of the population is safe. 




What is the best non hormonal birth control?

Certainly, Male condoms and copper IUD are the best non-hormonal birth control methods. However, you can combine both of them for complete protection. Copper IUD indeed has some risks, but the risks are very small. 


Is there a non hormonal birth control pill?

In reality, there is no non hormonal birth control pill for women or men. However, there are some barrier methods like the cervical cap, condoms, diaphragm, etc. These methods are quite useful in preventing unplanned pregnancy and will have very few side effects. 


What birth control has no side effects?

In spite of our constant searching, we didn’t find any birth control that has no side effects. But nowadays, Non Hormonal birth controls give the best service at the least impact. To speak about Non-Hormonal Birth controls, we need to know about condoms, IUD, cervical cap, etc. 


What contraception has the least hormones?

Presently, IUDs have the best form of birth control with the least defect to the body. This form of Non-Hormonal Birth control will decrease the chances of your pregnancy by up to 99%. In fact, IUPs is the only method with a maximum safe rate. 


Does the copper IUD cause weight gain?

Definity not. In fact, copper IUD is one of the safest non-hormonal methods for birth control. As the copper IUD doesn’t affect the hormones, it will not cause weight gain. Even if some people may think that they gained weight, the reason is just mental. 


Why should you never take birth control?

Although birth control pills can help reduce unwanted pregnancy, they are quite harmful. According to the FDA, Hormonal birth control pills increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and more. Furthermore, it will raise the estrogen level in your blood that will result in multiple problems in your body. 


Wrapping up with Non Hormonal Birth Control

There are indeed a lot of pregnancy prevention measures that you take. But the side effects of them are simply too much. So, to ease up your problems, we have finely selected the best non hormonal birth control tips. Although no birth control measures are entirely safe, the above methods are the safest of them all. In fact, the side effects of the above birth control methods are simply limited to some individuals. 


In conclusion, you should avoid Hormonal birth control methods at all costs. However, you can always look up a doctor before using any type of birth control. So, bye for now. Stay home, stay safe. 



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