How To Install Optifine: The Ultimate Guide

how to install optifine

Optifine is a mod to optimize the video options of Minecraft. However, the installation procedure is a tricky one if you are trying it for the first time. By the way, you don’t need to worry as we will show you how to install optifine step by step. 

People are using optifine from all over the world to enhance the usability of Minecraft. It is famous for two mindblowing reasons for the users. First of all, you can run it for Minecraft fast with no lag capability. Secondly, you will be able to use it to enhance the video quality of Minecraft

However, this article will guide you in every detail of optifine, such as installing optifine, compatibility, and tips and tricks. So, let’s get into it without wasting any further time. 

What is Optifine in Words

Magician magic launcher is behind the magic of optifine. I call them magicians because the tool performs like magic. Optifine is a blessing for gamers who love HD gaming. And it increases the gaming power of a computer system to give a better experience. 

By the way, you will need to follow some tips and tricks for the best use of it. If you follow these tricks, you will get a superior performance from your device. For example, it will boost the graphical presentation, whether you are online or offline. 

However, users consider optifine as the best mod launcher because it has many impressive features that can’t be found in any launcher.  

For example, you will be able to use it for PVP purposes on Minecraft. Moreover, you can run it in survival mode, ingenious more and ability to play the game in general.  

Also, optifine can solve many visual bugs. And make you feel the game with HD texture packs. Therefore, optifine will take your computer to the next level even if the computer was unable. 

For instance, one of my computers has all the features and configuration perfectly. However, it was not so good at its GPU systems. Because that computer was not for gaming, by the way, my friend suggested that you try optifine, and it can help to play Minecraft at 15 FPS. 

Moreover, the tool can run Minecraft at 24-30 FPS and more. So, optifine is an excellent choice for the user who faces graphical things in their daily life. However, now let’s dive into how to install optifine step by step. 

How to Install Optifine Following Two Ways

We have planned to write the installation guide by following three steps:

  1. We will show you how to prepare for installing the tool.
  2. It will guide you on how to install optifine using Forge.
  3. We will install it using optifine alone. 

So, we will not require to think about the installation process at all. Because we are going to give the step by step process rendering every corner. 

#1st Steps of How to Install Optifine: Primary Tasks For Installing Optifine

Before going to the primary procedure, we need to complete some basic things first. Such as, 

1. Download Optifine: 

The first thing is you will need to download the installation file of optifine. You can download it to your Windows or Mac computer as a JAR file. 

So, it would be best if you went to the from your preferred web browser. After getting into the download page, click the download button. You can get the Button to the right top optifine link situated under “OptiFine HD Ultra.” 

After clicking download, you will need to wait for 5 seconds. After that, click SKIP AD., and then finally, you will see the button Download OptiFine at the middle of the page. 

By the way, your browser will warn you that the file can harm your device. So, I will suggest you tap on Keep or Allow as there is nothing to harm your appliance. 

2. Update Minecraft: The latest version of Minecraft available is 1.16.4. By the way, you need to check whether you are using lower than 1.12 or not. 

If it is, you will be required to update it by taking help with its launcher when you will download the latest version and log in back to your Minecraft again. 

3. Installing Minecraft Forge When Necessary: Do you have any plan to run optifine with Minecraft Forge? If yes, you should download Forge and install it. By the way, you can leave this step if you plan to play optifine in Minecraft only. However, installing without Forge will be simple. 

 4. Decide the Path of Minecraft Installation: 

If you decide to skip the Forge installation, you should be aware of Minecraft’s location. However, you may follow this guide to look for the path:

  • First of all, run Minecraft by double-tapping the software image.
  • Secondly, tap on the Launch options tab.  
  • Thirdly, select the Latest release
  • After that, again tap on the “Game directory” to switch. 
  • Then, you will need to copy the game directory address.

#2nd Steps of How to Install Optifine: Using Forge

We will show you how to install optifine using Forge if you think to run it within Minecraft Forge. 

1. Make a Copy of Optifine File: now, you need to select the optifine file you have downloaded. And copy it by tapping Ctrl+C on Windows and Command+C on Mac. 

2. Try to Open the Minecraft Launcher: Open the Minecraft launcher by double-tapping on the software. You will see an icon look like a grassy block of dirt. After that, Minecraft will open. 

3. Press the Launch option to run: You will find the vote in the tab’s upper right corner. However, if you can’t see the prospect directly, you can tap on ☰ the tab’s top right side. 

4. Now Press on Latest Release: 

You will get this Button at the middle point of the page. By the way, by selecting this, a page will open with instructions to install Minecraft. 

5. Now Time to Go to the Minecraft Folder: now, you need to press the right-facing green option in the right part of the “Game directory.” After that, it will take you to the Folder of Minecraft install. 

If your operating system is Windows, it will take you to File Explorer. On the other hand, it will take to the Finder if you are a Mac user.  

6. Press Two Times on the “mods” Folder: You can easily find it in the tab’s middle area. After that, you will redirect to the mods folder. By the way, if you do not see any mods folder, you should create one. Here are the steps to create a mods folder. 

  • On the Window Operating System: First of all, press the right Button in an empty area. Secondly, choose the New option, and tap on Folder and then write mods. Finally, hit the Enter button. By the way, do not name the file by using capitalize. 
  • On Mac Operating System: You can follow the same steps as the Windows operating system above. 

7. Now it’s time to paste in the Optifine File: therefore, you can now paste it on the optifine file. When you use a Windows operating system, try Ctrl+V. On the other hand, a mac user will try Command+V for pasting. 

After that, you will be able to see the optifine file after a few seconds. 

However, you can try the second process if you do not want to copy and paste. You will need to draft the optifine file and then drop it into the “mods” folder.  

8. Finally, let’s Run it Via Forge: So the time has come to open and run the optifine via Minecraft Forge. You will follow the steps to do it. 

  • First of all, press the News option of Minecraft launcher. 
  • Secondly, tap the upward-facing arrow on the right side of the Play button. 
  • Thirdly, press on Forge
  • And finally, Play

#3rd Steps of How to Install Optifine: Using OptiFine Only

Here are the third and final steps of how to install optifine. We will use the only optifine to install it. And that will be the easiest way to install optifine. Let’s get into details. 

1. Press two times on the optifine downloaded file: after pressing double on the optifine setup file, a pop up will appear. By the way, that is an installation window for installing. 

However, you will need first to click the file. After that, select the open Button to see the result. 

2. Select YOu will find the … Button in the right of the folder address bar. And then a prompt will appear. 

3. Input the game directory address you copied: If you are a Windows operating system user, you will tap on Ctrl+V. On the other hand, you will tap on Command+V if you are using a Mac operating system. 

So, paste the address to the game directory, and hit the enter button. Therefore, this process will make sure that you have installed optifine to the Minecraft directory.  

4. Hit the Install Button: you will find the install button below the optifine window. So, click on it and follow the next steps. 

5. Press the OK Button when it prompts: If you click OK, that means you have installed optifine properly. 

6. Now it is time to open the Minecraft Launcher: Tap two times on Minecraft’s software icon. The image looks like a grassy block of dirt, and that is the icon of Minecraft. After that, the Minecraft launcher will appear on the screen. 

7. Select the Launch Options: 

You will find Launch options at the pop-up’s upper right corner. If you can’t see the possibilities, do not worry. There will be ☰ an icon on the top right side of the Minecraft tab. 

8. Click on the Add New option: you will find this add a new chance at the top of the list. If you select this, there will be a page with various text boxes.  

9. Input a Name: you will see a text box called “Name” from various text boxes. After finding it out, you will input a name to configure the optifine. However, you are free to name it whatever you want to call. But it would help if you gave a word what you can remember easily

10. Press on the “Version” box: under the name box, you will find the version box. After tapping it, a pop up will appear with the drop-down menu. 

11. Now Choose the Optifine release:  You will see a list of versions of optifine, including the latest version of the optifine file you installed.

12. Press on Save Button: after completing the above steps, you will see a green button written Save. Click on it and go ahead. 

13. Now it is time to run the optifine only Minecraft: now you need to follow some steps to choose Minecraft’s optifine version. Such as,

  • First of all, tap on the News tab. 
  • Secondly, press on the upward-facing arrow sign of the right side of PLAY. 
  • Thirdly, select the name of your optifine configuration.
  • And finally, tap the PLAY button. 

To Conclude

You might be facing the need to install optifine for a long time into your gaming system. But trust me, this ultimate guide on how to install optifine will work for you. Moreover, you can improve the graphics of the optifine to boost your gaming experience.

By the way, you should try a light version of optifine in case you are on a low configuration laptop. However, this suggestion will apply if your computer or desktop is old enough too.

Besides, I need to tell you one final thing: you can’t install optifine on your mobile device. So, optifine is only for laptop or desktop versions of windows and mac.  



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