How to Improve Your Shoe Game: An Informative Guide


Do you know people can predict your personality to a striking 90% accuracy based on the shoe you are wearing? The show you are wearing doesn’t only reflect your personality but also other elements such as income status.

In most cases, expensive shoes are a reflection of high income. Showy and bright shoes are mainly associated with extroverts.

On the other hand, the most functional and practical shoes are associated with aggressive folks. If you don’t want to be judged based on your shoes, it’s time you improve your shoe game.

Improving your shoe game can give your more power than you can imagine. It does not only help mask your character but also create an entirely new look. The right shoe game also makes you appear more stylish and presentable, topping up your confidence level.

If you keep reverting to the same old shoe due lack of knowledge on how to improve your shoe game, worry no more. Here is an informative guide on how to improve your shoe game.

How to Improve Your Shoe Game As a Man

According to most of the surveys done, most women judge men based on their shoes. For this reason, it’s a good idea to improve your shoe game as a man. The following ways can go a long way in improving your shoe game as a man.

Keeping the Toes Covered

Most men don’t have the most appealing toes out there. So even though you trim and take good care of your toes, it’s better to keep them covered.

Wearing shoes that expose the feet can affect how people view you. Therefore, it’s better to avoid sandals and opt for shoes such as sneakers that keep your toes covered. Air Max 1 premium are some of the best sneakers to take you airborne.

Avoid Shiny Shoes With Denim

One of the mistakes made by men is wearing shoes meant to complement suits alongside denim pants. So, if you plan on putting on denim pants, the best compliment would be sneakers. 

If you are attending an event where wearing sneakers might not be acceptable, look for shoes with a casual look. Otherwise, turning up at an event wearing denim pants and funeral shoes will make people question your taste and fashion.

Go for the Suede Look

If you are not a fan of collecting sneakers, a suede look would be your best option. Desert boots made from suede material easily complement all kinds of outfits. They are less casual than sneakers and don’t look too fancy.

The boots are also available in different colors, making it easy to match them with your outfit.

Match Your Shoes With Your Belt

Matching your shoes with your belt creates the perfect look. For example, if you plan on wearing a brown belt, a brown shoe would perfectly complement the look. 

Get Comfortable Shoes

Wearing small or large shoes affects your comfort and walking style. When wearing perfectly fitting shoes, you walk uprightly, full of confidence. Unfortunately, not knowing foot size is the main element making most people buy the wrong shoe size.

If you are planning on enhancing your shoe game, get your feet measured. Knowing the size of your feet will save you time and money when upgrading your shoe game.

Try Different Brands

Sticking to one shoe brand is not a good idea. Trying out a wide range of brands allows you to access a more reliable shoe selection. Also, don’t stick to one shoe brand because of its appearance. 

You will be surprised to realize there are other shoe brands with a better level of comfort and quality than the one you are used to.

Keep Your Shoes Clean

Keeping the shoes clean is a shoe game-improving strategy for both men and women. Wearing dirty shoes when going out makes people question your level of cleanliness and hygiene. Cleaning your shoes makes them look brand new for a couple of years.

Hide the Laces

Long, floppy, and ill-timed shoelaces can easily ruin your outfit. So, you need to hide the shoe’s laces as much as possible. Hiding the laces makes you appear stylish and attractive.

Besides, you must learn how to tie your shoes properly. Properly tied shoe laces should lay flat.

Store Them Properly

Storing your shoes in the right way keeps them in good shape for a long time. If your wardrobe is filled with a mountain of shoes, you are doing it wrong. Pilling shoes on top of each makes them susceptible to wear and tear.

If you have limited space for storing shoes, get yourself a shoe rack. The shore rack helps keep your shoe separate. It also prevents them from squishing each other.

Stop Overpaying

Stepping up your shoe game doesn’t necessarily require you to break the bank. But this does not mean you go for the cheapest shoes out there. Unfortunately, most cheap shoes are not comfortable and have a short life span.

Instead, take advantage of sellers’ and websites’ discounts when buying shoes. With such discounts, it’s possible to get quality shoes at lower prices.

Keep Your White Socks Covered

If you have socks with neat designs, you might be tempted to show them off. But it’s not always a good idea to show your bulky white socks. Long socks are usually a fashion breaker.

When wearing shorts, it’s always essential you avoid pulling out the bulky white socks.

Have a Pair of White Sneakers

One of the tips that can save your style is having white sneakers in your wardrobe. If you find it hard to choose the shoes to wear, you can always go for the white sneakers.

White sneakers are stylish to wear whether you attend a formal or an informal event. However, you must ensure the white sneakers are properly cleaned and maintained. Otherwise, wearing stained white sneakers would negatively impact how other people perceive you.

How to Step Up Your Shoe Game as a Lady

If you plan on stepping up your shoe game a notch higher to appear more stylish, here are some things you can do.

Select Heels that Don’t Hurt

If you are used to wearing flat and slide shoes, it’s time you move your shoe game a notch higher.

Block and kitten heels are a better option as they are comfortable and more elegant than flat shoes. In addition, the flat base of block heels is wide, giving you the much-needed stability while walking.

Wedge and flat shoes also operate similarly to block heels. They offer you some more elevation while spreading your weight evenly on your foot. This makes it easy for you to walk comfortably and confidently.

Always Focus on Quality Over quantity

Having a wide selection of cheaper shoes that keep hurting your feet is not good. Most cheap shoes lack the fashion rite of passage and barely last a season.

For the best wear, focus on buying classic and timeless heels that will offer you with utmost comfort. To determine whether you are buying a quality heel, focus on the material used. Shoes made from leather are not only durable but also comfortable.

While assessing the quality of shoes, pay attention to the lining. For example, some shoes might be made of leather, while the insole is made of different materials. If the insole is made of synthetic material, be sure your shoes won’t be comfortable. 

Pick Eye-Catching Flats

If you are not a heels lover, it does not mean you can’t create a statement with flats or slides. Playing with colors and adding some fur and pearl details can make your flats look stylish.

Flats and slides with the right pearl detail and color shade perfectly complement classic jeans and tee.

Read Reviews

Buying new shoes, especially new brands you have never tried before, can be quite challenging. There are shoes of different quality, durability, and comfort to choose from out there. Buying the wrong shoe type will waste both your time and money.

Reading online reviews is valuable when purchasing your shoes. Reviews can give you detailed information regarding the quality and comfort of the shoes you want to buy.

Give Your Shoes a Break

If you have been putting on the same pair of shoes every day, give them a break. Bacteria growth and bad odor can occur if you keep wearing the same shoes every day.

Besides, wearing the same shoe every day makes them deteriorate faster. So, after taking your shoes off, you must keep them in well-ventilated areas. This ensures all the moisture dries up before wearing them again.

Toss Out Old Pairs

Tossing out old shoes is a crucial step when improving your shoe game. Old and beat-up shoes are unappealing and can negatively impact your shoe game. Besides, torn shoes that keep allowing dirt are uncomfortable to walk in.

If your shoes have seen better days, consider tossing them away to create space for newer shoes.

Discover How to Improve Your Shoe Game Today

Your shoe game tells people more about your personality and financial situation. If you want to mask your personality and appear more presentable, it’s time you improve your shoe game.

The tips highlighted above can help you take your shoe game a notch higher. From selecting the right type of shoes to taking care of them, these tips will help you improve your shoe game significantly.

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